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FULL AUDIO: Jackson Council President Rob Nixon’s Resignation Speech

Nixon resigned last night.


Jackson Township Council President Rob Nixon is resigning. Nixon has been at the center

BOMBSHELL: Reina, Nixon Ally Says They Are Anti-Semites (DOCUMENTS) l G. Sonnenfeld

For the past few months, TLS took a deep dive into allegations being made by Agudath Israel of America and Orthodox Jewish residents of Jackson

Racist Jackson Resident in email to Nixon: “Jews Conquer and Destroy” – Nixon enthusiastically thanks her for her email | A. Webley

A newly unearthed racist email sent by a Jackson woman to Council President Nixon speaks of a “disgusting” influx of Jews who she allegedly fears will “destroy” Jackson.

Jackson’s Nixon Deemed Spying on Jews an Emergency | A. Webley

As previously reported on TLS, Jackson’s Council President Rob Nixon wrote and spoke of spying on Jewish residences in Jackson Township on multiple occasions.

BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Explosive Lawsuit filed Against Top Jackson Officials; Alleges Jackson Leaders Reina & Nixon Illegally Conspired to Keep Jews Out | A. Webley

In a stunning expose, a new legal action filed last night, Jackson officials were alleged to have engaged in

Jackson Nixon’s Doublespeak Exposed | A. Webley

As was recently reported on TLS, disturbing audio of Jackson Council President Rob Nixon has recently emerged in which he told a Jackson resident

Do Nixon’s Comments Suggest Something More Nefarious? (AUDIO) | A. Webley

Following our previous article which illustrated Jackson Council President Rob Nixon’s apparent contradiction

Letter to the Editor: If Rob Nixon won’t stand up for NJ, who will?

By Phil Stilton. On Wednesday, March 6th, I attended the SDA monthly board meeting in Trenton after being contacted by several Jackson residents

Is Jackson Council President Rob Nixon Pandering To Anti-Semites? Did He Brazenly and Publicly Lie? (AUDIO) | A. Webley

At a Jackson town council meeting held on February 13 of this year, Council President Rob Nixon refused

Jackson reappoints Ken Bressi as Council President, Rob Nixon as Vice President

“Please Disassociate from bigotry: Fire Nixon now!” An Open Letter to the NJ PBA

To the Honorable Patrick Colligan: As a resident of New Jersey, I have the utmost respect for the PBA and appreciation towards your hard work as its President.

Jackson resident Yossi Schwarz to Councilman Nixon: I can only hope that you have enough decency to step down voluntarily

Jackson resident Yossi Schwarz, who received backlash at a meeting several months ago for telling the council they were

BOMBSHELL: Morose Nixon at War Again – Is it time for Nixon to resign? [DOCUMENTS]

The latest bombshell disclosure from the recent OPRA’s show that Rob Nixon put Jackson Taxpayers on the hook for his bigoted vendetta, according to Jackson Township attorney Cipriani.

MORE OPRA FALLOUT: Morose Nixon in Zealous Hunt to Find Hidden Jews

It got to the point that Jackson Township’s Business Administrator Helene Schlegel, MS, MPP, CPM was begging former Council President Robert A. Nixon

LETTER: Reb Avigdor Miller on Nixon vs McGovern; Does it apply to this election?

[LETTER BELOW] Read Reb Avigdor Miller Zatzal’s comments below on the 1972 Nixon/McGovern election,

Opinion: Reina Should Apologize And Resign | G. Sonnenfeld

With the Jackson Township Council set to repeal discriminatory ordinances that banned yeshivas and dormitories in the Township, let’s not forget who got them into this muck in the first place: Mayor Michael Reina.

BREAKING: Jackson Council President Barry Calogero Expected To Resign; Would Be Second Council President Resignation In 6 Months

Multiple sources tell TLS that Jackson Township Council President Barry Calogero will be submitting his resignation this evening. 

Will Jackson Township be breaking the law tonight? [UPDATED] | G. Sonnenfeld

Reliable sources tell TLS that the Jackson Township Council plans to install a new Councilmember to fill the seat vacated by former Council President Robert Nixon.

SOURCES: Top NJ USDA Official Set To Retaliate Against Jackson Councilman | G. Sonnenfeld

Sources have confirmed to TLS that at tonight’s Jackson Township reorganization meeting, Council President Barry Calogero – a USDA official appointed by President Trump – and his fellow