Poll: Should Homework be abolished once and for all?


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There are 17 Comments to "Poll: Should Homework be abolished once and for all?"

  • Mordekhai says:

    Homework is parter of learning and it could be excellent relationship with your children and yet you give your time and learn something new. You can learn better too. Your child can learn and understanding what teacher taught in school today. Keep Homework running. I think it is very important for children instead being bored.

  • Bewildered says:

    I fail to understand Why is it that teaching and education is something that everyone has a right to Chime in on well any other profession no one in their right mind Would have the audacity to give her two cents about what should be acceptable. Why don’t we leave these type of questions for educators just as we leave medical questions for doctors.Besides for the fact that That this question really has no place in a public forum you can have some children that have homework be a breeze for and some children that have it as a hurdle. Every student and child has a different experience with it and should be dealt with as such.

  • Teacher says:

    As a teacher, I say yes.

  • Y not says:

    Get it done during the 6 hours of school

  • ANON21 says:

    Of course. It’s a no brainier. Let the teachers teach and the parents be parents. Why make all the parents into teachers. It’s crazy. O and btw r Matisyahu Solomon said the same thing 10 yrs ago and no one listened

  • Anonymous says:

    Useless conversation. It’s never going to happen.

  • A mommy says:

    Homework ruins parent child relationships!!!

  • Jewels says:

    I think homework should be the last 10 minutes of each period during school and submitted to the teacher by the end of class. School days are long and can be stressful especially for weaker students. Home should be relaxing with family.

  • Start teaching says:

    Teachers should teach and be there for their students. Moral support,etc. not just talking like tape recorders.

  • Rabbi Teacher says:

    As a Rebbi and Teacher and Spouse of Morah and Teacher……i humbly consider myself successful and have students that come out of class knowing the material to the best of there ability and i can publicly state that i have NEVER given homework. I know it to be the best way and a way that works for boys and girls by hebrew and english!

  • rebbetzin says:

    Homework has value, however, it needs to be done with seichel
    chazara is important , it should be done only at convenient times, never before yomim tovim or pta night etc
    It should be done w creative and motivation materials with lots of postive
    feedback. It should be done in such a way that the kids love to do it and cant wait to show the teacher that it got done. lots of postive reinforcement
    It also should be very age appropriate and should help raise grades and not demean students in any way , no purnishments if not done , but give extra points if they do get it done the next time.

  • Teacher says:

    As a teacher and a parent, I can say that some children will not gain anything from doing hw in school. There are many children who think better when they have no peer pressure, who can use one -on -one help which many times is not possible in the classroom, who are embarassed to ask a teacher for help etc. If the material is taught properly, and the child understood it, hw will not be a pressure, and the child will learn responsibility and reinforce concepts that he learnt in school. If the material was taught, and the child did not understand it, then he definitely should have hw, so the parent is aware what the child needs help with.

  • frumie says:

    why is it an all or nothing question? We don’t need to totally “abolish” homework but teachers need to realize that it has gotten out of control and learn how to keep it to the minimum.

  • Joe says:

    I can’t say if homework should be abolished. I think we should trust educators., however my kids homework can sometimes take 90 minutes or more to complete and each child needs the help of a parent which is a recipe for disaster as the child that needs the help doesnt really get it and the rest of the children are ignored and end up fighting or disrupting. It’s really is a tough situation.maybe schools could give a bit more homework but on alternating nights.

  • sweet says:

    Um, Hello ??!!
    You don’t have to do the homework !!

  • Seicel says:

    Fake news, I voted around 50 times

  • Really? says:

    So, this is how we make decisions now? Interesting.

    People used to value education. What do we value nowadays. More sugar, less work, more siyumim, less learning. Learning needs to be fun, kids can’t write a straight sentence.

    Parents overwhelmed means homework needs to be more age appropriate, or older kids should volunteer to help younger kids, but don’t abolish homework altogether.