Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky following Meron Tragedy: Women and Girls should be Mechazek in Tznius

This morning, Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita was asked what women and girls can do in response to the Meron Tragedy, and the response was, to be Mechazek in Tznius.

For accuracy purposes, we are including the text the way we received it from the source.

רבן של ישראל מרן שר התורה שליט”א נשאל הבוקר ע”י נכדו חביבו הגאון ר’ גדליה הוניגסברג שליט”א במה יתחזקו נשות ובנות ישראל אחר האסון המחריד שהתרחש בליל לג בעומר, רבינו השיב: שיתחזקו בצניעות

On Friday, Hagaon Rav Chaim issued guidance for the men.


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There are 16 Comments to "Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky following Meron Tragedy: Women and Girls should be Mechazek in Tznius"

  • KD says:

    What about men and boys?

    • Leeba W says:

      Obviously men and boys must learn more Torah. Practical preventative measures like allowing the government to run Mount Meron aren’t even a consideration.

      • avraham says:

        I am almost positive that Rabbi Kanievsky meant that in the merit of the Mitzva of Tznius and the Mitzva of learning Torah, those 2 big merits will cause that Hashem will forcefully put common sense into the people that are running the State of Israel and they will do whatever is necessary to make sure that next year Miron will be a super safe place and a healthy place for Lag b’Omer. When it comes to the Rakevet (train) in Jerusalem, they know very well what to do and they are doing it.

  • Moshe Eizenstein says:

    Lechoireh, he meant that of course they should also be mechazek in safety as there was a clear lack of safety that caused this tragedy. But lo mibai kaamar.

  • Not what he said says:

    He was only ASKED about women and girls. So this is really not an accurate headline…

  • Tizaher bigachaltan says:

    One who is mezalzel b’chvod chachamim is likely to contract incurable sickness.
    Ein refuah limakaso

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    To comment number 1: On the highway of life, you need to stay in your own lane. Don’t worry about the men and the boys, just worry about yourself. Kol Tuv. All will be well.

  • Chaim says:

    Moshe, with all due respect, if you are going to chalk something like this up to pure טבע, you really are making a mistake. We don’t know why it happened, but we certainly know that a tragedy like this cannot be chalked up to טבע.

  • Chaya says:

    Outsider, wasn’t it a man who asked R’ Chaim about the women and girls?

  • Yidden says:

    As we all know, tznius does not only apply to the way we dress. I’d like to give a suggestion as to where I see a major improvement is needed and perhaps we can all try to work on. Of course I speak for myself, but I have no doubt that many people would agree with me – both men and women. I’m referring to men and women in the work place. It is imperative that when women and men are at work and conversing with each other – it should be kept strictly to business matters and the conversations should be in a professional manner as appose to the heimish friendly manner. Vehameivin yovin.

    Davening for the geula bimheirah!

  • I'm confused says:

    On friday he said to daven. Why did someone think that strengthening tefilah is only for men? I thought davening was for all jews, men and women alike. Why did they ask again what the women can do? why didn’t they ask what more the men should do?

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    To Chaya. Do you know who KD is? Perhaps you could demystify the KD person. Anyway, just stay in your own lane on the highway of life and not worry too much in general. Worry will do one in a lot faster than disease, LoAlenu. Not to worry, though. Hashem is in charge.

  • duh says:

    we all know that’s a serious issue in several parts of this town!

  • Outsider looking in. says:

    To confused: If the gedolim we’re to tell you that on the highway of life, you need to stay in your own lane, would you listen? Respectfully, though. Don’t worry too much. Let Hashem do the worrying. Okay.

  • BrickByBrick says:

    This chat is extremely leibedig!

    To Outside Looking In – hard to take the idea of staying in one’s lane seriously, when you stepped of your highway life lane to bless us with the idea.

    Overall, the discussion reads a lot like a parody, so well done 👏🏼👏🏼