PHOTOS: More Shuls in Lakewood denying entry to those without masks


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There are 17 Comments to "PHOTOS: More Shuls in Lakewood denying entry to those without masks"

  • Hannah says:

    People should still wear a mask even if they have antibodies. It’s better to be safe.

  • Joe says:

    There are many repeat infection, even with people who still test positive for anti-bodies! (I know you will not trust this post so please check with your doctor just like I did). If we are are going to rely on anti-bodies for not wearing a mask at a minimum it should be based on a recent test, not on one done several months ago!

  • 1 maskateer says:

    shoutout to these shuls for not being afraid to be the Nachshon’s!!

  • all or none says:

    With all due respect
    once there is differences we know what happens
    there needs to be one clear policy or……

  • Anonymous says:

    Listen to the CDC, FDA, and other experts that say not to rely on antibodies at this time.

  • eltere yid says:

    do it for others, for the zaides and bubbes, כל ישראל ערבים! We’re all in on this together!

  • Marc says:

    While it’s better later than never, who knows how many people’s lives would have been protected had this policy been implemented before Rosh Hashana, or, at the very least, before Yom Kipur. All three days had great multitudes in shuls, for prolonged periods.
    People purchase their daled minim in Elul, in preparation and anticipation of their mitzva a month away, despite the chiyuv being a derabonon, this year. Why wasn’t the same care exercised in many shuls with deoraysos of venishmartem, lo sa’amod, and basic veohavto lereyacho, with the second wave of the epidemic staring right in the face, in a community that does a tremendous amount of chesed, and is overflowing with Torah and mitzvos?

    • Simcha says:

      Why do you call this a second wave? Look at the state by state COVID counts. When NY and NJ slowed down, the infection rate was soring in other parts of the country. Look at Israel.

      A second wave implies that it went away. It has never gone away. It’s been glowing embers waiting to reemerge as soon as enough people’s immunity expired and enough people went to chassenas and other gatherings without masking.

      It’s as if people looked outside their doors to check if things seemed OK and then decided en masse that it must be over because the Hatzalah sirens weren’t blaring. What kind of measurement is that?

      The CDC and local laws were consistent in advising constant caution.

      The virus that is here is the same one that’s been here all along. And we should have been following the law and gov’t recommendations all along. If we had done so, I’ll be it would not be surging in our neighborhoods.

  • Pony says:

    The refusal to wear a mask is honestly something I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Despite the fact that all local doctors are begging everyone to mask, for some reason some will say that they know better. Since when did hefkairos become a legitimate way of life??

    But even if you believe the “hock from the oilem” over reputable doctors, just please be a mentch. Many people would like to follow medical advice which requires all to be masked. There is no down side to masking except for a bit of discomfort. Aren’t rachmonim bnei rachmonim expected to give up a littlie bit of creature comfort to make so many other people less worried? I think that middos are really needed to be worked on…

  • Yaakov says:

    Masks don’t do anything if all the windows are not opened. Eventually everything escapes from the sides. Masks can help for shopping and quick interactions with people. OPEN UP ALL WINDOWES IN ALL SHULS!

  • Askan4trouble says:

    To all the commentators who want everyone to wear a mask – look how far that got you! It’s time to make sensible rules not general… Just maybe people don’t feel like listening to general rules when it doesn’t apply to them. Right or wrong maybe you need to adjust your rules to get compliance…. Antibodies appear to work the only question is some people may be losing them which can get them reinfected. Show me one person who recently had an antibody test and got covid? So far it’s a minority that’s losing them.. I think making a rule like this is a start to get compliance – or if you want you can continue screaming for everyone to wear a mask – your choice! Another idea Maybe it would help to ask people to wear a mask and not require it over their noses just maybe more people would actually start wearing masks! It’s a huge comfort difference and everyone agrees the main thing to be covered is the mouth – did anyone think of that??

    • Joe says:

      Last time I took a Covid test it was in my nose…I would assume that means the virus is residing in the nose so there may be a reason to cover it.

  • Simcha says:

    Why doesn’t the rule to wear a mask apply to you? Who are you?

    Masking only works if everyone does it.

    How do you know that a minority of people are losing their antibodies? Where is your proof? If you are a human being and your body works like everyone else’s then your antibodies will expire. That is established scientific fact. You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.

    A mask that is not worn over the nose is a waste of time. The virus is spread through micro-droplets from your breath. Do you breathe through your nose? If you are like most people you do. Cover your nose. Otherwise you are potentially a spreader.

    I am so sorry that masking for your fellow Jew is too much of a bother for you.

    Are you mehader on your matza? Do you keep Shabbos for 72 minutes after shkiah? Do you pay lots of extra money so you can consume cholov yisroel? I’m sure you have your favorite chumras that you cherish and that you inconvenience yourself for. How about considering a chumra for protecting the lives of your fellow Jews! It’s called pikuach nefesh. Last time I checked, it was a very important mitzva.

  • Anonymous says:

    To the people that think they know better than the medical experts. Were you right about declaring that we reached herd immunity? The current numbers speak for themselves. The public health experts maintain that we cannot rely on antibodies at this time. Maybe you should be getting your information from the CDC. What about the tremendous Chillul Hashem? What about showing respect for other people that may not feel comfortable with you not wearing a mask?
    Wear a mask covering both your nose and mouth even if you have antibodies.

  • Chaim says:

    Wearing a mask is more than just a little discomfort. For many, it is very uncomfortable from a sensory perspective or an emotional perspective. That said, with the situation that we have now (not in the summer) the choice should be wear a mask or just don’t go to shul, shopping etc.

  • Mashy says:

    Wearing a mask is actually not recommended for everyone. So thank you pony, for admitting that you’ll never understand. You won’t!
    I think everyone should learn to be a little humble. The lesson from this should be to realize how little we know how little we can affect outcomes and try to judge others favorably. I think everyone needs to follow guidelines set by their doctors and rav but we also need to look inward and look at the ppl around us with a ayin Tovah. Instead of panicking and lashing out at ppl daven more work on your bitachon and help someone out! May we all see an end to this geziera very soon!

  • I. Bin says:

    Everyone including those with anti-bodies should wear a mask. In truth, those wit anti-bodies may really not need a mask, but if they aren’t required to, the rule becomes unenforceable as it becomes impossible for whoever tries to enforce the rule to do so. Also, children and wise guys (not realizing that the maskless person has anti-bodies) will say that if he isn’t made to wear a mask why should I?
    I have asthma and can use that as a reason for not masking, but I do so anyway; I just tried a various masks until I found one that is relatively comfortable for me.
    Once you make exception the rule goes out the window.