Psak Halacha


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There are 10 Comments to "Psak Halacha"

  • How to reach the Rav says:

    Does anyone know how to reach the rav in the letter? I have many preventative and treatment options for covid that work and I beleive if the Rav knew about them, he probably wouldnt consider it pikuach nefesh any more. OF course people could die from any ailment, but it wont be different than the other ones we had until now…

  • Ofakim says:

    I don’t think people understand the ramifications of this kol Korah and how it applies or are going to change their attitude.

  • Mutty says:

    Yup! Rabbi Yitzchok Silverstein is 100% correct:
    When a Mitzvah (Good Deed) comes to you one must grab it; we are not asked to be Hatzolah running on calls 3 am, driving large vehicles through heavy traffic and being exposed to everything to save lives; This pandemic will not last forever, We all know what we are required to do now to save lives. It’s a bit uncomfortable and different but no one knows how much HaShem will reward us for this.

  • Kidor says:

    This letter is quite simple, it is a chidush it has to be written.

    Even if we accept the claims of some that masks don’t help, is that a certainty? How can we be sure? Many experts disagree. If, as a society, we truly respected and valued lives, how can we ignore a mask mandate or even recommendation? It may work, and it is minimal discomfort (after an initial period of getting used to it), and we are doing something that could save lives. Why is that not sufficient?
    Remember, even if its life saving abilities are in doubt, the mitzva we keep by wearing one for other peoples’ sake is a definite one. We are definitely doing something בין אדם לחבירו by being חושש for the צד that masks help.

    Now let us say that masks definitely do not help. But there are definitely people out there who think it does. They are not evil, they are not our enemies, they simply think differently to you. Should we disrespect them to their faces? We live in a country with them, don’t they deserve that minimum respect?

    If a person were to research the data carefully, without pre-conceived notions and political positions, he will see that the chances of masks working is way higher than the chances of them not working. First, common sense says that at least a percentage of the virus spread will be prevented by people covering their orifices. When enough people do it, the percentage of infections will go down. Yes, people will still get it, but less people, and to those people in between ‘people’ and ‘less people’ that makes a lot of difference. Second, the world’s experts have consistently been touting masks, for many months. Does someone actually buy this conspiracy theory that all of them are in cahoots about something? They are all desperate for a scoop, yet they still don’t change their minds.

    With regard to enmity from the outsiders. The outside world is similar to ours. Those that are steadily exposed to the right wing media, do not believe in masks. Those who are exposed to left wing media, believe in masks. Those who do not follow ANY media at all (a tiny percentage of people, and usually the non-vocal ones), have their own opinions. Those who see us ignoring mask rules, may support us or disdain us. But the hatred and disdain will always be stronger than the support. If the Haters come for us, the supporters will not help us too much. As a pragmatic point, we should be more scared of the haters than comforted by the supporters.

    Even without these claims, do we not have to make an announcement of our beliefs? Should we not publicly announce that human life is precious, and even a small chance of benefit is sufficient for us to take a stand? A Yid with a mask is an announcement that our Torah values life, even a small chance of it. Many of us think we should waste our votes by taking stands that will never translate into real policies, like against abortions. Here we can take a stand that really matters, people will really see and say רק עם חכם ונבון הגוי הגדול הזה.

    Let us stop fighting other people’s fights and try and be the best Yidden we can be, not the best Americans or Conservatives. We can show the world that we are not animals in the jungle, we follow the public’s rules and we can be trusted to live in the country as welcome guests.

    ומלאה הארץ דעה את הוי”ה כמים לים מכסים

    • Impressed says:

      very very very well written and well put. Would you consider publishing this as on open letter where more people will see, rather than as a comment? your chochmah and clear way of thinking as well as your calm tone and logical way of presenting this are a breath of fresh air and the oilam at large can really benefit from a letter like this.

    • S209 says:

      Possibly the best comment I’ve ever read anywhere

    • chaim yankel says:

      Excellent points. You typed my thoughts exactly. The only shaila I have that you didnt address is: what happens if the hishtadlus turns out to be self harmful, would there still be a cheeyuv to be choshesh for the tzad that it helps?

  • MARTA says:

    Kidor- Well said. Thank you, as I thank everyone who helps keep me and our neighbors safe by wearing a mask.

  • Ditto says:

    Kindly publish an English translation.