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Lakewood police officer okay after being struck by suspect’s rolling vehicle [PHOTOS]

A Lakewood police officer was hospitalized this afternoon after being struck by a suspect’s rolling vehicle. Read more ›

VIDEO: Making this the best Shavuos ever | Rabbi Shlomo Landau, Torah Links, Middlesex

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Final Call: Will Every Family in Need Get Food From Tomchei Shabbos?


There are only two days left until Shavuos, yet over 1,000 local families cannot afford food. They are relying on Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood to be able to set the table and feed their children. Read more ›

The Jewish Home of Freehold Proudly Cares for Members of The Lakewood Community with Dedicated Covid Wing Outfitted with 60 Private Suites

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Empathy and Acquiring Torah | By Rav Aharon Kotler Zt”l, Translated by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

On Shavuos, we acquire the Torah itself. One of the 48 ways listed in which we can acquire Torah is through the notion of Noseh b’ol Chaveiro. It is not only the time for acquiring Torah, but we are still in the middle of the Corona Pandemic, Read more ›

Keeping the Momentum of The Siyum Going- Rewatch V’Nismach Now!

No one can forget The Siyum.

Though it took place in a very different pre-Corona era, its voices and spirit reverberate even throughout its stormy aftermath.

100,000 Jews gathering together is something that’s hard to imagine now- but we can relive the echoes of that resounding unity.

What we now lack in physical proximity, we compensate with the greatest uniting force of every Jew: Ki Heim Chayeinu.

Day by quarantined day, our learning keeps our focus from flagging even in these unthinkable times.

In time for Kabbalas Hatorah, relive the magic of the Siyum! Rewatch V’Nismach Now!

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AUDIO: Reb Dovid Lowenthal, Rosh Kollel U’vilechtecha B’derech: How to enrich our homes with true Simchas Yom Tov during these turbulent times

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Daf Yomi in Quarantine; All Daf providing the ability to connect to the Daf in any setting

[COMMUNICATED] Are you one of the 33k who’ve downloaded the All Daf App? Are you one of thousands who browse for the Daf Yomi Shiurim and all the supplemental material available? Read more ›

Today marks the Shloshim of Dr. Harvey Hirsch Z”L; On this Erev Shavuos, take part in the writing of a Sefer Torah!

What better time than Erev Shavuos to join the Sefer Torah Campaign in his memory!

The Shavuos Davening & Laining by R’ Dovid Elefant (Download all tracks free!)

This Shavuos, stand before the Amud and Bima with confidence and poise! Read more ›

Notice from the Lakewood Board of Education – Request for Bids

[Public Notice] See the notice below. Read more ›

Important FAQs from the LRRC: Benefits re-certification issue and more

Submitted by the LRRC: Dear Clients,

The social service needs of Lakewood follow specific patterns. For example, Read more ›

Letter: Thank You!

Dear TLS Staff,

As the coronavirus pandemic appears to b”h be winding down, I felt it was incumbent on me to write to “The Scoop” in Read more ›

Notice from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notice] In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, P.L. 1975 c. 231 this is to advise that the Lakewood Board of Education will hold a Special Meeting on Monday, June 1, 2020. Read more ›

Shavuos – The Essential Role of Women At Matan Torah | Rabbi Binyomin Radner

In Parshas Yisro 19:3 it is written, “And Moshe went up to Hashem, and Hashem said to him, “So shall you say to the house of Yaakov and tell the sons of Yisroel.’” Read more ›

Shavuos Zmanim for Lakewood; Eruv Tavshilin Reminder

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Senate Republicans Urge Governor Murphy To Provide A Plan

The 15 members of the state Senate Republican caucus sent a letter to Governor Murphy today, politely but urgently requesting that he make “smart and fair decisions to end the hardships that continue to impact many New Jerseyans.” Read more ›

Reb Yisroel Meir Shapiro’s Nesivos Shalom Shiur on Shavuos: Angelic Behavior

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Watch Live 8:30 PM: Fireside Kumzitz with Simcha Leiner

Join an incredible Livestream Fireside Kumzitz. Read more ›

Watch Live 6:30 PM: V’Nismach Live – Reliving The Siyum

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