VIDEO: Was this UPS delivery man right or wrong?

This occurred in Lakewood this evening.


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There are 32 Comments to "VIDEO: Was this UPS delivery man right or wrong?"

  • james says:

    not really sure what the issue is, he remained socially distanced, so no mask was needed, and he has the right to not want anyone within his 6 feet.

    • Midnight says:

      Just because one person doesnt believe in the masks and stuff doesnt mean we can impose that on others.. regardless of whether you thing he’s foolish or not.

  • Tova says:

    He did nothing wrong by not wearing a mask, he wasn’t near anyone. And he did nothing wrong by asking her to remain 6 ft from him.

  • Yakkov says:

    Guy come on to you property ( with out a mask) and has the Chutzpah to tell ‘don’t move’?

  • TheConsultant says:


  • Like it needs to be said says:

    I don’t know what’s hiding up this guy’s posterior, but with such an attitude he shouldn’t be working for UPS.

    It is quite understandable why the kid didn’t know what he was talking about especially if he was carrying on a conversation before. He didn’t have to be a complete ferd about it.

    • Midnight says:

      So being that in all other parts of the world people consider coronavirus a threat, and they believe that social distancing hlelps, i think the guys attitude is perfectly in form.
      If someone was walking around with a large sharp knife, and comes toward you haphazardly you would probably tell him to watch out, and if the person continues you may very well yell “I SAID WATCH OUT”. its perfectly normal.
      The problem is that you live in a bubble where you think that coronavirus is a joke so you failed to see from that perspective.

  • דעת תורה says:

    While this driver has a very bad attitude let’s remember that these guy’s work long hours and at the end of the day they can get grumpy.

  • c kaplan says:

    He actually did ask nicely the first time – he said “stay right there bud”.
    He technically should have worn a mask when he approached the house, but he was outdoors… It doesn’t help anybody to post this

  • Gg says:

    A- why is this news?
    B- he’s right, Oh he said it a bit aggressive. Big deal

  • want 6ft wear a mask says:

    ups man got an attitude. and jerk. want 6ft wear a mask. he didnt ask 6ft..
    he should nt be on the phone shmoozing with a 3rd party when delivering products. he should be communicating with the resident especially if he want them to understand him. he is also walking onto their property. so have some class and put on a mask. thats customer service is.

    the other day i was working in my home office in front of the house and started hearing blaring rap music. it was a fedex truck and delivering a package to my home. the driver left his truck door open blaring the music and disturbing the entire area. no class.

  • big deal says:

    First of all relax big deal that he asked not everything needs to be such a big deal

    secondly, he had a right to ,although many may totally disregard social distancing it still exists in the world .he should of though wore a mask when he walked to someone else’s property where person has right to open the door at any time.


  • cool masmid says:

    I’m pretty sure if this homeowner shows this clip to UPS…. Not sure he’ll get someone to listen but perhaps customer relations, then this maskless driver may get a reprimand and then some from his higher UPS… (no pun intended)

  • Uncommon sense says:

    Could’ve been nicer, but not wrong. The guy is probably nervous about the virus, and has no other option but to work, and it’s a long day of carrying hundreds of packages.

    And the way the world is nowadays…. everything has to be in a rush. People don’t know what it’s like to wait days or weeks for a letter or package to arrive. Waiting 30 seconds more won’t hurt you. If anything we should be grateful to these delivery men who prevent us from leaving the house, fighting for parking, getting to the entrance to realize you left your mask in the car, worrying that the man in the aisle just coughed, fighting traffic back home, etc.

    He was a little rude, but give him a break. COVID is affecting everyone.

    • avraham says:

      Your comment was very nicely worded.
      Thank you
      Also, your comment makes sense.
      Both guys were on the phone so they simply didn’t understand each other.

  • Yerach Ben Yomo says:

    The kid obviously didn’t hear what the driver said at first. It just sounded like a friendly greeting like “hiya there kid”. The driver thought the kid was ignoring him so he got rough in his tone. Ideally he’d have been wearing a mask and had he not been distracted by being on the phone, he may have had the wherewithal to realize that the kid simply didn’t hear him correctly and might’ve repeated his request in a friendly manner.

  • Aaron says:

    He asked nicely the first time,those guys work long and stressful days so I feel he’s pain even though I didn’t see him doing nothing disrespectful and I don’t know why this video is being posted cause this guy might end up losing his job over something so simple cause companies like FedEx, UPS and other private companies have very strict policies.

  • Overda Topman says:

    I don’t think the resident heard what the guy said, so the antsiness was a little over the top, but I’m not complaining about it. This kind of attitude is something you see quite often.

  • Lifelonglwoodperson says:

    Before any delivery on Any site says please give the delivery driver up to 6 feet so they can safely leave packages…what’s the problem here especially when you get notifed of the package in route and please give the drivers 6 ft is always stated

  • Loops says:

    Another clueless fella using his total lack of knowledge of covid to justify his dictating and attempt to control other people’s actions.
    1. They were outside. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE. There is virtually no risk of viral spread outside.
    2. An exposure is classified as being within 6 feet of someone infected in a closed space for 15 minutes or more. Grabbing your packages off of your own porch does not take 15 minutes!
    3. If the guy truly believes he will die of covid by being near someone infected for a nano second then he should be wearing a real mask. Not a piece of cloth on his chin.
    4. Did he say “I asked you nicely”? He must have a totally different definition of the word nice.

    I bet you he’s one of those who hangs out and parties with his friends but as soon as the jew approaches, he immediately adjusts his mask to cover one nostril.

    • Midnight says:

      And you are ANOTHER moron thinking that peope trying to live their lives are trying to “CONTROL” you. Grow up! Ugh.

  • Out of towner says:

    He obviously came in with an attitude and if he is so concerned he should be wearing a mask. As if he will catch it from the one second the kid will bend down to pick up a package. I’m sorry it is horrible way to act

  • True says:

    I know this driver. He’s rude in the morn and the evening. The person posted this video bec it was prob ruder in real life. We will def report him. He’s been straight out rude to me and my neighbours and our children numerous times.

    • avraham says:

      Maybe he is upset that no one in our community offered him a chocolate donut during Chanuka. Please make sure the donut is wrapped.

  • lkwd mom says:

    legit point but def rude. not said in a decent way.

  • Anonymous says:

    The UPS driver first asked the person to stay back, it wasn’t until that request was ignored and the person continued coming outside that the UPS driver got the “attitude”. However with that said, the UPS driver could have had less of an attitude and got the same message across. Perhaps the UPS driver has this happen to him frequently and is frustrated. I don’t feel as though he should lose his job over something so trivial.

  • Nisht a naar says:

    I’m much more annoyed at most of the comments than the actual event. I have worked among non-Jewish blue collar workers, this is how they speak among themselves. I have been scolded much more severely by one of our brethren after having, unknowingly, pulled into a parking spot that he thought he was entitled to. This UPS guy has to deliver about 11 pkgs/hr, and he probably has a family to support, he doesn’t deserve to be reported over this interaction. Leave him alone and focus your efforts on more important issues. Beginning with our own midos, with behavior toward non Jews at the top of the list.

  • RN says:

    Covid-19 has long been a cover up and excuse for all sorts of inexcusable behavior.

    I was in a store in Howell earlier this week and witnessed a shopper, who had no problem standing very close to the cashier and other shoppers, yet when a very elderly (at least 90 plus) mask wearing orthodox woman, who was obviously somewhat confused, approached the cashier with a question while this woman was checking out, the shopper shouted in the most nasty tone “ew! six feet! stay six feet away from me!” The utter disrespect for and degradation of a very elderly person (and in such a loud, public manner) was beyond appalling and I was literally shaking after witnessing it. And it was obviously hate and bigotry hiding behind a thin veil of ‘concern for Covid’ because if she was so concerned about Covid, she would have kept her distance from everyone. And the hate and disdain was clear in her tone of voice when she yelled at this elderly woman – who was VERY shaken up from what happened. (I stayed in the store to speak with the elderly woman for a few minutes after this happened to try to comfort her as I was very concerned about her well being after that experience.)

  • RN says:

    To “Nisht a naar”: I’m sorry you had a bad experience with someone over a parking spot. In my life, I’ve witnessed thousands of interactions of Jews with non-Jews. In almost EVERY interaction, the Jew acted respectfully and courteously. Are there people out there who claim to be part of the community who have personality issues who are rude to jews and non-jews alike, yes, probably. As mental health issues don’t discriminate and in any large group, you are bound to find some unsavory or unhealthy individuals.

    But, I’ve witnessed MANY (unprovoked) occasions were non-Jews have been rude, nasty, discriminatory, judgmental, hateful and biased towards Jews based solely on their religion.

    Why you feel the need to come on a public forum and make broad, sweeping negative false statements due to a bad experience you had over a parking spot is beyond me and has me question who you really are.