Petirah of Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L, Menahel in Lakewood’s Shagas Aryeh, and Author of Visions of Greatness [Levaya and Live Stream Info]

It is with much sadness we inform you of the Petirah of Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L of Lakewood.

Reb Yosef Z”L was a beloved Menahel in Shagas Aryeh in Lakewood, and the author of multiple books, particularly the popular Visions of Greatness series.

Additionally, he served as the head of Ruach Hatorah, and in earlier years as the English principal in Satmar and other Yeshivas.

Reb Yosef Z”L suffered from the Machlah and went into Cardiac Arrest on Monday. He was 59.

Levaya details will be published when available.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

UPDATE: The Levaya will tentatively be taking place at 1:30 PM in the Lake Terrace parking lot, with Kevurah in Lakewood.

Levaya Live Stream:

Call-in: 857-356-3300, or 612-398-0330.


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There are 45 Comments to "Petirah of Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L, Menahel in Lakewood’s Shagas Aryeh, and Author of Visions of Greatness [Levaya and Live Stream Info]"

  • Sosad says:

    Such a tzaddik ! What a loss ! He is irreplaceable!

  • David says:

    Today, I am sad !
    May Ha-Shem console the family .
    He was my friend !

  • Yakov says:

    Rav Yosef dedicated his life to preparing future doros of beni Torah

    He was beloved and will be missed by all who knew him.
    Yehi zichro boruch

  • Crying says:

    I go way back as Bochrim always bsimcha always helping others getting things done rosh vreshon lchol dovor shbekdusha a just a unbelievable person great lossb

  • Mg says:

    What a loss for Klal yisroel!

  • Binyomin H. says:

    BDE A True Friend,Superior Menhael Par Excellence and Such a Tzaddik. A kesher with every Bachur and every parent. We are all his family and crying over this tremendous loss.
    !Chaval Al Devdin!!


    Besuros Tovos.

  • d says:

    He wasn’t just another menahel.

    He was a person with unique true deep and real yiras shomayim that had a direct effect on the entire school and all the talmidim.

    Impossible to replace.

  • Sad says:

    No Words…..
    What a great loss. Irreplaceable.

  • A Talmud says:

    Rabbi Weiss was also a beloved 9th grade rebbe for many years in yeshiva Ohr Chodosh and part of the pioneers of chinuch in Lakewood back in the early 90’s

    Truly a loss for all of klal Yisroel

  • Parent says:

    BD”E Rabbi Weiss ZT”L had such a big and warm heart. He gave over so much chinuch with so much love to so many Talmidim. His devotion to the Talmidim, the Yeshiva and the parent body was on a different level! Always so positive and happy and that (in my opinion) was his motto for the the school a positive and happy environment which he was zoche to create. The last year and half was a huge limud and chizuk for anyone who knew him in how to deal with challenges lo aleinu.
    Ihi zichro baruch.

  • Crying says:

    As a parent of Shagas Aryeh for many years, almost from the start, i am in a fog this morning. He was such a special person who cared so much for each and every talmid. The ruach of warmth, simchas hachaim and simchas hamitzvos that he infused into Shagas Aryeh will never be forgotten. Who can forget his Shagas Aryeh Purim shtreimel and the heartfelt brachos he gave each boy every year. He will be sorely missed. Yehi Zichro Boruch

  • Former talmid says:

    Approx 30 years ago he was the 9th grade rebbe at yeshiva ohr chodosh. He was a great rebbe!!!

  • Parent says:

    He was an amazing Menahel who always had a smile and a good word for all the Talmidim. He was a role model to all the Talmidim as he pushed himself beyond the limit during his difficult illness. He always did whatever he could to accomodate parents and Talmidim alike. My young children revered him. Klal Yisroel has lost a true Mechanech!

  • Parent 2 says:

    What is there to say? This is a great loss for the world and specifically for yeshivas Shages Aryeh! The ruach of positivity, warmth and encouragement – always making the boys feel happy came from him!!!!! He had a super special koach for picking amazing rebbeim. That he knew the boys’ names and made them feel great when the school was small was one thing, but to connect to all the boys once the school grew so much was something else entirely!! Rabbi Weiss lived and breathed for the hatzlocha of the boys – oy lanu!

  • Ruach Hatorah says:

    He provided a great affordable summer for thousands of children with his camp Ruach Hatorah. With experienced rabbaim.

  • Crying says:

    Rabbi Weiss… My kids were crying this morning when they heard. They wanted to know who will continue loving them in yeshiva. who will continue to greet them every morning. who will remember their birthdays. who will dance with them with geshmak.
    Rabbi Weiss was truly a tzadik

  • Yaakov says:

    We lost such a great person and menahal.
    Yehi zichro Baruch!

  • Mispallel at Tiferes Mordechai says:

    For the last several years he davened Shabbos at Tiferes Mordechai under the leadership of Horav Lazer Apter Shlit”a. Anyone who observed Rav Yosef Z”l in our Shul especially during this last tekufa while he was battling this terrible machlah knew we were observing a true tzaddik. I would observe him many times on Shabbos at Shul and I was brought to tears… What a gem of a person and what a family of gems he was zoicha to have. May he be a meilitz yoisher for his mishpocho and his fellow mispallelim and the whole of Lakewood.

  • A Friend says:

    call in numbers @ 1:30 857-356-3300 & 612-398-0330

  • Wondering says:

    Terrible tragedy. But why can’t it say it was corona? Machla infers something else. Nobody is niftar from corona according to the scoop at least in Lakewood.

    • TLS Editor says:

      Because it wasn’t.

      And please refrain from posting stupid comments.

      Thank you.

    • MS says:

      You have a really damaged brain!! He was sick with cancer nebach…. This Corona became a disease way farther than the virus. You can survive the virus but if someone gets the Corona disease, it will haunt you for a very long time… Please don’t lose your life while you’re still alive


    remembering form manchester as bochur in manchester yeshiva he visited my sick father z”l regularly and even at such a young age gave my mother o”h such chizuk, he showed caring and love for everyone and always popped into my elderly mother o”h whenever he came to manchester what a true tzadik. i gave him a story about a minyan in auchwitz which he printed but he sought the truth irrelevant of time he had to be on the phone,.emess was a priority …story second!

  • Shagas Aryeh parent says:

    I remember when Rabbi Weiss spoke at a mothers’ melave malka and said proudly, “In our school, no boy falls through the cracks.” During the Corona shutdown, my son was so surprised to receive a phone call on his birthday; after all, in school he would have gotten his birthday bracha from Rabbi Weiss. Rabbi Weiss was am irreplaceable leader who taught the boys so much just through his example.

  • A YSA parent says:

    Ahavah was his motto. Ahavas Yisroel, ahavas Hashem, ahavas Hatorah, ahavas hamitzvos and most importantly ahavas hatalmidim. He personified simchas hachaim. Rebbe loved every single one of his talmidim unconditionally. My sons looked forward every day to get that warm smile and good morning coming off the bus. They will always remember their birthday’s, being called in to the menahel getting a brocha and special treat from rebbe. Rebbe will be missed and is irreplaceable. His legacy will pass over from my children to their children lidorai doros.

  • RW says:

    Baruch dayan ha’emes! I’m in shock. What a loss for klal yisroel! Rabbi Weiss was a tzaddik who treated every person he met with such simcha and kindness. He inspired so many people through his speeches and writings. May he be a meilitz yosher for his family.

  • yitzy says:

    B’DE A very trenendous klop for all of Lakewood and beyond. A true “Dugma” of what the Mishna refers to as Oihaiv es Hamokom V’Oihaiv es Habrios, Misameach es Hamokom Misameach es Habrios Umalbashtoi Anavah V’yirah.
    May it be a nechamah to his very Chasuva family that the thousands of Tinokos shel Bais rabban that he so greatly influenced will never forget him and how muched he loved then all.

  • Berel says:

    He was a true talmid of his rebbi, the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yehuda Zev Segal zt”l.
    Rav Weiss wrote and published two volumes of the Rosh Yeshiva’s shmuessen, Yirah Vodaas.
    He also co-authored The Artscroll biography of Rav Segal.
    יהי זכרו ברוך

  • Rivky says:

    R Weiss ensures that every single
    Boy in
    The Yeshiva was taken care of. Nobody is forgotten.. A true loss!!

  • A crying talmid says:

    I was his talmid 22 years ago in YOC. I had the zechus of sitting down with him in the summer. He told me how proud he is of his children and his talmidim. As we were talking he was thanking Hashem for the zechus of marring off his youngest child. He told me everything is Eibishter, Eibishter, Eibishter!! Thank you Rebbe for guiding me into the person I have become. Please help bring Moshiach

  • 1 says:

    he has 3 single boys

  • Camp Talmid says:

    He was my Rebbe in camp about 30 years ago and we kept a kesher for many years. BD”E

  • Former Talmid says:

    Does anyone remember why he wrote Vision of Greatness Books? I was in his class at YOC when he was writing the first one. If my memory serves me correctly he did it in memory of a friend who passed away at a young age. The friend had requested that he did not want to be forgotten. So Rabbi Weiss took the initiative to a write a book in his memory. I am pretty sure in the first book of visions of greatness all of this is explained.

    The first book was a hit so he wrote more and the rest is history.

  • Shimon Steinmetz says:

    I read all the 10 volumes of the book of the “Visions of Greatness”. I used to love reading them!

  • Inspired says:

    What a giant! Tremendous loss. BDE

  • satmar bucher says:

    as a talmid in satmar cheder he was a very getrai menahel of the english dept and did his best to make a boy feel good and learn. he was especially sensitive to the needs of the boys and created a very good program in the afternoon…

  • Oy says:

    Heartbreaking levaya

  • Shimmy Shtauber says:

    Years ago, Rabbi Weiss a”h was the first person to call me personally when The Story Experience came out, just to tell me he enjoyed listening to it. Touched to this day. Yehei Zichro Baruch.

  • SA Talmud says:

    Rabbi weiss was a very special person. This past year my class made a siyum on mishnayos b’zchus reffuah shelaymah for him. We asked him to come, and when he came he was barely able to pick up his head. This was one of the many special things that he did for me, and one that I will never forget. Baruch dayin haemes.

  • former shagas aryeh talmid says:

    Rabbi weiss was the most special person
    Will never forget the so many ways he helped me throughout the years

  • a parent of YSA says:

    Rabbi Weiss z”l was one in a million. He tried calling our son 3 times on the morning of his birthday, not giving up until he reached him to wish him a happy birthday. A truly special person. He will be greatly missed.

  • Ysa Alumni says:

    As a Talmid in Shagas Aryeh we all felt the love that he had for us all.Every morning he would greet every Talmid with a big smile and a good morning and it just made us feel so good. This summer in camp I was very surprised when he sent me (and others) a 2 liter bottle of soda for Shabbos even though I graduated YSA two years ago! He made it his business to see where everyone was in summer so he could show that he still remembered them and cared about them!! I am so great full that I had such a special and caring Menahel.

  • P L says:

    The family is grateful for all the comments. Please send any memories and would appreciate even these comments forwarded to,

    Thank you. Besuros tovos