Letter: Shame on you bus driver

To whom this may concern,

What I witnessed this morning was nothing short of despicable from a school bus driver.

As I’m standing by the bus stop waiting with my child, another school bus pulls up early and three children are running towards the bus putting their masks on. One child was holding a cup and was finishing putting on his mask.

But when he was approximately 10 feet away from the bus, the driver just pulls off and leaves.

About five minutes later, the bus returns on the opposite side of the busy road after picking up some other children. The bus driver stops, but I noticed the bus driver did not put her lights on for this young boy to cross the busy road. I asked her why she’s not putting her lights on, to which she responded something to the effect that she does not know how to do that.

When I refused to allow him to cross the busy street without the bus lights on, I repeatedly told bus driver through her open window to turn on her lights. The bus driver yells from the window that I should cross him. I refused, for the safety of the child and myself. She then just pulled off and left the child there.

I’m absolutely appalled that a bus driver can get away with such behavior. This bus driver needs to be investigated immediately. Drivers like these do not belong transporting our children to and from school.

PS. Attached is a picture of the bus and the child it left behind after refusing to turn on its lights. I hope the company sees this and takes immediate action so that such incidents do not occur again.

Thank you.


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There are 21 Comments to "Letter: Shame on you bus driver"

  • Anonymous says:

    Contact the bus company directly

  • Me says:

    Contact LTSA about this also.

  • Riiiight says:

    To comment number 1. Right, because when was the last time u actually got through to a bus company, never mind getting someone decent on the phone who actually cares. Ty scoop for publicizing these dangerous drivers and for looking out for the safety of our children. It’s time bus companies clean up their staff.

  • Finally says:

    Finally someone standing up for the thousands of children in this town. It’s unacceptable what bus companies here get away with.

  • Rachel says:

    The bus companies don’t care. I contacted them about something really horrendous that occured and the response was ” oh no! you made us lose a bus driver” and the company promptly hung up. with attitudes like that from the top you can understand why the drivers do whatever they want.

  • Yossi says:

    Somehow the chasidish mosdos figured out there own bussing. It might be time for the rest of Lakewood to do that as well

  • Emes says:

    There needs to be a review and safety board for these companies. I feel like there is no oversight and we are dealing without most precious assets. Other mothers on my chat are always posting horror stories about bus drivers but there’s nobody to talk to. At least Tls is sticking up for us. Thank you.

  • Sp says:

    While I understand your concern, the picture you attached does not seem to be a major busy Street and the kid could have made it to the school on the bus if you would have just crossed him ( it doesn’t seem very dangerous).

    • Witness says:

      That is such a silly statement to make. You don’t know the road and can’t tell from the picture which happens to not have another vehicle in it. Vehicles travel above 50 mph down this road. The mother did absolutely the right thing by demanding the bus driver do her job. The bus driver needs to go.

  • Pres. Joe Biden says:

    Look- here’s the child should ever have to miss his or her bus because of an incompetent driver. In the coming months my administration will be looking very seriously at school bus safety and we’ll be making some new proposals. Additionally my hope is we’ll be able to host a White House virtual summit in the near future to see how we can better get our seniors to and from their doctor appointments without them having to miss their appointment because of…. because of.. excuse me our children getting to and from school safely without them missing school because of some incompetent driver…Thank you.

  • Mordekhai says:

    1. Bus driver don’t use flashing light sometimes
    2. Kids are always standing up on bus or putting their head outside the windows.
    3. Bus driver should use headlight all the times.
    4. Bus Driver are responsible to make sure kids aren’t hurting one another.
    5. Bus drivers should respect Traffic Safety..

    • yosef says:

      #4 Is NOT the driver’s responsibility, as a matter of fact it might compromise safe driving.
      Perhaps, if such need is necessary please consider (live, actual, human) bus monitors.

  • Name Names says:

    Name the driver. Nothing will change otherwise. The bus companies get away with murder.

  • Know the facts says:

    @lakewood scoop. Verify stories before you post them, otherwise you are oyver on many sins. You can’t post hearsay, especially if it will affect another yid.

  • Time to step up says:

    On the same note, my kid’s bus driver wouldn’t take them to school because their masks wasn’t tight enough on their face WHILE THE BUS DRIVER HIMSELF WASN’T WEARING A MASK!

    How can we trust these bus drivers to take our precious kids to school when they’re such Antisemites?

    I 100% agree with Yossi that somehow only the Chassidishe mosdos can figure out their private bus system while the rest of the Mosdos are totally helpless!

    What a shame!

  • Not affiliated with Jays says:

    My dealings with Jays bus company have been positive. When there was an issue with a driver they removed him immediately. When my son was injured on a bus they reimbursed my medical fees.

    • Leah says:

      My daughter has the same driver from Jays for many years. She is caring and responsible. It’s tough being a bus driver and managing lots of children. A trained teacher may have it hard managing a class with 25 children, and here we expect a bus driver to manage double that. If I ever had a problem, such as my daughter left a glove on the bus, I easily reached the company and told me how to access it.

  • Nothing to be done says:

    This is my sons bus. There’s nothing that can be done at this point because if the schools complain then the bus companies drop the run. And if the bus companies criticize the drivers the drivers will just leave and go on unemployment. This is America we’re living in

    • Truth says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. The industry runs on contracts. I company can not just “Drop a run” Get educated before you start speaking libel.

  • Sad says:

    Well we had a very caring jewish bus driver from a jewish company and mothers complained about stupidity and now were busless…… go figure! Noone is ever happy! Sad world we live in. Shame on these horrible obnoxious rude bus drfvers