Found on a Hatozlah member’s car in Lakewood


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There are 22 Comments to "Found on a Hatozlah member’s car in Lakewood"

  • Abc says:

    Why was he sitting in his driver’s seat? He drove his car? Sounds like doing a bad deed to do a good deed… Not impressed

    • tzaddik says:

      He is a Tzaddik metzudak. I hate when people always need to minimize another person’s tzidkus. Luz Up! Let YIDDEN BE GOOD!

  • Yosef d. says:

    I’m jealous of the kiddush hashem you’ve made. You just inspired me to a whole new level. Chazak!

  • CG says:

    Nice deed, Sounds like curious george.

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    He should’ve asked permission to drive his car 1st before performing the misva.

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    He should’ve asked permission 1st before driving off.

  • S. says:

    Hey critics, stop looking for problems or issues with any good deed that someone does.
    An action like this is a true caring Kiddush Hashem!
    Shame on yous for the bashing!

  • Menachem says:

    Not a normal thing to drive somebody else’s car

  • DAVE THE RAVE says:

    I just dont get it! u drive someones car to get gas? U have permission?? what if he comes out and looks for it? what if you get into accident? Y not just leave $20 on seat with note?? y is this such an act of chessed and heroism and not down right Gneivah?? Oh….Lets be positive and Dan Lkaf Zchus….

  • Amazing and thoughtful! says:

    He went to turn off the car. In order to do that he sat in the drivers seat and noticed the gas gauge….

    I don’t know this to be the case, but can easily see how this would have happened. We can think of positive reasons or negativity for everything. Why is the automatic thought process that he did a bad thing??? Let’s be dan l’kaf zchus and help bring moshiach.

  • Sam says:

    A little creepy to be honest.
    Also isn’t this gezailah?
    A better approach would have been to leave $50 in the car.
    I hope this doesn’t inspire copy cats.

  • psak says:

    Nice! In the future fill some jerry cans and fill his tank:)

  • old time Branovicher says:

    in branovich we didn’t publicize acts we did

  • jjlkwd says:

    what if he would need some more equipment from his car ?
    why did he write the note in a childs handwriting, are we to think a kid drove off to the gas station ? idea is a great one, but carrying it out needs work.

  • Bob says:

    Why would you leave your keys in the car not the smartest thing to do .

  • Falafel says:

    Wow! I think this was a real thoughtful act. Someone took a chunk of their time to do a kindness, it’s beautiful!

  • Thinker says:

    Some people are pointing out he should not have driven the car. Others are unhappy that people are being negative.

    Both giving someone gas and also not borrowing without permission are good deeds. However Halacha clearly states that one cannot borrow without permission even for the benefit of the lender. So when the good act of filling the tank is weighed against not borrowing without permission, it is better not to borrow without permission. It doesn’t make the borrower info a bad person: he merely didn’t understand the priorities in Halacha when these two good actions come into conflict.

    In addition, it is fine to point out gently that he should not have borrowed without permission. We cannot, as yidden, celebrate actions that are well intended when they go against Halacha. So we should be happy he intended to do a good thing, and remind ourselves that we must learn to know what the priorities are in Halacha.

  • cool masmid says:

    Curious as to whose pen and paper did this person use to write this thoughtful letter. Was that also used without permission?
    Bottom line, there’s no real article written other than the letter but it would seem from what happened that although it was well intended act of kindness still it was the wrong thing to do…

  • In the know says:

    So now that you all finished ranting I’ll tell u what happened There was a hatzolah call And the patient was taken away by ambulance the responder left his vehicle park at a location where it can get damaged Or cause A accident so when the Ambulance left This gentlemen took it upon himself to move the car to a safe location and when he was doing that he noticed that the gas light was on in the car he also noticed that it was a push start Ignition which meant that the keys were not in the car so he took the car to fill it up with gas so that when the Member came back He would have a full tank of gas and wouldn’t have to go And get gas or possibility of the car running out of gas as he left it running at the scene . End of story all party’s are happy the end

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    To: in the know: I could see moving the car off to a safe location out of harms way but driving it any further without the owner’s permission is just plain wrong, even though the good samaritan had the best intentions. How would an accident be explained, LoAlenu?
    Just wondering.
    Thank you for shedding light on what truly happened that day.
    Shabbat Shalom Mevacorach.