List the roads in Lakewood which need a repaving

In the comments section below, list the roads in Lakewood you believe need a complete repaving.

Some may just need some fixing – such as pothole repairs. If they are Township-owned roads, they can be reported to the DPW at 732-905-3405.

If you have a picture of a road which needs a makeover, send it to and we’ll forward them to the appropriate party.


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There are 101 Comments to "List the roads in Lakewood which need a repaving"

  • SuggestDPW says:

    14th street. It looks like they’re getting ready to do it but the situation now is terrible.

  • S says:

    Adams Street off Miller

  • Anonymous says:

    Drake Rd is a mess between Whitesville and Niemann.

  • Aa says:

    To make a few that are pathetic

  • Pawnee says:


  • david bosh says:

    East 5th is so bad. thanks

  • anonymous says:

    South Street off of Albert

  • David says:

    All the township needs to do is have an employee drive around one day for a few hours on all the Lakewood roads and they can see whichever roads need to repair

  • rn says:

    Pawnee Area, Please!!

  • Yaakov says:

    ADAMS ST.!!!!!!!

  • Freydi says:

    Roselle Ct is a must. So is Fifteenth St.

  • doo says:

    If they keep digging up all the roads to do water Maine repairs the company should be held accountable that it is not only a temporary
    pave which only lasts for a few moths is there any way someone can bring this to the attention of our mayor and township?

  • Glen South says:

    Glen Ave South and St. Nicholas

  • Anon says:

    County line road, between Squankum and Brook.

    Also Prospect Street where it intersects with Route 9

  • Pothole says:

    Cypress Ave
    Airport Road

  • BB says:

    Coral avenue please!

  • Moshe says:

    Hackett Street & Maple Ave.
    (Ridge & Park Ave. Area)

  • Steve says:

    east 5th!! & 7th between princeton and Lexington

  • Chaim Schwartz says:

    The entire 14th street!!!! They’ve been doing some sort of work on it for a while and it’s getting really bad. Thank you!!!

  • Eli says:

    Locust from 70 to New Hampshire

  • Yitzchok says:

    N Oakland St.
    Stirling Ave.

  • Lakewood!!!! says:

    15th st
    Clifton Ave S, between rt88 and Hurley.

  • SS says:

    Park Ave
    Pearl St
    Congress St
    Monmouth Ave


  • Anon says:

    The beginning of linden avenue when turning off of Route 888

    If all these road repairs are being done which are definitely helpful, how about something even better. Getting Lakewood its first own spray park for kids. Its annoying to drive to Jackson or elsewhere. Long overdue I think and it would be much appreciated for young mothers.

  • sam says:

    pawnee and pawnee and oh how about pawnee.

  • Beth Aron says:

    10th street between Madison and Clifton was repaved just a few months ago , paid by township(local taxpayer). Now they are ripping it up again and fixing pipes, and patching it up. Will they be required to repave it again when the project is completed? regardless it was a huge waste of money and we expect an explanation from the township/mayor. ty


    Martin Street

  • Rachel says:

    Martin Street

  • Dovid says:

    EAST 5TH

  • you voted them in says:

    1)East end ave
    2)East 8th st
    3)more then 50% of Lakewood streets


  • Sheftak says:

    Glen ave north near new central ave.
    Numerous deep potholes that keep on being temporarily repaired and reopening even deeper and bigger..

  • Nathan says:

    Williams st south

  • Washington says:

    Washington Avenue needs a complete overhaul

  • drofli says:

    Top end of Shorrock Street

  • Nal says:

    private way between 2nd st and 5th st

  • Moe says:

    Airport road between oak and 70

  • SN says:

    Carasaljo Drive

  • Thinking Jew says:

    Washington Street!!

  • FO says:


  • driver says:

    Park between ocean and east 4th! its terrible!

  • ab says:

    The entire E 5TH st is terrible!!!

  • Realistic says:

    Can we just list the roads that do NOT need paving?? It would be a lot shorter and easier….
    From someone who has been living here for a nice number of years already, let me explain how this is going to go. We are going to list about 100 streets that DESPERATELY need to be repaved. Frankly, MOST of this Township resembles the lunar surface more than anything else. The Township will answer that it is either the County or States problem and NOTHING will ever get done about them. It’s called the classic passing the buck. Have you noticed how long they’ve been blaming no light at James and Williams on the County? It’s called passing the buck and washing your hands. It is the same for multiple dangerous intersections and roads in Lakewood. No one takes responsibility. Guess what? Same with the paving. Don’t waste your breath or time.

  • David says:

    Cedar Street (from Pine to Henry)

  • Check says:

    Pawnee Seminole

  • Leo sha says:

    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th between Forest and Monmouth, minus the few newly paved roads. Also private way between 7th and 9th.
    Princewood. Jenna.

  • a yid says:

    Maybe pave over all the duplexes

  • Elliot says:

    Also can the township keep the people updated on to when and where and which Streets will be paved when.
    And updates on rt 9 and so.

  • NJDESIDOC says:

    As a non-Jew from one of the neighboring towns I have a question. Why has the Lakewood leadership (Township Committee, Zoning and Planning Boards) allowed so much overdevelopment and then not develop a more sustainable and stronger infrastructure? Shouldn’t so much building and explosive population growth call for a better infrastructure (ie roads, sidewalks, less dense developments)? I would imagine the majority of Orthodox Jews are frustrated with this congestion and traffic and why many of you are moving to the surrounding towns. You guys want the same quality of life we non-Jews want to!

  • Everyday Joe says:

    You are absolutely correct. This is an exercise in futility, and will accomplish nothing. But, when living in a community among other people, everyone has a role to play and a part to contribute. The Township of Lakewood generously conducts a grand charade every election season so that people can disillusion themselves that they have a vote that counts. The people in turn are expected to point out what should be done, so that the Township can get to work explaining why it is not going to happen. You can’t really expect the Township to do everything themselves…?!

  • Anonymous says:

    Drake road is a mess
    Needs full repaving

  • NEGLECTED says:


  • Daniel says:

    East 5th, Its really really bad

  • Crying from laughter says:

    WASHING FOR LAST 10 YEARS!!!! Im shocked cars haven’t landed in the craters. Arlington and lincoln as well.

    Though truthfully like everyone says, they will just say its county, state, federal govt responsibility. Crying from laughter

  • Rivka levy says:

    Cedar Court
    Williams st between prospect and Cedar court

  • Herbert Rausman says:


  • Anon says:

    Glen North near Central. Numerous damaged tires!

  • Your mail lady says:

    300/400 block of East 5th street
    Stirling when you turn off of linden there’s a pothole that will send you to China
    100 block of East 5th by ridge 4th needs some help too.

  • Narrows says:

    Mary’s lane between 4th and 7th is dangerous. The edge of the road near the tracks must be repaved. Two cars cant pass without falling into craters. Extremely dangerous. Thanks for this service

  • Err li says:

    Arlington Ave between Lois and Lincoln has some really bad dips and potholes that are bone jarring.

  • mo says:

    east 5th
    north oakland
    stirling ave

  • Driver says:

    Arlington and Lincoln Street!!

  • Jss says:

    7th between Clifton and park

  • Arlington neighbor says:

    Arlington Avenue
    Lincoln Avenue
    Ashley Avenue
    Lois Avenue

  • yl says:

    Biltmore near Cross Street and Rt 9. The pot holes near Cross street cause the cars to skid and there have been many near accidents, and one accident that I personally am aware of.

    Also the road is so narrow because part of the pavement has been lost, that two cars can barely fit through the street, let alone busses!

  • Yehuda says:

    Gudz Road is a disaster and has very heavy road traffic since it is used as a bypass to Westgate.

    Both parts of Gudz are atrocious!

    Gudz, between Miller and New Central is awful.

    Additionally, New central until Lakewood New Egypt is in terrible shape as well.

    We hope that DPW will correct this hazardous road condition. Thank you.

  • A pushite yid says:

    14th st is killing cars ! It’s like driving on a role rocky road! 14th st is crying to get repaved

  • Sara says:

    Bais Rivka Rochel

  • resident says:

    cedarwood off of lanes mill and joe parker

  • Taxpayer says:

    Pawnee / Seminole
    Looks like a war zone!

  • Elmo says:

    Forest ave. Frome 1st till 6th are very bad need big help

  • bill says:

    north lake and south lake have to be redone. ot was repaved with 1 inch of asphalt when it needed 3 inches. now its peeling and coming up in many spots. LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP FIX OUR ROADS

  • Aa says:

    Look how pathetic. The whole Lakewood needs to be repaved. Insane.

  • Bim Bim Bum says:

    Attention Lakewood Township:
    You are the boy who cried wolf! Nobody believes you anymore! Every year or two you say how you are going to repave yada yada yada. Does it ever get done? Nope! No
    So, nice chatting with you, I’m sure you all really feel good about yourselves.

  • Marlin says:

    Marlin Ave

  • trying my luck says:

    8th between Monmouth and Clifton 2 very used blocks

  • Pepin Galarga says:

    Every year we go through the same thing about the roads that needs repairs or the dangerous intersections that needs a traffic light and guess what? Next year we’re going to be submitting the same roads or intersections cause nothing gets done. Usually the intersections are either state or county roads and it seems that it takes forever to get approvals and the ones that are township roads for some reason it’s also always some type of excuses and nothing gets done. If you look at the names of the roads that ppl are submitting, most of those roads were here last year and the year and i can keep going. And i don’t blame DPW for that, i blame the higher ups that are the ones that have the power to authorize what gets done and when.

  • Bob says:

    How about widening Rt 9 by 2 lanes. That road is horrible.

  • ready for this says:

    Washington Ave at Pine Street. Washington should be widened at the intersection and pave back about 200 feet.

  • 8th Street says:

    8th street from Monmouth to Madison is terrible.

    (The absolute worst, with damaging craters, is Monmouth to Lexington)

    8th street is the most direct route from Route 9 to Squankum and beyond, and making those 3 blocks drivable can potentially help alleviate traffic in the entire area during rush hours.

  • yehuda says:

    North Oakland St.
    Stirling Ave
    Linden Ave

  • Yaakov says:

    Biltmore needs to be repaved and widened. There are large potholes and there is very little room for cars and the multiple busses that use this small road.

  • GC2021 says:

    East 5th
    Linden Ave

  • ag says:

    coral avenue

  • yb says:

    Coral avenue off oak

  • Living in Israel says:

    GUDZ ROAD!!!!!!!!
    I am scarred from this Lakewood driving!
    Please fix before I return!

  • Anonymous says:


  • hocker says:

    carlton avenue south

  • mk says:

    frances. off massachusetts

  • lakewooder says:

    Pawnee Seminole neighborhood!!!!

  • Barbara Burns says:

    Yes lets fix the roads so in a few months they can tear that new road up for pipes or what ever a new house or building that they no they already approved and when they get done repaving the whole they made in the Brand new road we have the same messed up road we started with to begin with because they do such a sloppy job repaving it and no one inspects it to make sure it was repaved properly.

  • Chaim Nussbaum says:

    Linden Avenue (between Somerset Avenue & Stirling Avenue)
    Park Avenue South (between Ocean Avenue & Kedma Drive)

  • 8th st says:

    8th st between lexington and monmouth, i live there and have gotten 5 flats from potholes that are unavoidable this winter so far!!!