Poll: Does President Trump deserve to be impeached over the Capitol riot?


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There are 11 Comments to "Poll: Does President Trump deserve to be impeached over the Capitol riot?"

  • SS says:

    The democrats are 10 times worse and they get away with murder while Trump/republicians make the slightest move and they’re down his back

  • ready for this says:

    This was nothing but political revenge!
    How can this country come together when on side is seeking revenge on anyone that disagrees with them.
    Biden could have called off the dogs, but he didn’t he is afraid of radicals in the Democratic party

  • TheConsultant says:

    The President and every Republican condemend the riot/ attack, while every democrat supported and defended the rioting, looting and attacks by blm and antifa, over 2 dozes murdered, hundreds of businesses looted and/or destroyed, multiple police stations burned, churches set on fire, parts of cities taken over with the support of the local democrat run city, over a billion dollars in damage. The demicarts are lying hypocrites. Twitter has no problem keeping up tweets by democrats actually calling for violence just as they have no problem with tweets by the iranian terror regime leader calling for the destruction of Israel and by ccp propagandists glorifying ccp concentration camps.

    • write a comment says:

      If the facts would be like you claim, I too would be outraged.
      Thank G-d that is not true.
      The Democrats condemned the rioting and looting.
      2 people were murdered, not 2 dozen.
      And so on.

      But the main thing is, the two are not connected at all. Some people felt disenfranchised and oppressed, and they demonstrated, sometimes violently. That is one thing. The capitol invasion was something completely different, they were rioting for someone else, and that someone else refused to stop them until the incident was over. They were doing it in his name, and he encouraged it. That is why he has to be impeached. He knows, or he should know, that his ‘fraud’ claims are bogus, yet he wants people to fight for his ego. He is a dangerous man, and he has to go.

      • TheConsultant says:

        that is a lie, democrats spent months justifying and encouraging the riots and looting, more than 2 people were murdered during the protests, rioting, and looting, President Trump never encouraged the rioting he said to protest peacefully unlike the democrats who said rioting is justified and nancy pelosi who called for uprisings. stop believing the lying democrats and their media propagandists. He is going whether impeached or not.

  • Really?!?! says:

    Remember this time four years ago? Trumps inauguration? The media wouldnt even cover the true events. They tried showing an empty showing. And it never stopped. That was before he even started. Nuff’ said.

    • Ruth says:

      Actually ,the media did show the inauguration as it happened.
      But that has nothing to do with inciting a riot.

      Trump has an MO that people seem to be missing. On every single topic, he takes both sides, giving himself the ability to fool people. He makes fun of the coronavirus outbreak, downplays it and tries to undermine the actions of those who do take it seriously. But then he prevents Chinese citizens from entering the country, so he can say he did take it seriously.
      Here too, he told his supporters to go to the capitol and fight for him, that they don’t uphold the constitution and confirm the electoral college results. He also says the word peacefully, but that is bottel in the pole of ‘be wild’ rhetoric. Now he can take both sides in the fight, free of any responsibility for his words.
      And this is the party of personal responsibility.

  • Heya says:

    Ok here is the facts, trump did not incite violence, Trump did not know the horrific actions that would take place. When he said to go to the capitol he had no idea what would take place. The people who stormed the capital deserve prison and should be sentenced to the fullest they can. So no, we don’t blame Trump for this. Now if we’re going according to liberal standards, every congress and house representatives that concur the Black Lives Matter protest, should be charged by the 14th amendment. They should be removed from their job for actually inciting and congratulating the riots and protests. There are multiple Congress and house representatives who have tweeted their concur so there’s actually proof of violating the 14th amendment of rebelling. So, don’t make standards you can’t keep. If you wanna impeach Trump regarding a actions he had no idea about you better charge the liberals that concurred actions they knew about and actually went against the law.

  • Liberalism is a mental disorder says:

    The whole thing was a fraud to begin with. It was clear because they didn’t bring any witnesses didn’t go to the committee. The whole thing was a bunch of garbage!

    All these Democrats and linguine spine Republicans need to be impeached and well for not following the laws.

  • Phony Dems says:

    I think this whole impeachment thing is a riot. Pun intended.

  • High on Treasonol says:

    The Constitution only allows impeachment for High Treason. Trump did no such thing, he didn’t even abuse his First Amendment rights. (See his videos). They can impeach all they want but it will never stand up in the end of the process. Just like the last time, it means nothing, it will have no legal effect. The traitors can wear it on their sleeve but it will come out in the wash, with all the other dirt.