WATCH LIVE: Trump ‘Keep America Great’ Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey


HIGHLIGHTS: At the The Trump Rally in Wildwood


Few Hours Left to Win the Early Bird Raffle: A 2020 Toyota Highlander!


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Is This Bridgegate 2.0? | Aaron Neuman

In 2013, members of then-Governor Chris Christie’s administration conspired to have lanes on the George Washington Bridge closed as political retribution Read more ›

Senator Singer Hosts Economic Development Meeting with Orthodox Jewish Chamber, Ocean & Monmouth Officials (PHOTOS)

Today, the 30th Legislative District held an economic development meeting with Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Read more ›

The Ultimate Yissachar – Zevulun Deal: Entire Shas, Rashi; Tosfos In Just One Year!


New Bill Would Allow EMTs to Receive NJ Certification if Previously Certified in Certain Other States

In an effort to help address the increasing shortage of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in New Jersey, Read more ›

Tonight: Sheva Brochos in Lakewood for the Daughter of the Kruela Rebbe

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Trump Unveils Israel-Palestinian Peace Plan

At a Tuesday meeting at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump unveiled his plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Read more ›

The Shadchanim’s tzedakah

[COMMUNICATED] Seven years ago, a group of Lakewood’s Shadchanim, Meir Levi, Shloime Lewenstein, and Tzodek Katz, came together to form a unique organization which would serve a particular need. Read more ›

TAKE NOTICE: Broadway and Argyle Ave is now a 3-way stop

A Community in Tatters, Bravely Pushing Forward

[COMMUNICATED] The horrific tragedy which took place last month in Greenville, NJ, has left behind a devastated community who is struggling to pick up the pieces. In one senseless act of hatred, two souls were so brutally ripped away from this world. The traumatic episode and the proximity to the innocent children have affected young and old alike. Read more ›

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Delivers Joint Remarks with the Prime Minister of the State of Israel

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Manchester Township Preparing to Implement a Paid EMS Service

From the Desk of Mayor Kenneth T. Palmer.

Volunteerism across the country is dwindling in numbers and its effects are being felt in Manchester like never before. Read more ›

Eisemann Update: Defense Files Final Appeal Brief; Massive Fundraising Campaign Underway

Rabbi Osher Eisemann’s lawyers filed their second and final appeal brief last week, in which they point out why the case against him was Read more ›

Wednesday at CHEMED: Join the 2020 Census Team

[COMMUNICATED] You will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of the Census, available job opportunities, and to apply in person. Read more ›

VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Thousands line up ahead of Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey [UPDATED]

[SEE LIVE UPDATES ON STATUS] As earlier reported, over 100,000 were hoping to attend this rally – but only 7,400 will actually get in. Read more ›

Kaliver Rebbe of Eretz Yisrael shlit”a to Visit Lakewood

[COMMUNICATED] New Jersey residents were delighted to receive news of the Kaliver Rebbe shlit”a of Eretz Yisrael’s visit to Lakewood. Read more ›

Snapchat post leads to arrest of man in Lakewood on Narcotics, Weapons, and Cyber Harrassment charges

A post on Snapchat lead police right to the vehicle of an alleged drug dealer. Read more ›

Poll: Will you be attending a Super Bowl party?

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