EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Moment a Frum Lakewood Man is Stabbed in Apparent Random Attack [WARNING – VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]

The stabbing attack in Lakewood today was caught on surveillance camera, and exclusively obtained by TLS.

The video shows the suspect walking from the direction of MLK Drive and into the rear of the Out To Lunch shopping plaza.

As the man was loading items into his vehicle, the suspect can be seen running up to him and stabbing him in the back.

After being stabbed, the victim grabbed the approximately-12-inch knife stuck in his back, and fought back, chasing down the woman until he had her on the ground. Police arrived moments later and took her into custody.

An investigation is underway.

UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as 38-year-old Erika Cruz.

“Erika Cruz was transported to the Lakewood Police Department where she processed and charged with Aggravated Assault, Possession of a Weapon and Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose,” police said. “She was subsequently transported to the Ocean County Jail.”

“At this time the investigation is active. Reason for the attack is unclear, but we do not believe Cruz is affiliated with any organized hate or terrorist group,” police said




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There are 27 Comments to "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Moment a Frum Lakewood Man is Stabbed in Apparent Random Attack [WARNING – VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED]"

  • Totty says:

    Look how he instinctively holds onto his yarmulka the whole time. Impressive.

  • avraham says:

    Food for Thought:
    Maybe we can designate .0001 % of Lakewood property tax to have a Police officer patrolling that area.

  • Dave says:

    Wow! Scary! Unbelievable how he had the mind to chase her down after the attack. Wishing him a speedy recovery

  • Lakewood!!!! says:

    That guy is a champ! Got stabbed and still chased her down, what a beast.

  • Hashem's mercy says:

    even the angle in which the knife penetrated is decided in Heaven and this victim must be a very special person to have survived

  • Anonymous says:

    It is truly impressive. From a medical perspective (I understand that what he did was instinctive but want people to be aware), my understanding is that a knife (etc.) should NOT be pulled out as it can be stopping an artery from bleeding and pulling it out can cause catastrophic bleeding ch’v.

  • avraham says:

    I see that she is wearing a mask in a very professional and responsible manner.

    On the other hand, she was not following the rule of 6 feet.

    Whose medical advice is she following?

  • Anonymous says:

    @totty 💯

  • Anonymous says:

    Wondering how you can print that a horrible response by avraham – is this a joke? Not funny. Imagine if YOU were stabbed and someone made a dumb, totally insensitive remark. How would your family feel reading it? . Please make better use of your time..

    • avraham says:

      I am very sorry. I had no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.
      I take back my comment.

    • Midnight says:

      You bring an interesting point, but i dont think that a comment someone made poking fun at a nut-job would insult the victim.
      He was hurt, but he doesnt need people to treat his situation with REVERENCE I’m sure he would appreciate the joke.

    • avraham says:

      If you go back and read my comment one more time and please read it slowly, you will see that I was not making a joke at all.

  • rochel leffler says:

    Of course it isn’t a hate crime–she was on drugs and didn’t know what she was doing—–the judge will probably let her go–you heard it here first.

  • Premeditated says:

    Don’t rationalize her behavior. Emotionally disturbed is an excuse for the very violent and homicidal criminals in our day and age; they chalk everything up to mental illness.

    Look how she stands there waiting for him, and the right moment to stab him. She was very calculating, and had plenty presence of mind waiting for the right moment to run at him!

  • A e says:

    @totty hundo p

  • ogmike says:

    Concealed carry would have ended this quickly.

  • Branovicher says:

    ogmike, people like you shouldn’t carry, if you would of unloaded your piece on that little girl , he did the right thing, whether he was strapped up or not, you mag is only for life and death situations

    • ogmike says:

      Coming after me with a knife and stabbing me IS life or death. If that was me and we were in a free state, like where I used to live in Texas, she’d be on ice. When I lived in CC states, I NEVER had to draw my weapon. Funny how that works.

    • srsly says:

      @Branovicher, “little girl”? That was a 38-year-old woman who forfeited her life when she attempted to end his by sticking a knife in him. Would’ve deserved anything coming to her…

    • @Branovicher says:

      Seriously? It only wasn’t a life and death situation because that “little girl” missed her spot. Yeah, you don’t shoot her in the back while she’s running away. But if someone is coming at you with a knife… that’s absolutely the time to use your piece.

    • jj says:

      Someone stabbing a person in the back is a life or death situation! not sure why she isnt being charged with attempted murder.

      • Midnight says:

        Because the Justice department dont care about what she intended. Just what occured.

        • loops says:

          ummmmm. “attempted” murder by definition takes into account what she intended.
          Besides, the Justice Department is a federal agency. Has nothing to do with charging someone locally for a crime.

  • Malka Horowitz says:

    Im wondering if it’s safe that he chased her. He didnt know his medical condition immediately. God forbid he could have bled to death in a different knife angle…maybe we shouldnt applaud the chase lest ppl think the chase precedes life-saving medical care. Im not saying he was wrong as instincts are what we act on in emergency but when i read the initial report i was sacred for him.
    May we all stay safe!

  • Branovicher says:

    i take back my statement, i read now it was a 12 inch knife, i didn’t realize it was a real blade, from the picture it looked like a kids blade, i agree someone coming at you with a 12 inch knife you do what you need to, i stand to be corrected

  • Up the charges says:

    Why wasn’t she charged with attempted murder? Getting punched is assault. Hit with a bat is assault with a weapon. She stabbed this man with a 12 inch knife. That could’ve killed him with enough force. Thank God he had a thick coat on.

  • SW - Cle says:

    Wow – victim had amazing presence of mind, B”H! Zechus Avos surely played a role in his safe outcome – so glad all is well.