Ocean County Deputy Fire Marshall John Pasola issues apology for hateful comments against Lakewood

Ocean County Deputy Fire Marshall John Pasola who earlier this year made hateful comments against the Lakewood community, has issued an apology. Read more ›

BREAKING: Biden Selects Senator Kamala Harris As His Running Mate

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden announced that he is picking Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate.  Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood Bachurim in Arizona change random motorist’s tire

(TLS-31) Read more ›

Do you want to know what your Olam Haba will be like?

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Back In Stock at Friendly Urgent Care!

Maran Sar Hatorah Nasi: The Best Yissachar-Zevulun Pact of Our Generation Is At Shas Yiden

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PHOTOS: The Lakewood School District prepares for in-person instruction education

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VIDEO: R’ Nechemia Ort’s song in honor of Siyum on Meseches Shabbos

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Monmouth, Ocean Freeholders Call For Jersey Shore Representation On The State Board Of Public Utilities

Ocean County is joining with its neighbor to the north, Monmouth County, in petitioning the state to provide representation from the Monmouth/Ocean area on the state Board of Public Utilities. Read more ›

Highest Marks for the LPD | Ron Benvenisti

In this time of news headlines screaming Defund the Police, Police stations are attacked and burned, officers are ambushed and even murdered, patrol cars are vandalized and burned, even while occupied by officers. Read more ›

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Why Is Maseches Eruvin different? Why are so many people hesitant about learning the Masechta and ultimately drop off the daily Daf?

Well, the primary reason is, the new and sometimes foreign concepts that are introduced are challenging especially when studying at a fast pace. Well designed visuals and most importantly a good Magid Shiur will certainly alleviate some of the confusion.

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Updated Quarantine Advisory Issued for Individuals Traveling to New Jersey, Bringing New Total to 33 States and Territories

Governor Phil Murphy today advised individuals traveling to New Jersey from states or territories with significant community spread of COVID-19 to quarantine for a 14-day period from the time of last contact within the identified state or territory. Read more ›

JUST IN: Authorities investigating apparent suicide on train tracks in Lakewood

Authorities are investigating what appears to be a suicide along train tracks in Lakewood. Read more ›

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ICYMI: A clear visual introduction to Eiruvin By Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Friedman and Rabbi Shloime Schwartzberg of Daf Hachaim

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VIDEO: Shwekey sings song prepared for President Trump’s Long Branch visit

The song, rehearsed at Camp Teumim, was to be sung at the Trump fundraiser in Long Branch, but was nixed due to scheduling issues. Read more ›

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“BINA taps into every possible resource to assist brain injury survivors and their families” Watch more here.

Any family who has faced the overwhelming trauma of brain injury understands the upheaval that it causes.

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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Mega event in honor of Daf By Sruly’s Siyum on Meseches Shabbos; Musical performance by Rivie Schwebel and Sons

A mega Siyum was held last night in Monsey in honor of Reb Sruly Bornstein’s Daf Yomi Shiur, Daf By Sruly. Read more ›

WATCH LIVE: Levaya of the Sadigura Rebbe Zatzal

Watch the live stream below. Read more ›

Submitted: Should We Worry About His Bein Adam L’Chaveiro?

My oldest daughter is currently dating a “top” guy who learned in prestigious yeshivos. Read more ›

Daf Yomi begins Eruvin; List of Daf Yomi Shiurim in the Lakewood area

See the list below. Read more ›

URGENT: Family of 9 at risk of losing their home due to foreclosure


Dear Friends,

I’m writing this letter to you with much pain and embarrassment. My name is Moshe B., a long time Brooklyn, NY resident.


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