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There are 14 Comments to "ICYMI"

  • Esther says:

    Beautiful, thank you lakewoodscoop. But I wonder how many pple will read this notice, and even if they do will they adhere to it. Is it practical for you to remove any of the comments that violate that?

  • Thank you! says:

    Thank you for publicizing this amazing policy. Besides for bizayan of Rabbanim, the comments field is often filled with complete Lashon Horah, many times based on readers letters regarding their own opinion. If TLS wants to publish them, great. But perhaps comments should be blocked on many more articles so that we can see the news in a Kosher way

  • Feivel says:

    Kol Hakavod! Hashem should bentch you with endless success. Stay strong and stay true to Hashem and His Torah, even online!

  • Laya says:

    I too want to say thank you to TLS. It’s very obvious that this is your policy, and very appreciated. No one wants to be subject to vitriolic, blatant loshon hora.

  • ??? says:

    If I am not mistaken, legally TLS does not want to filter comments, as social media sites doing so are being threatened to liable for comments. That would mean, if a comment is deemed hateful, or the like, TLS would be liable in a court of law.

  • do what right- that your success says:

    that’s the reason for your success.
    there is no room for disparaging daas torah.
    that is why your website is relied upon.

  • true says:

    I just want to point out that people are confused about certain statements put out by Rabbanim as of late. Many times the Rabbanim never actually signed it or even knew about it, so really their confusion was legitimate. Therefore, my new policy is only to believe a Rav said something if I heard it from him myself. This will help peoples emunas chachamim stay in tact.

  • thank you says:

    very admirable! Thank you.
    I just want to point out that there are times when articles that could have been expressed in better terms. Although they may not have been targeting doctors or rabbonim, they were targeting others who selflessly serve our community (and anyway, no one should have that). While it is a formidable task to be so clean on a website as vast as yours, it would be appreciated if you can rein in the vestiges of degrading and disparagement.

  • LakewoodMom says:

    Thank you Lakewood Scoop for upholding your standards! We appreciate that you are careful not to post disparaging words. May you have continued hatzlacha

  • Kalman says:

    Ok here goes

    To TLS

    Your “policies and procedures” were spot on and 100% in keeping with Halacha and respectful behavior as well. They were also very genuine and I am quite sure that the TLS staff tries their hardest to uphold these standards

    But one also has to wonder. Granted TLS is filling a valuable need keeping people abreast of what’s happening, but what about the inevitable Lisbon Hora that is part and parcel of k owing all the goings on.-whether direct or indirect.

    I don’t have an answer but if this does get printed maybe it will spark a conversation with some good suggestions


  • Lashon Hara Free says:

    Ty for providing lakewood with an important information platform.
    It’s the responsibility of TLS to screen each letter & advertisement before posting even if signed by rosh yeshiva or Dr. It’s unacceptable to post anything that will cause any type of animosity or lashon hara !
    ty for openly acknowledging this huge achrayis(hoping more of these platforms will follow)!
    The lashon hara on all these types of platforms Have done more serious damage tthan any deadly virus! I look forward to a lashon hara free information platform.

  • both sides says:

    There are Rabbanim and doctors who say one thing and other rabbanim and doctors say the opposite. We live in confusing times. There are many reasons for this, but if you are following your Rav and doctor please understand there may be other opinons

  • pa says:

    Unfortunately, there are people who don’t hesitate to write letters that suit their agenda and then sign the name of Rabbanim on them without permission. I therefore, only follow guidance that I hear straight from my Rav directly. Not from a letter posted on line that was supposedly signed by certain Rabbonim. Many times those Rabbanim are not aware of those letters – and in some cases DISAGREE with what is written on those very letters where their names have been signed (without their knowledge or permission).

    It would be prudent for every individual to speak directly to their Rav before following any letter.

    • Lakewood lamdan says:

      So next time a rav wants to say something to the entire public, he must call each person individually and repeat it to him?
      But even that would not help us, because maybe the caller is someone who knows how to impersonate a rav.
      So maybe the rav needs to call an asifah of the entire community, present picture ID, and then and only then will we know that he actually said it?
      Or could we propose something else:
      Let us assume that if we see any publicized signature of any rav who is active and healthy, we will assume it is authentic unless the rav publicized that it is not?