FIRST REPORT: Gov Murphy to Visit Lakewood this Week

Governor Phil Murphy will be in Lakewood this week ahead of the November election, as he reaches out to the large Lakewood voter base that will play a crucial role in his reelection prospects.

The governor’s visit to Lakewood will come just days after his wife, First Lady Tammy Murphy, was in Lakewood Sunday morning to celebrate the grand opening of Tru Birth Center.

The governor, as well as his Republican challenger, Jack Ciattarelli, have put Lakewood at the forefront of their campaign efforts, as they each seek to gain the trust of Lakewood’s residents ahead of the November 2nd election.

The exact itinerary of the governor’s visit to Lakewood, obtained by TLS, is being kept under wraps for the time being for security reasons.


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There are 18 Comments to "FIRST REPORT: Gov Murphy to Visit Lakewood this Week"

  • David says:

    “if … tax is your issue, either a family or business … we in New Jersey are probably not your state.”

    — Phil Murphy

  • Sol says:

    When Governor Murphy comes to Lakewood, we should ask him what he accomplished for Lakewood residents as governor (other than being better than Cuomo on COVID restrictions).

    Murphy is campaigning on his record for legalizing marijuana, raising taxes, and promoting toeiva (claiming that we have a white privilege – not because we’re an am hanivchar).

  • Rina says:

    “If taxes are your issue… then he’s not your governor”

    slight paraphrasing there…

    But he’s also not your governor if kids, education, morality, rights or freedoms are your issues.

  • yossi says:


  • ready for this says:

    A vote for any Democrat will be a vote for Socialist Government and full Government control of our lives

    Think twice how you vote

  • Just Me says:

    Ditto to #1 & #2. All democrats must be voted out of every level of government. Period. Let’s not get distracted by this or that program that he throws to Lakewood as a bone. They are evil and must ALL be thrown out of business!!!!

  • Scoop poster says:

    I’m not a single issue voter and taxes aren’t my issue. There are far more important issues than taxes. But if taxes were my issue, then what I’d want are more taxes on the millionaires hoarding wealth in New Jersey so that we can pay for schools, families, and these great insurance subsidies this past year.

  • Yungerman says:

    It’s not that he was better than Coumo. The fact is that the prevailing attitude in those dark and crazy days was to not reopen schools shuls and halls. And he fought for us. And if we can’t repay him why would anyone have our backs like that again.

  • Mark says:

    @scoop poster

    I did a double take when I read your post and I have to read it again to make sure I understood you right.

    What insurance subsidies are you talking about? Are you in dreamland? Health insurance costs went through the roof this year! There’s literally NOTHING cheap in this state anymore. It was gas for a while, and that’s gone now with the new taxes.

    Health insurance, property tax, income tax, gas tax… you name it, New Jersey is the highest on every list!

    Oh phew, marijuana will now be legal (so the state can tax that too). Phew.

    Again I ask you- are you dreaming? Or are you on welfare yourself and want more?

  • Yochy says:

    This is the most important vote so far in my life time, and please let me explain why.

    If a Democrat wins and I am not talking about Governor Murphy, I am just speaking about the Democrats now, we are done.

    This is what will get affected.

    Yeshivas and girls schools will be told what they have to teach, or else there will be no funding for them. And believe me, not one Yeshiva or girls school will teach it.

    There will be no such thing as A
    Man being a Man.
    A Woman being a Woman.
    All business will have to let, yes I said let Men use the Woman’s bathroom and the other way around, if not they will be able to file a lawsuit against you.

    I can go on and on, but I think that you get the picture.

    I know that HASHEM RUNS THE WORLD, but we have to do ours.

  • Brook says:

    To scoop poster
    Increasing the taxes on the millionaires just pushes the millionaires of the state. They will just take their business and move it to a state with lower taxes. It doesn’t work.

  • me says:

    I’ll vote for my morals which are the antithesis of what this guy espouses.
    Abortion-“Choice” to kill a baby, but no choice to take a questionable vaccine
    Killing old people in nursing homes
    More Covid restrictions, masks, school closures (it will likely resurface this winter with flu season)
    no school choice
    Keep your redistribution money – G-d has better ways to provide for us.

    BTW- his ad about being a “blind Republican” was quite offensive. Kinda reminded me of his knucklehead comment

  • No tomurphy says:

    He dosnt care about the middle class one bit. He claims he gave a 500$ stimuls to middle class anyone making 150or less…. A family with six kids living in this state making 155 is NOT MIDDLE CLASS MURPHY.

  • bags says:

    Do you want plastic bags banned??

  • Lakewood voter says:

    Let’s remember- many of us voted him in. That’s first point.

    Let’s also recognize that whomever we vote in we are going to scrutinize and point out their faults, as such is human nature.

    Let’s also recognize that he really keeps a connection with our community and stands up against anything against us.

    We can all vote for whomever we feel best. But let’s remember hakaras hatov for what he does do for us either way and be respectful yidden when he comes to visit.

  • Yaakov says:

    There are those that may feel indebted to Murphy allowing the yeshivas to be open.

    Hakaras hatov is important.

    BUT, when he comes to Lakewood this week, he must be asked to agree to promise not to impose the vaccine mandate in private schools in Lakewood, for both students and teachers.

    If he agrees, and some people (including possibly me) want to vote for him, so be it.

    But, if he tries to wiggle his way out of the question, then he should be kindly explained, that while hakaras hatov may be important, our children’s education comes first.

    This question must be presented to him, and he must answer it in the clearest terms. Anything but a clear answer, will force a vote for his opponent.

  • George S. Patton says:

    We all know that Murphy’s visit is planned and co-ordinated by the Vaad, BMG, and the Agudah. Did you see their advertisements? Murphy is their “chaver”.

    Some “chaver”: A financially-bankrupt state, despite higher and higher taxes every year. The highest property taxes in the US. Pro-abortion. Mandating the teaching of same-sex relationships in New Jersey public schools. More and more COVID-19 restrictions. Providing NJ driver licenses to undocumented, illegal, immigrants.

    Yes, Murphy is their “chaver”. He is “good for the community”.

    Sure. Good for the Yeshiva community. But terrible for the hard-working, Torah-true residents of New Jersey.

  • YB says:


    That was a favor in return for our votes in the past, no need to continue giving back. Besides, if it were a Republican, we wouldn’t have needed the “favor” to start with.

    He is only slightly better than Cuomo, but still very far from a good option.