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PHOTOS: Verizon sets up temporary booster in Lakewood in response to recent service issues


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EXCLUSIVE: Lakewood Township officials meet with Verizon executives as service issues continue to plague the Town, including emergency services [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

After numerous reports on TLS and a significant uptick in customer complaints about Verizon service in the Lakewood vicinity,

Poll: Will you be switching from Verizon Wireless due to the service issues?

Here’s what Verizon has to say about the service issues in Lakewood; UPDATED

So why the sudden bad service in Lakewood?

Having Issues With Verizon? You’re Not Alone

If you’re a Verizon mobile customer and have been experiencing severe service issues for the past few days in Lakewood, you

UPDATE: Verizon about recent issues in Lakewood: Upgrades are coming

Last night, TLS reported about residents’ complaints regarding the Verizon data service In Lakewood.

Verizon Wireless issues statement to TLS regarding Lakewood 3G petition

A spokesman for Verizon Wireless issued the following statement to TLS in response to the petition to maintain their 3G towers.

UPDATE: Verizon Wireless made aware of recent issues in and around Lakewood

In an ongoing effort to resolve the recent decline in Verizon Wireless service for thousands of users in and around Lakewood, TLS has once again

Reader-submitted: Anyone else having issues with Verizon Wireless recently?

I’ve been a customer with Verizon Wireless for many years now, as they apparently had the best service around Lakewood.

GOOD NEWS FOR 3G USERS: Verizon delays shutdown of their 3G network

Flip phone and other 3G network users from Verizon can breath a sigh of relief, at least for the time being. 

Verizon Booster Removed from Clifton Avenue in Lakewood After Complaints

A Verizon service booster placed by Verizon in a parking lot near the corner of 9th Street and Lexington Avenue has been removed due to complaints.

Verizon completes activation of new cell site in Lakewood

Verizon told TLS it has completed the activation of a new cell site in Lakewood.

Verizon Says Significant Upgrades Made in Lakewood; Have You Noticed A Difference? [POLL]

Following numerous TLS reports about subpar Verizon Wireless coverage in the Lakewood area and a petition to Verizon that garnered over 2,000 signatures,

Suffering from Verizon Coverage? Here Are Some Steps You Can Take

A recently created petition demanding that Verizon Wireless upgrade its network coverage in Lakewood has garnered over 1,800 signatures from frustrated customers.

Lakewood Residents Demand Upgrades To Verizon Network; Petition Launched

For months, Lakewood residents have complained of the terrible coverage they have been experiencing on the Verizon Wireless network, including calls not going through, calls dropping, and data often being completely unavailable.

PHOTO: Following TLS reports and complaints, Verizon begins upgrades in Lakewood

Verizon has finally begun upgrades to its towers in Lakewood – in response to numerous complaints from residents, and subsequent reports on TLS.

UPDATE: Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles receives call from Verizon in response to letter

In response to the letter penned to Verizon, Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles tells TLS he received a call from the company.

Having issues with AT&T in Lakewood?

Over the past few days, AT&T cell phone users in Lakewood have been losing calls or unable to make calls due to a drastic drop in service, users have told TLS.

Reader-submitted: Here’s what Verizon told me to do

In regards to a post I’ve seen on The Lakewood Scoop, I have contacted Verizon due to experiencing the same issues and I wanted to share with you the details so it can be made public and perhaps help the community.

Complaints mount regarding Verizon Wireless service in Lakewood (Poll)

Many readers have been complaining recently about the Verizon Wireless service around town.