CDC to Ocean County: Mask Up!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revised their mask guidance, saying that Americans – even vaccinated ones – in areas with relatively high transmission rates of Covid-19 should wear masks in indoor spaces.

The new guidance applies to roughly 60% of counties in the US, including 8 of New Jersey’s 21 counties. Ocean County, with more than 50 new cases per 100,000 residents in the past week, is included in the new CDC guidance.

Governor Murphy on Wednesday said he “strongly recommends” both vaccinated and unvaccinated New Jerseyans to don masks when indoors, but has declined to officially change the state’s rules pertaining to Covid-19.

“We have crushed this virus repeatedly like no other state in the nation, and we are proud to boast among the country’s highest vaccination rates,” Murphy said in a joint statement with State Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli. “But at this point, given where our metrics are now, we feel the best course of action is to strongly encourage every New Jerseyan, and every visitor to our state, to take personal responsibility and mask up indoors when prudent.”

The governor also urged more people to get vaccinated. In Ocean County, approximately 55% of adults are fully vaccinated, in contrast with the state’s overall vaccination rate, which is near 70%.

Justin Amash, a former conservative Congressman, expressed his displeasure at the CDC’s new guidance, saying it is no more than a ploy to get unvaccinated people to wear masks by forcing everyone to wear masks.

“The White House and CDC should be honest with us. What they really want is for unvaccinated people to mask up, but since they don’t trust them to act voluntarily, they’re demanding that everyone mask up so it’s easy to enforce. This approach is untenable,” Amash tweeted. “The new guidance will further disincentivize people from getting vaccinated. It’s immunity from the virus that will it in check; more masks but fewer immunized persons is not a good strategy. Moreover, unless they plan to shut down global travel, masking would be indefinite.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said the CDC is not flip-flopping on its guidance, but rather the virus has changed, forcing the CDC to change its recommendations as well.

“Even though two months ago the CDC came out with the recommendation that individuals who are vaccinated do not need to wear masks indoors or outdoors, something has changed. What has changed is the virus. The CDC hasn’t changed. The CDC hasn’t really flipped-flopped,” Fauci said in an interview. “What’s happened is that when that earlier recommendation was made dealing predominantly with the Alpha variant … it would be extremely unlikely that a vaccinated person who happened to get infected … that they would transmit.”

However, with the new Delta variant, which Fauci says is far more transmissible, even vaccinated people can spread it.

The CDC is expected to release data on Friday showing that the viral load with the Delta variant is 1000 times greater than with the original Covid-19 strain, and that vaccinated individuals do indeed spread the virus even if they are not affected by it themselves.

The White House is also reportedly urging states to offer financial incentives to people to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, as the United States struggles to achieve herd immunity against the virus. According to many experts, herd immunity is unlikely to ever be reached, and the virus will become endemic, similar to the seasonal flu, with yearly vaccines needed to keep individuals from becoming infected.



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There are 10 Comments to "CDC to Ocean County: Mask Up!"

  • Askan4trouble says:

    Can someone explain why they want you to mask – originally it was to flatten the curve so the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed – Which was very understandable. Then it changed to slow the spread or stop the spread with reasons such as “with more time we can better treat the virus” or “with time we will develop a vaccine”. Or the unrealistic approach that the mask will actually stop the virus.. The fact is we developed a vaccine which isn’t exactly working on the New delta strain. And by the time we come out with another vaccine another strain can come out.. we are definitely treating this virus with better understanding so why exactly should mask up? Are the hospitals getting to the tipping point? The CDC just has guidance “higher areas of transmission should mask up” – but why? It’s not stopping this virus maybe slowing it down for what??

    • @ Askan4trouble says:

      What’s so hard to understand? The CDC wants people to mask to stop the spread so one’s grand father or aunt doesn’t die C”V. We do NOT ask for trouble!

    • write a comment says:

      Who ever said that masks were to flatten the curve? That is just a misrepresentation. They said the shutdown was to flatten the curve.

      The masks are to prevent mass infection. They work, if people use them consistently. The problem in Lakewood is, even those who did wear masks, constantly pulled them down when they were talking to others and when they felt uncomfortable. So they didn’t really wear them when they needed to. If we understand that consistent mask wearing actually works, and we have the mentchlichkeit to care about others, we will not become a hotspot in the next wave. If we act selfish and ignore medical advice, things might be different.

  • confused says:

    Disclaimer: I am not an anti-vaxxer AT ALL.
    I’m just confused… Why should I get a vaccine if I am likely to need a booster shot every 6 months, AND I can still possibly transmit the virus, especially with this new Delta variant? Am I missing something important??

  • Nonsense says:

    The reason everyone should mask up is the simple fact that those who are vaccinated have that 5% chance in getting covid. And who you might say is spreading covid those who are not vaccinated and not wearing a mask , and you know for sure that everyone you in counter at the store one don’t have antibodies and two not vaccinated. Also, u are not required to show proof to places you enter that u r indeed vaccinated. So lets stop moaning and groaning and wear a mask.

  • Moe says:

    Pretty understandable.
    The CDC screwed up by easing restrictions on vaccinated people. In effect, it opened up for everyone. This led to an immediate drop in vaccinations because there was no longer an incentive.

    By requiring masks again, they are hoping to get more people to vaccinate, which in turn will lower the number of new cases.

  • My Dilemma says:

    With the new mask guidance in place, I need to go out and buy some masks. The problem is how do I convince the mask retailers to let me in to their stores without a mask, so I can purchase some masks from them? it’s a catch-22 situation. Please advise me on this one promptly; I urgently must go to the store today to buy some kishka for the family, and snacks for the kids. Thanx.

  • Sick and tired says:

    The vaccine is not a cure. It will help lessen your symptoms, hence lessening your chance of hospitalization and possible death. You can still get COVID being vaccinated but a less extreme case is what you will have to endure. As of right now boosters aren’t recommended for everyone and it might be recommended after a year or so. Possibly. The ignorance of most people is beyond me. Your lack of understand or being mind f*c*ed by other ignorant people is amazing. Not everything in the world is political and big brother. It’s not a tracker it can potentially save your life and hopefully your loved ones.
    So yes when they relaxed the guidelines they hoped most people would be responsible enough to do the right thing but now it is considered a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And since so many people lie and deceive others or just are so selfish they don’t care about others now they want everyone to use the proper precautions and mask up. Stop being selfish, stop being ignorant and let’s help put an end to this.

  • A yid says:

    I always hated masks. But I wore them. Now when more people are dying from car crashes and heatstroke than covid, and about the same amount of people getting into a car are getting covid, its time to let me live my life. Go take a long run off a short bridge and leave me alone.
    I am not endangering anyone. If you want to be safe, YOU wear a mask or get vaccinated. Leave me alone you animals!!!

    • write a comment says:

      Your rant makes absolutely no sense.
      First, what do car crashes have to do with anything? Why shouldn’t people be saved from covid because there is also heatstroke in the world? What does one thing have to do with another?

      Then you whine about people leaving you alone. If you stay home and don’t interact with others, you can ask people to leave you alone. But YOU are going to stores, Shul, simchos and other public venues. The public should be allowed to govern the public spaces.
      And your claim that you are not endangering anyone is nice, but untrue. The data is clear that the more unvaccinated people there are, the greater the danger for everyone. So you may call us ‘animals’, the facts don’t change, they don’t care about your feelings.