NJ Human Services Announces Availability of Up to $20 Million in Health and Safety Grants for Child Care Centers and Youth Camps

New Jersey Human Services Commissioner Carole Johnson announced the immediate availability of up to $20 million in grants to assist child care centers and youth camps in meeting health and safety guidelines in response to COVID-19. Read more ›

WATCH LIVE: Space-X docks at International Space Station

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NJ Homeland Security Warns Of Extremists Using Covid-19 To Push Agendas

As states remain closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the New Jersey Office of the Department of Homeland Security is warning that far-right extremists are using anti-lockdown protests and rallies as platforms to push their agendas.  Read more ›

This Video is Not for the Faint of Heart – Will You Help?

[COMMUNICATED] We are grief-stricken with this immeasurable tragedy.

Mrs. Baila Rivka Mertzbach nee Uhr a”h Read more ›

This Video is Not for the Faint of Heart – Will You Help?


We are grief-stricken with this immeasurable tragedy.

Mrs. Baila Rivka Mertzbach nee Uhr a”h

A young mother from Monsey, with no prior medical conditions, has tragically succumbed to the coronavirus. Read more ›

VIDEO: Chai Lifeline Presents Heroes Among Us #4 by Rabbi Mordechai Gobioff, National Director of Client Services

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2PM: Live hookup Shiur from Rav Gamliel Rabinowitz (In Yiddish)

Have a job position available (even temporarily)? Many local residents out of work

Have a job to offer, even temporarily? Many local residents have lost their Parnassah due to the coronavirus crisis. Read more ›

Multiple residents in assisted living facility in Lakewood test positive for Covid-19

Multiple elderly patients in an assisted living facility in Lakewood tested positive for Covid-19 over Yom Tov, TLS has learned. Read more ›

VIDEO: The Space-X liftoff

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Sunday: First-Ever Live Drive-In Game Show in Lakewood

New Jersey Launching Rental Assistance Program

Governor Murphy announced that a $100 million fund is being set up to temporarily help low- and moderate-income households who have financially suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic pay their housing bills. Read more ›

OCPO Statement On Death Of George Floyd

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office released the following message in response to the death of a black man while in police custody that has resulted in protests across the nation: Read more ›

BREAKING: Governor Murphy Announces Opening Dates For Daycares, Camps, Easing Of Indoor Gatherings Restrictions

Governor Murphy announced that childcare services can resume June 15th. Read more ›

Lakewood police officer okay after being struck by suspect’s rolling vehicle [PHOTOS]

A Lakewood police officer was hospitalized this afternoon after being struck by a suspect’s rolling vehicle. Read more ›

Wishing you a Chag Sameach!

VIDEO: Making this the best Shavuos ever | Rabbi Shlomo Landau, Torah Links, Middlesex

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The Jewish Home of Freehold Proudly Cares for Members of The Lakewood Community with Dedicated Covid Wing Outfitted with 60 Private Suites

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Empathy and Acquiring Torah | By Rav Aharon Kotler Zt”l, Translated by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

On Shavuos, we acquire the Torah itself. One of the 48 ways listed in which we can acquire Torah is through the notion of Noseh b’ol Chaveiro. It is not only the time for acquiring Torah, but we are still in the middle of the Corona Pandemic, Read more ›

Keeping the Momentum of The Siyum Going- Rewatch V’Nismach Now!

No one can forget The Siyum.

Though it took place in a very different pre-Corona era, its voices and spirit reverberate even throughout its stormy aftermath.

100,000 Jews gathering together is something that’s hard to imagine now- but we can relive the echoes of that resounding unity.

What we now lack in physical proximity, we compensate with the greatest uniting force of every Jew: Ki Heim Chayeinu.

Day by quarantined day, our learning keeps our focus from flagging even in these unthinkable times.

In time for Kabbalas Hatorah, relive the magic of the Siyum! Rewatch V’Nismach Now!

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AUDIO: Reb Dovid Lowenthal, Rosh Kollel U’vilechtecha B’derech: How to enrich our homes with true Simchas Yom Tov during these turbulent times

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Daf Yomi in Quarantine; All Daf providing the ability to connect to the Daf in any setting

[COMMUNICATED] Are you one of the 33k who’ve downloaded the All Daf App? Are you one of thousands who browse for the Daf Yomi Shiurim and all the supplemental material available? Read more ›