Readers Continue To Learn Tough Lessons From Benshitrit Tragedy


The story of Osnat Benshitrit made ripples through worldwide news yesterday. The 32-year-old mother of 4 was 30 weeks pregnant and had no health conditions when she contracted coronavirus. One week later, she passed away. 

Osnat’s family says that as her condition worsened she remained home, because she was afraid to go to the hospital. This is understandable, as the corona wards are known to be a very unpleasant place, especially for a woman in her third trimester. Tragically, however, arriving at the hospital earlier could have saved her life.

This serves as a powerful reminder to all, including those with no pre-existing health conditions, that if they experience difficulty breathing while fighting COVID they should ask their doctor if they should go to the hospital.

Osnat’s husband Rabbi Yehuda Benshitrit is now left to raise 4 small children without their mother. An emergency fund has been opened to help the young father support his family alone, a feat which likely seems impossible from his current perspective of devastating grief. Though no amount of financial help will ease their pain, donations will allow them to take the space they need to process this tragedy.



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There are 13 Comments to "Readers Continue To Learn Tough Lessons From Benshitrit Tragedy"

  • Important details says:

    If someone has low oxygen, there are many ways to treat it without going to the hospital. Call Somech or Save a life or Chasdei Amram in EY. Some hospitals have good protocols for covid, others are TERRIBLE.

  • vaccine says:

    Unfortunately, I heard she took the first vaccine and got covid (which is not uncommon). After the vaccine, the standard treatments for covid do not work as well. Pregnant woman should not take the vaccine as it has not been tested on pregnant woman. Safe options for pregnant woman include HCQ, vitamins, neprinol(an enzyme) and nebulizing solutions, etc. Very important to check oxygen levels and get the RIGHT help. Not all doctors and hospitals can treat covid correctly.

  • Shmulka says:

    To ID & Vaccine,
    So go to good hospitals. If you can have a PCP come to your house – even better.
    Some therapies work, others don’t.
    Don’t think you know better than people who practice Medicine!

  • Anonymous says:

    Please do as follows if you have symptoms (yes it often includes cold-like symptoms):

    Get tested sooner than later. Knowledge is power.

    Call 828-4-Plasma – this is a small group of dedicated ppl volunteering tirelessly for pikuach nefesh. They have sent many many ppl to the hospital and outpatient options for monoclonal antibody treatment, plasma when needed and advocating.

    If you are pregnant do not take chances. Call and ask your questions. I know personally of a few cases they were able to move mountains when we thought there was no way it would happen.

    Be are not everyone is eligible, but worth trying. It’s a safe form of hishtadlus that’s proven to work, and Hashem should watch over and provide the refuah.

    Regarding vaccines, get your facts from medical experts and trust the gedolei yisroel, not things you read online.

  • Lesson says:

    The lesson we need to learn is teshuva and tefillah. This is a terrible tragedy. The family should have a nechama.

  • Shmulka says:

    To ID – You have no idea.
    This country is now controlled by the Gov. I don’t blame any PCP, they are scared & want to keep their jobs. We live in Very Scary Times!

  • Comment says:

    To vaccine
    I actually read an interview with her husband and he said she was hesitant nervous to take the shot at first, but was going to go get it. But he got the first vaccine and he got corona and she caught it from him.
    Everyone should ask their own Rav and Dr many should take it as it saves lives!

  • Marc says:

    To “Vaccine”
    According to the deceased woman’s husband, HE received his first shot, while already having been infected. His late wife was SCHEDULED to get hers, but being already infected became ineligible. She became ill and passed away, without getting close to the vaccine.
    So much for your reliance sources.
    Before posting false information, which could prevent even a single pregnant from getting vaccinated, thereby endangering hers or her unborn child’s life, you should thoroughly check your facts, then check them again.
    As for the remedies that you list, while they may lessen the severity of illness in some people, and prevent dying from Covid, they do NOT work for everyone, even according to their greatest promoters. Getting a basic medical education would help you with discerning facts from wishful thinking.

  • comment says:

    It does not make is difference if she did or did not get the vaccine. The vaccine cannot cause someone to get corona. If someone got the vaccine and then got corona, it is because they had it already, but was just not showing symptoms yet.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeshivaworld said that the husband said he got the first dose of vaccine and THEN contracted the virus, which then his wife got.

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