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  • Rochel Mandel says:

    Lost black cell phone Aristo 4 plus in black fake leather folding case on May 15th. Fell off car near Ridge Ave, E County line rd area. Please call or text if found 845.376.6360 or 602.702.8848.

  • Chanie Lipschutz says:

    Lost a necklace with colorful precious stones on black rope May 10 . Perhaps fell off by South lake , kosher west or elsewhere . If you found it please call

  • Chanie Lipschutz says:

    Lost a necklace on black rope May 10
    South lake , kosher west or elsewhere

  • Ari says:

    Found diamond ring and diamond wedding band

  • Simcha hoch says:

    Found Diamond kallah bracelet on Miller and new central

  • Nifrail says:

    I found a key on lakewood park is for a odissey

  • Found tennis bracelet says:

    Found tennis bracelet in gourmet glatt south parking lot. May 3
    Please call or text 347-404-2004

  • Rivkah Leah says:

    Lost a gold earring in Neemas Hachaim Hall on Monday April,25. if found please call 7185787789

  • faige brecher says:

    lost silver and gold link bracelet, links connected with smaller diamond links. missing for about ten days

  • faige brecher says:

    lost silver and gold link bracelet, links attached with smaller diamond links. .missing for about ten days. call 9179409035

  • Anonymous says:

    Found credit card with the name hendy zelishovsky in hosiery plus on America ave

  • Bonnie says:

    Lost part of drop earrings two small attached stones with surrounding diamonds at Neemas Hachaim on May 1 2022

  • Malky Rieder says:

    Found black wool Cardeliano scarf in my house from when the Zidichov Veretzkia Rebbe was here before Pesach. 732-740-1984 Rieder

  • Zackary Leetch says:

    Black leather missing wallet, it has an ID, social card, and debit card. Debit card has been paused but my name is Zackary Leetch and I’m in the Lakewood/Tacoma area. Contact me if found (360) 451-4728, thank you!

  • Gradstein says:

    many bags of children’s gowns found at 2B Lake Park Blvd. about 6 weeks ago. call:732.552.3598

  • Eli says:

    Found Sidur in Riverwood Park, Toms River. Please contact 609-489-9988

  • D Tischler says:

    Found a Dimond tennis bracelet in Evergreens parking lot on 4/19/22
    Call 732-351-2232

  • D Tischler says:

    FOUND a Dimond tennis bracelet in the parking lot of Evergreen Lakewood on 4/19/22
    Call 732-351-2232

  • Pinchos Schreiber says:

    Found a new yarmulke at Brick beach 1 Wed 4 / 20 at 3:30 pm. Call 732 232 5645 to claim. Leave a message.

  • chaya spitzer says:

    lost diamond bracelet in Crayola factory 4/18 9178482026

  • Israel bouskila says:

    Found money $$$$
    South area of Lakewood call/text with Simanim 3477810908
    April 13 2022

  • GMelcer says:

    Stolen: engagement ring, diamond wedding band, diamond & gold tennis bracelet, gold bangle bracelet.
    Text 732-322-8341

  • Aryeh says:

    Found 2 rings, one engagement ring and one wedding band in a Vaacum of a car cleaner.
    Call 3479776531

  • Aryeh says:

    Engagement ring and wedding band found in a vacuum of a car cleaner
    Call 3479776531

  • Avigail says:

    Found a small pocket size siddur in american dream mall in cotton on kids store on March 24th. Please call or text 848-525-0265 if it is yours

  • LostandFound says:

    Lost diamond bracelet around lakewood today. please call 9177488398

  • lost says:

    lost diamond bracelet today around lakewood. please call 917748398

  • Reuven tillim says:

    Lost Nissan key in hat box cedarbridge text 9176265445

  • Yakov says:

    Found a credit card in westgate

  • Ahron says:

    Lost air pod pros in black case at moadim lasimcha if found please calll/txt 7329080371

  • David says:

    Lost a set of keys in His place Jr ( south) or elemeno, style n trend , peroquet plaza. Possibly fell in the parking lot. If found please call or text (949) 436 8434

  • Shaul Bakst says:

    Found softcover Gemara Shabbos Oz Vehadar in Terminal 1 JFK baggage claim. Thursday, March 31. Name Elimelech Roth on the inside cover.

  • Esty says:

    Lost diamond bracelet gg north plaza on 3/29

  • lost camera says:

    lost black canon camera a few weeks ago. please call or text 848-525-5390 if found

  • lost camera says:

    lost a black canon camera a few weeks ago. please call or text 848-525-5390 if found

  • Esti says:

    Found: Bugaboo left in shopping center parking lot. Please call/text 848 373 5629

  • Rochel Schmuckler says:

    Lost yellow gold / diamond earring on Shabbos March 26 in 14th St / Bais Feiga area. If found please post on Lakewood scoop.

  • Buxbaum says:

    Lost a necklace with a diamond pendant that has a blue gem in the center. Lost about a week and a half ago somewhere around Lakewood. Besides for value, it was very sentimental! Please let us know if you find it!

  • Eli Liss says:

    On Wednesday 3/23/22 a silver/diamond bracelet was found at the Fountain Ballroom parking lot. To claim please call/text: 347-286-3396

  • Rc says:

    Parakeet like House pet found in Toms River on Friday, March 11.

  • Moshe L says:

    I lost a kids green wallet in Purim. it had cash and checks – all the money I collected for Lev Lacvhim.
    If found please leave a message at 732-569-7257
    Tizku Lmitzvos

  • Pin says:

    Last year someone left a Megilah in Rizhin shul.
    To claim it please call Pinchas Schwartz +19176287547

  • Leah Rieder says:

    Found jbl speaker in my house on Purim. Call 7326160771

  • Leah Rieder says:

    Found in my house a portable speaker on purim. Call 7326160771

  • Mrs. K says:

    Lost diamond tennis bracelet on 3-15-22. Please call if found 248-219-7939

  • David S says:

    A wallet was lost, containing drivers license with California address.

    If found please call 201-837-5230 or 201-755-4252

  • Ng says:

    Found gartel on 8th and Lexington tonight.

  • N says:

    lost white gold hanging earring with diamond chips near east fourth. plz text 773.633.0868

  • Y Kaufman says:

    Found: uphat left in my car, possibly after hitch to yeshiva on Cross St.

  • Nachi Botnick says:

    Package possibly dropped off at incorrect address on Park Avenue. Please email me if found at

  • Ipod Touch says:

    Lost iPod Touch 7th generation – gold with clear and pink case
    call or text 828-210-4763

  • Galia Feigenbaum says:

    Lost a rose gold earring with diamonds and red stones by Chemed please call/ text: 862-668-0772 Thank you

  • Galia FeigenbUm says:

    Lost a rose gold earring with diamonds and red stones by Chemed please call/ text: 862-668-0772

  • Kalman Schreiber says:

    Found diamond ring and wedding band ring. Text 732-998-7315

  • Daniel Whitman says:

    Just found pearl stud earring at Uppercrust on E. Kennedy. Call manager @ 732.243.8226

  • MC says:

    Found a passport with the name Yehudah Leib Rubin. Text to 733.598.8893. Found in the Lutzk parking lot.

  • Avraham Gornish says:

    Found Leather or leather look megillah case cover. Found on Purim 2020 right before covid.

    Found glasses on Arlington in front of Out to Lunch
    Wed. Feb 9.


  • Bayla says:

    Lost a Valco double baby stroller grey in color. I believe it was left at the Freehold Mall in the parking lot. It was a gift and I can’t afford any other stroller. Please if you have found it, you can call me at (732)912-3176. Thank you so much. I hope someone found my stroller and will be kind enough to call.

  • Bayla says:

    Valco grey double stroller left at the freehold mall about a week ago approximately end of January or so. Please if you have found it. It was a gift and I can’t afford another one. Thank you so much!

  • Aaron Ausch says:

    Lost a keyring in Lakewood NJ on 2/1/22. Has a Kia, and Nissan key on it. As well as some other keys. If found, please call or text 848-299-2705.
    Thank you.

  • Bpt says:

    Steel watch found in Skulen Mikva.

  • Rivky Herman says:

    Found a girls Appaman jacket in Miami International airport on Monday night February 1, 2022 , at the Spirit Airlines counter. Please call 917-862-3888

  • Exchanged Coat says:

    Switched coat at wedding in Bais Fayga Sunday January 23rd. My coat has a belt and is an extra long with Silbiger label inside. Please call or text 718-610-9781

  • Hadassah cohen says:

    Lost light grey baby hat with a grey pom Pom attached and strings in gourmet Glatt or the parking lot a couple of weeks ago.
    Please call 732-330-8982 if found

  • finder says:

    found Z Berman gift certificate 1/19 in aisle 9 parking lot. please call 732 367 3919

  • Lila Bear says:

    I lost a silver engagement ring somewhere either on Colfax or at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center. It has a dark sapphire and it’s surrounded by small diamonds. I’m so sad, please help!

  • Found Car Keys says:

    Found: Car Keys with Autocorrect Tab for Toyota Minivan.
    Location: The Lake Walking Path by South Lake Drive
    Text: 8485259296

  • LOST AND FOUND says:

    Found a silver watch in village park cabinfield if yours please call 7329019492 a couple times thank you!!

  • Moishe green says:

    Found apple pro airpods in segal square parking lot call 8455584525

  • Leah says:

    LOST an earring on Dec. 14. Diamond and Ruby Stones. Possible areas – Kosher West, Arlington Area, Cream Ice Cream Store, Home Depot.
    If found, please text/call 845-659-8112.

  • Mrs Levy says:

    Found a Shtreimel on Motze Shabbes Parshas Veyechi 12/18/21 @ Rockshire stop in Lakewood, and left the Shtreimel with Four Corners Caf’e # 732 806 9999, Label inside had handwritten # which may be – 595 ..1955 got erased by the rain over Shabbes, If it’s yours please let me know you picked it up.Tizke Lemitzves

  • Fred Ort says:

    Found bike on my grass in chesterfield on Shabbos vayechi. possibly left by a theif.

  • Moishe Lapides says:

    Found jewelry in aisle 9 parking lot 12/12/2021

    718 916 1356

  • Rivka says:

    Lost a Canon camera at Shenandoah Park on Clover Street near the lake in October. Please call 8482459473. Thanks very much! Tizku lmitzvos

  • AL says:

    Lost a diamond necklace possibly in Gourmet Glatt plaza North. Call 3474860050

  • Eliana says:

    Found a canon camera under a seat on a southwest flight that left from LGA. The last name on it is Tenenbaum.

  • C.S. says:

    Lost ring in or outside of Bagel King. Please call or text 732-703-4037 with any leads.

  • Beena says:

    Eternity Band found in a Nail salon.
    Call 732-773-5313

  • Chanie says:

    Shaitel found in French press. In reenas bag. 9177564226

  • Bonnie Setton says:

    My down and fur jacket was put into the wrong car, a Lexus, in the uppercrust/French press/shell station parking lot on Kennedy on Wednesday nov 10. Along with a bag of books. Did you find it in your car?
    Please call or text 917-842-7999.

  • Bonnie setton says:

    Lost- down and fur jacket and bag of books was placed in the wrong car (Lexus) in parking lot by uppercrust/french press

  • Chana says:

    Found a credit card on 4th street between Monmouth and Lexington. Please call 7187810632

  • chanie orlander says:

    Lost mens shoes in a car ride from Lakewood to Staten Island. Pls call 7187448752 or 7184362024 Ty.

  • sara says:

    lost a gold ring possibly in Target or Lowes Howell on Nov 13

  • sara says:

    Lost a Gold ring possibly in Target or Lowes in Howell on Nov 13.

  • Meira Joselit says:

    Found an apple ear pod pro on the trail on South Lake on Nov 4th.

  • Steinberg says:

    Found a chase Sapphire credit card 2ith the name Caroline liff

  • MW says:

    I lost a Kia fob near Royal Shoes/Confection Collection. If found please call 848-240-5922

  • Sarah says:

    Found Apple EarPods in a parking lot in Lakewood if they are yours please call 9175148073

  • Chani Bachner says:

    Found a diamond bracelet on Manetta Ave on shabbos parshas lech lecha.718-926-9914

  • Chani Bachner says:

    Found a diamond bracelet on Manetta Ave on shabbos parshas lech lecha

  • Lucas Merritt says:

    Lost Mitsubishi Lancer key fob, black lanyard with white Jordan logo. Lost at steilacoom park October 10th 2021. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  • Miriam apter says:

    Lost an earring in kimball hospital on October 1
    If found please call 732-364-5577

  • Sheya Herzberg says:

    Lost Honda car keys with Leasing Direct key chain.


  • Girls shoes says:

    Found little girls shoes at tashlich. sunday september 12. 7325756237 8482614361

  • corinne says:

    found diamond bracelet in gourmet glatt north in June 2021. pls call 732-598-0873

  • Leah says:

    Mamas and papas black and grey stroller found in iplay America freehold parking lot.

  • S Hoenig says:

    Found Emporio suit bag with men’s suit, shoes and car seat on Cross street outside of Enclave. Please call 646-725-2307

  • Sam Gutman says:

    Found cash in the shuk @ Clifton and 10th street Sunday night(erev y”).
    Please text 848 299 2744.

  • Amy sultan says:

    Lost a gold bracelet with the name amalia on it, on Shabbos chol hamoed succos. By 7th street area. If found please contact 908-489-8057

  • Mendy Fertig says:

    Found a Chase Card in the nuttery named Yaakov falk

  • NR says:

    Found a TD gift card in bingo Lakewood parking lot yesterday evening. Has identifying detail (first name written on the outside). Please contact 8482996855 to claim.

  • aharon juravel says:

    i lost a chazzan size ashkenaz siddur yitzchak yair hebrew and project relax 6 avraham fried cd from a ride from torah treasures 253 2nd street to db 19 clifton avenue my phone number is 732 901 1224

  • i r says:

    lost a camera at deal beach a few weeks ago
    pls call 8455219415

  • Charlie says:

    Found a pair of Teffilin in Yapchik. Name on Teffilin bag is דוד אריה רפפורט. Please call 917-756-4226

  • ELLIOT ZAKS says:

    Found bracelet at the Zaks-Halberstam
    Wedding 8/23 in Lake Terrace hall.
    Please call 732-216-5555

  • Cheved says:

    Found a diamond tennis bracelet in my driveway on drake road

  • G.M. says:

    Found 2 pairs of boys glasses during camp season.
    Call or text 732-534-2068

  • Adina says:

    Found Bracelet in parking lot outside The cookie corner
    Call with Simanim. 347-893-7249

  • Ben says:

    FOUND WIC checks left in empty shopping cart outside evergreen. Please see evergreen customer service to claim.

  • found sefer in costco says:

    see the lost and found at costco to claim

  • Huvi says:

    Lost my AirPods. In a clear case that says huvi. If found please call 732-552-9899

  • R M says:

    Dropped envelope with a decent amount of cash at either the BMG Forest Ave beis medrash or the Exxon gas station at county line and rt 9. If found please let me know!

  • Yehoshua Bamberger says:

    Found money at organic cleaners on Ceadarbrige please call me 732-642-1610

  • Camera says:

    LOST Camera in Jackson Jungle playground July 27th
    Please call with any leads

  • P. Charach says:

    Found important document belonging to Feige Blau.

  • Tzvi says:

    lost valco double carriage in seagull square parking lot, yesterday 7/27. please call or text 347-971-0198 with any leads. thank you!

  • AvrahamGlustein says:

    If anybody witnessed an accident on Squankum Road on Monday (7/26) around 5 PM please contact me at 732-966-7736. I also have somebody’s Yarmulka that he was kind enough to lend me. Thanks

  • Weintraub says:

    Found a cc with the name Avroham Deutsch in the NPGS Jackson parking lot. Call 929-512-0871.

  • Efraim says:

    Lost key ring with red usb. If found please call 732-330-1115

  • Arlene Goldberg says:

    Girls bracelet found in Out to Lunch parking lot in the back. Call with simanim 516-698-3243

  • Penina Rosenberg says:

    Tefilin lost last night on 11:20 Lakewood Express bus at 49th street stop in Boro Park or at the Westgate stop in Lakewood.
    Name: Ahron Shmuel Rosenberg.
    Please call 347-860-1063

  • Olena says:

    FedEx wrong address with package for Olena Chupandina 07/05/21 please call 732-514-0864

  • sara says:

    found garment bag in catskills 6/18/2021. call 718 8875482

  • Chana says:

    Found a diamond earring on the path around the lake – South Side at the end of last week (Thurs. or Fri. 6/24 or 6/25).

  • Carlos says:

    Lost wallet and airpods in a blue bag at jack in the box on Lakewood and south St please call me at 562-326-6097 if found.

  • GL says:

    Found ring at gourmet glatt plaza on June 24 2021.
    Call 732 503 3682

  • Klahr says:

    Lost mp3 player south side of Lakewood if found please call

  • E B says:

    Lost Gold bangle/bracelet in the Ridge/Park Ave area. Please call or text 732-232-0084

  • Goldie says:

    Lost a black shopping bag with shoes and a handbag with phone at moskowitz and streichers vort on Monday night June 21
    If found pls call 718-854-9068

  • Ari Sofair-Fisch says:

    I lost my Tallis bag Thursday night. It’s plain black with no identifiers except that it had my Ketoret book and possibly a small siddur with my name on it. I think it may have fallen out of my car at one of four stops I made. I was at Seven sons in howell, south side sandwich shop, Satmer shul (parked between 5th and 6th), Aisle 9 in that order. I know I had it at the first stop, not sure afterwards. Thanks!

  • Tova says:

    Lost Sary Sheitel brown with highlights a drop longer than shoulder length
    If found please contact 443-608-9863

  • Noson says:

    Lost valuable watch if found text or call 908-247-8900

  • Cythia says:

    Lost women’s Black and white wool/fur coat. 908-783-3739

  • david zitter says:

    MAY 30 2021lost long black jacket with black wallet keys and flip phone inside either in front of Judaica plaza 7:15 p.m. or so, or, if it was on top of my car, between there and kol shimshon. Someone already did find a ss card from the wallet at the corner of Clifton and Kennedy.

  • Yechiel feifer says:

    If you lost a watch by the Avenue of the states plaza a shoe dream polkadot Tottini call The Hat Box at 732-961-2262

  • Angelina says:

    Lost VW car keys with Red “Remove Before Flight SpaceX Tag”. Possibly near Hmart store and parking lot. Nobody has turned them into the store.
    Txt 360 440 0580

  • Debbie says:

    Found: on Hazelbrook, small bag containing meds
    can call or text, 562-253-5430

  • Good day says:

    Found recorder/mp3 player in my car after giving hitch to bochurim from Monmouth to county line 7329775386

  • YYM says:

    Found a thin gold ring with stones at Estrea’s parking lot Monday morning May 31th. Probobly from the simcha night before.
    Call 917-770-3317

  • Pearl says:

    HI all. I lost my phone in Bagel Nosh. Pls call 7327033625 if found or have it. Thanks

  • Yts says:

    Missing brand new doona still in plastic wrap please contact 8482991213 if found possibly in bingo plaza

  • F.C. says:

    Found a silver becher on princeton ave. If yours please call 7326445212

  • F.C says:

    Found a sterling silver becher on princeton Avenue
    Call 732.644.5212

  • Pessy Blonder says:

    Found a tehillim in chemed. With the name Kayla on it. If it’s yours pls contact 732-597-6362

  • Binyomin Jeremias says:

    I lost iPhone in someone car that gave me ride to rimnitz zion tnight pls call 7326062260.

  • Binyomin Jeremias says:

    I just lost an iPhone in someone’s car when I got a hitch to rimnitz zion in monsey with 2 other bachurim. Please bacteria. 7326062260
    7326196897 tysm.

  • Binyomin jeremias says:

    I got a ride from squankum to
    Rimnitz in monsey . I left an iphone n charger in the car.i was sitting with 2 bochurim in car.please call 7336062260 or 7326196897. Thank you

  • Boy from Israel says:

    I left my tefillin in someone’s car on Sunday May 2 when getting a ride in Lakewood. Tefillin bag has no name. Please return asap i’m from Israel and returning in near future.
    Call or text 848 525 7877
    Thank you very much

  • Yisroel wise says:

    Lost an Ohr Chedva tote bag left at bus stop at Kennedy and squankum on wed April 27 around noon. 9174464915

  • D. Sompolinsky says:

    Kia Car key dropped in parking lot by French Press southside on Friday. If you picked it up and have it or know where it is please call/text 347-383-2989

  • Henoch Cohn says:

    Found brand name belt at a wedding a couple of months ago (small size mens black brand name logo belt)

  • Esti shimanowitz says:

    I found a td cash card in the parking lot of 2nd street,
    If yours text: 7329044563

  • goldy says:

    Found pair of glasses that belong to MUSHKA VOGEL, please text or call 212-470-5445

    ALSO: Found child’s hat and 3 new Lekovod Shabbos placemats on railroad tracks near Whispering Pines area

  • Tehila says:

    Lost iphone with pink silicone apple case.
    If found please call/text 7186885319

  • Sakshi says:

    Lost a black and Grey color baby stroller in parking lot of jersey premium outlets new Jersey on April 9th 2021 at 8pm. Please call me if anyone found it 6097211424.

  • Bentzion says:

    Found a black SD card 16 GB succus time in bmg otzar.
    If it’s yours please contact 4167814885

  • miriam says:

    Lost gold earing with large green stone at gourmet glatt plaza before pesach.

  • s says:

    found camera sd card that girl lost in pine park under the awning
    only text to 7325230441

  • Chaim Milstein says:

    Found golden bracelet in pine park

    • Lowenthal says:

      Hi I lost a gold bracelet. I didn’t think in pine park… can you share some details or information on it please. Thanks

  • harold lowenfels says:

    My wife and I have metal detectors and have recovered many articles of jewelry, house and car keys and other items of metal for people who lost items. Please contact us via email if you think that our service would be of use to you. We will respond and let you know if we think we can help.

  • Rivkah Feldman says:

    On March 24,2021, I lost my Sony (old basic flip phone) near the post office at 1700 Madison Ave shopping center. If found, please ring me at 732-901-0883. The screen has a picture of my husband who died of corona last year. On the back of phone case is the cell number written on a piece of tape. Thanks so very much!

  • Bassie says:

    Lost diamond bracelet on 3-29-2021, between Elmwood and Chateau Park. Please call 646-717-1140 if found. Thanks.

  • Sheya says:

    Found Bugaboo in Cape May Zoo 3/30/21. Please call 732-267-4239

  • Sh says:

    Lost maroon kids shoe possibly outside cream. Call or text 443 447 six three four five

  • Isaac Sonenblick says:

    Found gold necklace in the Marcy’s shopping plaza in Lakewood NJ. Please call me at 7184736505.

  • Sarah Wilson says:

    Lost an iPhone in cube smart in Lakewood off prospect street. Please let me know if you’ve found it. It has 3 important cards on the back of it. Please email me at It has recent pictures of my beloved deceased kitties on it. It means so much to me.

  • Geoula Dahan says:

    Hi I lost a diamond ring on March 10,2021 in Lakewood please call me at+15142330595. Thank you

  • Lowenthal says:

    Lost a valuable and meaningful charm bracelet. Near Clifton avenue and first street area. Would mean a lot if found and returned. Offering reward…
    please call 7326911573

  • Rivkah Feldman says:

    April 16,2020 – Lost 1/2 inch wide gold wedding band near front area of Kimball Hospital. Appears to be a band of ‘bamboo gold sticks’ which my husband designed for me. I was visiting him for the last time b/4 he was niftar,and my mind did not register the loss of the ring until it was to dark to search thoroughly. Very precious to me and will compensate for its return. Thanks so much.

  • Mayer Levine says:

    on friday purim right before shkia i gave someone my phone lg exalt and some cash in the 12th st area pls call 8456712664

  • Brany says:

    Lost a Mother of letal Closet shaped esrring

  • Jorge says:

    I lost black wallet in lakewood 11 march 4:00 4:30 lakewood mall jorge iribe name

  • Shmuel M says:

    My Camry keys were accidentally taken this morning 3/11/21 at 10am from Four Corners on Squankum Rd.

  • mordechai says:

    lost UA jbl earbuds charger case

    848 218 3387

  • Hindy Weisz says:

    Found a Wells Fargo Debit card with the name Chaya Septimus in Gourmet Glatt Plaza yesterday Wednesday, March 3. Please contact with more specific details so that I can return ASAP.

  • GG says:

    Exchanged a dicci black wool/fur wrap coat at the fountain ballroom rubin/berger wedding Feb 15.
    Call 718-484-1527

  • Tzippy D says:

    Lost a Charles Schwab debit card in the gallery shopping plaza on Sunday , Feb 28. Please contact 7325033139 if found. Thank you !

  • Berl says:

    Found flash drive with music on Purim on Arlington 646-691-7530

  • Engel says:

    Lost black women’s wallet
    I.D. and credit cards with last name Engel

  • goldy says:

    Found glasses with name Mushka Vogel on it. 212-470-5445

  • Devorah says:

    Lost wedding band (silver) by Bingo

  • Lost teffilin says:

    Lost teffilin on 2/17 or 2/18 please call 8485252786

  • Nate says:

    Found a Kohl’s card with name Rifky Lipschitz in lakewood

  • Center staff says:

    Lost a blue plushy with bug eyes ; belongs to a special needs girl in center home

  • Rivki smith says:

    Found a good chai necklace near kosher west. Was engraved.
    Plz call with details if u think it’s yours
    Found feb 1

  • shoshana says:

    Found a fashion necklace with pendant on it at gourmet glatt parking lot about 10 days ago. Call 732-908-3060 with simanim

  • Nick Younger says:

    LOST: Hand tamed cockatiel on Sunday, January 17. Beloved pet of my son. Very friendly, grey and white about a year old. Name is Cookie and says “what you doing”. If found, please, please contact me. Heartbroken family misses him. Thank you.

  • N Younger says:

    Lost cockatiel bird. Hand tamed and very friendly. Family devastated it got out of the house Sunday, January 17. Grey and white and says “what you doing”. Son is besides himself of loss. If found please let us know. Thank you.

  • MAIER SILVER says:

    A small gemara was left at Willi’s body shop. (seems like quie a while ago)

  • MAIER SILVER says:

    A small Gemara was left at Willi’s body shop (seems like a long time ago)

  • Sion Semah says:

    Found a Toyota key in Ohel Shulamit’s (Spruce street) parking lot.
    Please call or text (732) 267-5949

  • Yosef friedman says:

    Hi I lost a wallet with credit cards and driver’s license I think it got lost at gourmet glatt but it could have been anywhere please call/text 845-751-2543 or email
    Thank you!

  • Nisan says:

    Lost: Elastic credit card holder with credit cards and license.
    Call or text 732 6314312.

  • Moshe says:

    Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2021
    Lost tefillin after getting a ride to yeshiva, probably in back seat of car or minivan.
    8485252366 7323700699
    Please call or text

  • E Jacob says:

    Mon dec 22 lost leatherman multitool
    4384032227 7328065607
    Call or text

  • Steven Green says:

    Hi i lost my coat michol kors in neemas hachaim hall in bais tova sunday night jan 3rd if found pls text 8482408669

  • Bracha says:

    Suitcase found BH.

  • Bracha says:

    My niece and nephew arrived from Eretz Yisroel this morning and someone took their suitcase by mistake and left a similar suitcase instead. The name in the suitcase that they have is Meir Kenig. If anyone knows a Meir Kenig who by mistake took a suitcase belonging to Lowenthal please call 917-691-1337 or 732-905-1531.

  • bezalel says:

    I davened Maariv at Princeton Bais Medrosh last Wednesday December 23rd. Someone took my coat with my phone inside and left their coat there. Please call 848-373-5901 to return coat and phone.

  • Judy Grunwald says:

    Found a Yafi wig in New Jersey.
    Please txt or call

  • Shulamis Drazin says:

    Found toys 4 u box in my front seat. Labeled for Akiva. Please call 732-948-1777

  • Dini says:

    Lost a stainless steel ladies watch round face with diamonds in the parking lot by friendlys urgent care
    Please contact if found it

  • Nechama K says:

    Found cash in a new pair of pants bought in His Place about 2 months ago. Please call 347-768-3382

  • Leah Sussman says:

    found grey suede slippers size 6 in guest room. Call 732 370 2572

  • Leah Sussman says:

    lost a tri color gold bracelet; probably in 14 th St area

  • B Hirschey says:

    Hi. My coat was mistakenly taken from the bais fagah hall-Ateres Chanah Tuesday night Dec 8(23 Kislev-Week of shabbos chanukah) It is a Bradley Jons size xl coat. If you took it please call-9735211353.

  • Kassandra Rosado says:

    Missing White Morkie Dog. Last Seen On Rt 88 & New Hampshire Yesterday Around 5pm. His Name Is Snowball, His One Years Old & On Medication For Separation Anxiety. Please Send Him Home To His Family Any Information Please Call Lakewood Or Brick Police Station. Thank You!

  • Bertin caballero Torres says:

    Hello I lost a welder Machine today around 4:30 to 5:00. Near or between cross street and hope chapel I was driving and didn’t realize until I got to my destination the back door was wide open. It’s a blue machine in a black box. If you guys happen to come across it please call 7326063881. There will be a reward to whoever finds it.

  • Maryam Khalil says:

    Lost my set of apartment keys last night. The apartment number is mentioned on it. If found, please call 316-3717060. Thanks!

  • Avrohom says:

    FOUND: DIAMOND necklace in Judaica Plaza on Dec. 8th. Please call 617.435.4781 to claim.

  • Nechama says:

    Lost a diamond heart pendant (from a necklace), about a week ago.
    river-spruce-cypress-oak area. 9175861456

  • Chavy says:

    Found Baby Gap pink jacket, size 0-3 mos., on Sunset Road near Khal Zichron Yaakov (R’ Gissinger’s shul). Please call 732-367-0815.

  • Pessy B says:

    Lost a smartphone on the Lakewood express bus from boro Park to hillside blvd on a Sunday evening about 6 weeks ago please call/text 8482242102 tizku!

  • Y Moskovits says:

    Toyota Sienna car keys found in caplan cuts parking lot. Call 732-597-0052

  • Dovid says:

    I found Apple airpods in the classy Cleaners parking lot
    If it’s your claim it

  • Esther g says:

    3 pairs of shoes (1 men’s and 2 boys) were mistakenly switched/picked up from Ron’s Shoe repair on Friday November 6. If anyone has any info pls contact 7326107055. Thank you!

  • Boruch says:

    Found check from creative insurance group I tried looking on Google and on smartlist they are not listed anywhere if anyone has any leads of who this company is please text me 848.210.7406

  • David says:

    Found Bracelet in gourmet goat south parking lot on November 3rd. Please call 917-297-6782

  • eliezer schwab says:

    i put my suitcase and handbags in a silver chrysler pacifica (unlocked) outside Aisle 9 at around 1:45 pm. it was not the right car and the driver left with it. my teffilin bag is in it with my name on it. IF FOUND PLEASE CALL 3036699447 OR 3036682855

  • S.B. says:

    Found a silver necklace with non authentic diamonds in Lake Terrace parking lot before Sukkos. Please call 848-208-1993 to claim.

  • Leah kohn says:

    Lost a gold and diamond hanging earing possibly in Westgate. If found please call: 732-674-9236

  • Daniel Whitman says:

    On Sunday, Oct. 18, I found a new pair of boys pants (blue), in a suitbag from Emporio, in the Marcy’s parking lot. Please call 732.580.2591

  • Hess says:

    Found iPad
    East 9th street area
    Please call 732-421-2155

  • Ephraim says:

    Lost a camera on the fist day Chol Hamoed Succos 5781 in Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck, NJ

    If found please call 917-757-6240

  • Ephraim says:

    Lost a camera first day Chol Hamoed in Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck, NJ

    Please call 917-757-6240

  • Lost my keys says:

    I lost a key ring with all my essential keys this evening (10/12/20) in the parking lot at Gourmet Glatt Plaza. They fell either on the pavement or on a car’s hood. Please call or text 904.419.7464.

  • Erv says:

    found girls brown shoes and kids watch in a parking lot at Island Beach State Park

  • YK says:

    Found money this evening at the Daled Minim shuk outside Lake Terrace. Please text 8485256035 and provide amount and bills.

  • Craig says:

    Men’s black wedding ring lost at Heartwell golf course. Please help!

  • Brochie says:

    Knitted blanket found on 2nd day rosh hashana. James at. Near rabbi kahans shul. Call 3475460721 to claim.

  • shlomie says:

    found DIAMOND WEDDING RING. please call 347 439 3294 to claim

  • Devora says:

    Found retainers in Krug Orthodontics case. Outside Caffeteria. Please call or txt 732-504-4504

  • Found says:

    Found Doona in parking lot on Madison Ave. Please call or text 732-523-1933

  • Tzvi Y. Weinstein says:

    Found credit card with the name Binyamin Foxman in Home Depot Parking lot on route 70 in Lakewood.
    Call 301-908-2188

  • FR says:

    Found, Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo 9/12 a doona diaper bag on County Line near Bartenura.

  • Akiva Greenebaum says:

    Thank you. Is my Debit Card. Please call/ text 718-483-4098

  • Yitzy says:

    Found chase debit card name AKIVA GREENBAUM tonight in chase parking lot in gourmet glatt plaza

  • Baila says:

    Found at Bingo Lakewood: Passport Card for Malky Glick. Contact Bingo.

  • FOUND CAR KEY says:

    FOUND – Car Key on 8th St. between Private Way & Lakewood Ave.
    Text/Call 908-692-8033

  • Mrs. Z. says:

    found a siftei chaim book between clifton and 14° Street . If its yours pls text 7324437800

  • faige brecher says:

    lost white gold diamond tennis bracelet in Lakewood on or about Sept 2,2020

  • Yitzy says:

    diamond wedding ring was found in Walmart in Lakewood if it may be yours please call
    7325035452 !! We hope whoevers it is finds us!

  • Shalva Witty says:

    Found credit card with name Pinchas Schwartz.8/24
    Text 9087839160

  • Mordechai Zimmerman says:

    Found diamond earring
    Please call /text 917 757 2027

  • YE says:

    Found Artscroll Mesechtah Yuma on Fernwood Ave if lost please contact

  • Yehuda Deutsch says:

    Found a capital one credit card on autumn road name is cheeky stein berg

  • Yehuda deutsch says:

    Found a capital one credit card on autumn road with the name c s

  • rbh says:

    Found on 8/20/20 at the bike/walking path down easy street: small siddur with soft pink “leather” cover with the name Fraidy on it. if yours call 7323702159.

  • CF says:

    found round pendant with pink stones/ white diamonds on dirt path off North Lake Drive
    pls call / text 908.770.5733

  • chaya H says:

    lost a stainless steel ebel watch with diamonds around the face and roman numerals and diamonds on the face. Lost it beginning of august or late july.

  • G HAFT says:

    Found memory card with photos labeled with “Mesivta Keren Orah”. Photos were officially taken in July 2010 but the date can possibly be wrong. If you know a staff member from this Mesivta I can email some photos to possibly figure out the owner

  • Rottenberg says:

    Items were left by Tisha BAv day camp in Stirling Ave ridge area
    A blue water bottle
    A purple sippy cup
    A black headband with a red heart on
    Please call 929 417 9825

  • Chavy says:

    Lost today, August 9,2020, wedding ring on south lake drive. Please call 732-367- 0815

  • lucie says:

    Found a 26inch black bike
    Evian ct.


    Lost woman’s large gold hoop earing
    call/text 908-415-8974

  • P. Susholz says:

    Found: Gartel on Kennedy BLVD on July 31. Contact 212-300-7326

  • C Dreyfuss says:

    Lost: butterfly necklace on July 4th possibly on the tracks

  • Mordechai adler says:

    Lost wallet July 24 Thursday in pine park cedar row area

  • Mordechai adler says:

    Hi I lost a wallet with a license and social security card with name Michael Adler if anyone find it your find it if the could pls reach out to me at 7325815662 it was In 14 st area

  • Teddy says:

    Found money on the hiking/biking path off of north lake drive on (lake carasaljo)7/26/2020 at around 12pm.
    Call/text 7323375967

  • N m says:

    Hi last night I found a black womans wallet in the Siegel Square, Plaza there’s no address the names I saw on some Cards are Sarah,Joel and Meilech Fogel if I don’t here back I’m putting in mailbox 732 948-7736 within a couple of days

  • Yehuda says:

    Lost a pair of Acura car keys this morning around the Lakewood lake has a 123 auto deals key chain attached

  • Mrs S says:

    Lost a set of Toyota car keys with remote at Gourmet Glatt before Purim. Has red wrist holder.

  • DR says:

    Found pocketbook on Friday, June 19 on top of mailbox outside Lexington Towers.

  • lakewood says:

    I lost a Remote Car Key outside Judaica Plaza in March 2020. Please call 732-330-8982 if found

  • Teitelbaum says:

    Lost – Thursday night June 18 – box after wedding with wedding stuff in it. Including a very sentimental korban mincha siddur. 917-589-2867

  • Teitelbaum says:

    Lost grocery box with wedding stuff after wedding on cedar row Thursday Jun 18. Very sentimental Korban mincha siddur inside.

  • zev says:

    found chumash in chase bank 1700 madison

  • Fraidy Gindoff says:

    Found car keys. Had Shop Rite, CVS & Library card attached
    Please call 917-753-5306

    • Chaya S. Kahn says:

      They are not mine, but if you happen to be one of those places, they can scan the card, and pull up the number of the owner. If they are the second set of car keys the owner may not have replaced them yet- and we know how much a key fob costs today.

  • Dinewitz says:

    Found glasses. By nature walk off of Ave of Americas. 5167805786

  • Chaya S. Kahn says:

    Lost Tefilin in either Leisure Chateau, Kimball Hospital, L-tec.or on ambulette, 732 597 0649

  • Moshe says:

    Stroller in front of 818 S. Lake Dr., Across by Parq

  • Meir Hess says:

    Found a necklace behind the track at the high school

  • Johny says:

    Lost a couple big Red MILWAKEE tool boxes full of tools, fell out of my truck bed while driving

  • pedro says:

    lost ipod shuffle green has the name when plugged cupcake jr has some music cant remeber but I have lizzos good song changed pitch

  • Mrs. H says:

    Found a few months ago— diamond pin, flower shape. Near Ateres Yeahaya, East End Ave., Lakewood. Text 732-575-5758

  • faige says:

    lost silver long dangling earring with baguette set hoop

  • f. brecher says:

    lost silver and yellow diamond huggie earring

  • esther tesler says:

    found a glove grey with the word head on it at the play Saved from the ashes

  • Kamel says:

    Lost an Illinois driver’s license with first name Kamel and number starts with H214-5007-****.
    If found please call me at 773-516-3449.
    You will be compensated .

  • Mordechai says:

    Found Chumash Bereshis with Leah Mizrachi name on cover at a Dentist
    Office in Manasquan.
    Call 917-747-1110

  • Avi Berkowitz says:


  • Mr g says:

    Found a pair of tefillin with the name
    מ נ רוזנבאום if it’s yours or you know that person please contact me 6466853803

  • Hindy S says:

    Lost pair of tefillin on Feb 14 with the name Yaakov Singer. Near James Street Plaza or possibly in Kiryas Joel. Please call 732-770-2667

  • Eliezer M Weiss says:

    Lost pair of Tefilin with name Usher Anshil Halevi Weiss, please call/text 347-446-4083, Yasher Koach

  • Joel says:

    Took someones coat at the Dirshu Siyum hashas on 2/9/20, in NJPac.

    Please call 718.473.7389

  • goldy says:

    Found teardrop earring at Dollar Tree.

    Also, found child’s bracelet at Lake Carasaljo

    AND an adult bracelet in Whispering Pines Park

  • L. M. says:

    Found: Black ski hat in a bag at ladies section of metlife 227B

  • L. M. says:

    Found! Black ski hat in a bag at ladies section of metlife 227B

  • jhowana gutijer says:

    I lost my MK black wallet most important things are there.Pleease if anyone found pls call or txt me 253-426-5672.Thank you!

  • chana says:

    lost: white gold and diamond double heart pendant necklace on chain. possibly in Brooklyn.

  • C Katz says:

    Lost: Tallis/ tefillin bag between Parsippany and West Orange, NJ. Fell off roof of car. Name on bag: Pinchas Zelig haKohen Bak.
    Phone: 516-713-2300

  • mati stern says:

    lost a diamond bangle two and a half weeks ago near iris road and a crystal and gold earring

  • Hashavas aveida says:

    Found a borsalino hat in quick check parking lot abt 2 weeks ago 9739319425

  • Jessica says:

    Lost a gold necklace with a single diamond charm either somewhere near petco on Lakewood, or possibly near cherry liquor store on cherry.

  • Shani says:

    Lost a diamond hoop earning 732-547-7458

  • Found Earring says:

    Found Gold and diamond Earring by Central and Myrtle area.

    Please call 732-942-6686

  • Rivki Smith says:

    Diamond ring and wedding band found at four corners and James street. Call the store to claim.

  • Tzipporah says:

    lost gold and diamond earring

  • Solomon says:

    Wallet has been found and returned!

  • Solomon says:

    lost a Wallet this morning at the Gourmet Glatt shopping center near The Nuttery.
    If found, please contact Rachel Solomon 732-370-5318.

  • menachem katz says:

    lost tefilin in bmg maariv says shamshon katz on it 7322781461

  • Dovid Chapler says:

    Found sterling silver diamond necklace round pendant on December 25th. Please call 7329983014 leave msg.

  • Leah says:

    Lost gold earring either in la Isha or around miller road please contact Leah at 3035501443

  • Libby says:

    Found diamond necklace in Starbucks Howell

  • Aw says:

    Found a diamond tennis style bracelet in Monsey cemetery.


  • Aw says:

    Found a diamond tennis bracelet near the RIBNITZER Cemetery

  • Ari Haney says:

    Black wallet lost at or near kolell Vaslkin. If found please contact 917 828 6070.
    Tiskava Limitzvot!

  • Found Jacket says:

    Found men’s black suit jacket, with label from London shatnez, on Somerset Avenue. Found Thursday night, November 28th. Please call 732-996-2362

  • Shmuly says:

    Lost 2 Honda remotes on keychain. If found please call (908)692-8985

  • Np says:

    Lost year 2016 Brooklyn envelope 1 k cash are of 16 ave 50 st if found call 13478220634 tnx reward

  • Z Schick says:

    Lost diamond pin in Lake Terrace Hall at Stern wedding November 6.
    If found please call 917-863-5421

  • Yosef Waldman says:

    my Talis bag with my Tefillin and Talis inside was taken from my car Sunday Oct. 28, in either the Kohls or Target parking lot in Howell. Please cal 732-779-4759 with any info.

  • T. Weiss says:

    Missing a diamond from a diamond ring possibly near gourmet glatt .
    Pleas contact me at 917-405-2577

  • T. Weiss says:

    Missing a large diamond from a diamond ring possibly in gourmet glatt or near!! Please contact 917-405-2577

  • gloria franco says:

    Lost a inactivated debit card by route 9 and chestnut st. If found please call 732-675-3938

  • Chaya says:

    Lost gold necklace in deerwood park, brick or dollar tree, Howell today. If found please call 917-969-1329

  • yossi says:

    Left tefilin on Monsey Trails\ Monsey tours bus on October 10, the day after Yom Kippur, and the company says they’re not on the bus anymore. Please contact 732 730 8489 if you’ve seen them or know where they may be.

  • missing tefilin says:

    Lost pair of tefilin perhaps in Shlomys Kosher World parking lot the day after Yom Kippur October 10 after 12 noon. Please call 732 730 8489 if you know their whereabouts.

  • shmuel says:

    found book

    found it end of August in shopping center

    150 James parking lot

  • Gloria Weg says:

    Found a male husky wandering on Lanes Mill Road in Lakewood. He was wearing leash. I grabbed him and called Lakewood PD which picked him up. He will be taken to a local shelter so call PD if you are owner.

  • Miriam says:

    The contact information for the diamond bracelet found on St. Nicholas is 732-364-4143. Please leave a message

  • Miriam says:

    Found a diamond bracelet at the end of St. Nicholas about 3 weeks ago. Might have been lost by someone walking on Shabbos or using the shortcut.

  • LEAH BERGER says:

    Lost car keys – Remote starter key for Toyota Sienna and Toyota Rav4 key with remote on it. Also some other keys on the ring. If you found, please call 732-347-0678

  • Evelyn says:

    My dog Fendi (boston terrier) was stolen from my property on Newport Drive: Suspect was an African American male in his 20s-30s driving a cream colored cadillac. Seen wearing a black shirt and red hat.

  • Found says:

    Found a book/ Pamphlet handwritten thanks to hashem

    at end of August

    please text 917-485-1519

  • Mary ann says:

    We lost a gold chain 22” 14k

  • Diamond bracelet found says:

    Diamond bracelet found in the Central Ave. area on Sunday 9/1. Please call 732-364-4143.

  • Gr says:

    Found monthly NJ Transit pass on east Kennedy. 212-470-5445

  • Janette Gadol says:

    Found a siddur inside Excellent Bus Service with the name Chaia Freida

  • Mrs weiss says:

    Lost diamond . Went to royal shoes shopping center and multiple stores in finale shopping center. Also went to shoe dream. If found pls call 7187027776

  • Allen Lempel says:

    Found Garage Door remote control on 14th St near K’Hal Chasidim

  • Nechama says:

    Am visiting Lakewood and lost a phone with MetroPCS service . Was on tracks, foodex, lake carsaljo and downtown. Not sure when and where I lost along the way.

  • Doniel leiman says:

    lost a black and grey Timbuk2 messenger (side carry) bag with a silver Dell XPS 13 (smallish laptop) and a planner with a baby blue cover among other things

    Please call (or text) 917 966 0227

    Last seen leaving evergreen on July 16 going to Lexington and 10th

  • Rifky says:

    Is it a diamond bracelet? I lost one one and just found out the lkwd scoop has lost and found.

  • Gr says:

    Child’s gold bracelet at lake c.

  • E says:


  • Gr says:

    Red canvas bag with clothing and makeup at bus stop.
    Erev shabbos.
    Call/text 212-470-5445

  • Aaron says:

    Found Samsung smartphone (smashed screen) across the street from Chestnut Shul on 8/2/19 – On Mountainview Dr.
    Text 678-643-6404

  • Nicole says:

    Lost engagement ring Thursday 7/25 possibly Tinton Falls area by Mahala elementary or in Brick Atlanta Bread (732)678-3546

  • Blima says:

    Lost black pocket book on Lakewood bus.

  • mordechai says:

    FOUND: Alef Bais watch on the edgar felix memorial bike trail on a bench

    call 908 670 0332

  • goldyrosenberg says:

    Costume Jewelry earring in park by lake.

  • Mordechai Arakanchi says:

    Found Diamond ring. could have been lost for several months. Call with simanim. call/text 732-668-6247

  • Gloria Franco says:

    Lost black matte bike that has the word SPECIALIZED in white on it. If found or spotted please call ~ 732-675-3938

  • Chaya says:

    lost gold and diamond tennis style bracelet in Boro Park July 9-10

    • heather says:

      Hey, could you send to my email a photo of your bracelet? i recently found a bracelet in the Lakewood ranch area. i wanted to know if it twas yours.

  • Yonina Shineweather says:

    Left a full sized siddur on a Greyhound bus which arrived at 9:07 PM on Sunday, June 30 in Port Authority, New York City. Maybe it’s at the Port Authority lost and found? Greyhound never answers their phone, and I don’t live in NY. Siddur has my name on the cover in Hebrew.

  • chana says:

    Found girls earring in Target Howell Sunday 6/30

  • Batya m says:

    Lost silver earring maybe nar Brooklyn southwest area

  • Rina says:

    Lost a siddur in Newark airport, June 5.

  • lost key says:

    6/19/2019 i lost a toyota car key/fob in the marcy’s/the gallery shopping area if anyone finds it, please let me know.

  • Levi Grossman says:

    Found a credit card by korns plaza by 4th and Monmouth name on card Daniel S Krasner
    Call/text 8482233752

  • number booklet says:

    found pre 1a “number Knowledge” workbook be C.L. Gorelick

  • e.d.s. says:

    lost sefer “ezer lashulchan” probably on the side of the 9 today
    7326063424 8452000401

  • Naftali says:

    Found a piece of jewelry in gourmet glatt parking lot please contact 9176768804

  • Lost Urn says:

    My nephews ashes were thrown out when a truck was stolen it looks like a motorcycle tank and has his name on it “Gary Revelle”. We believe it was lost in lakewood area call me if found or known where abouts. 720 224 4138 leave message if I dont answer

  • Ron says:

    found Voyager electric skateboard control at corner of Carson and Woodruff.

  • G.E says:

    Lost a raymond weil silver woman’s watch.
    If found please call 732 746 0498

  • Anahi Palacios says:

    Lost my wallte with my license and other important things. Call 848 525 9244 if found. It is small and lilac.

  • ana says:

    Lost wallet with license please call 848 525 9244 if found


    lost black fully packed pocket book with wallet and license etc

  • Lakewood Resident says:

    Found bracelet at The Avenue Shoppes on America Ave. Call 732 367-1543

  • Carnival says:

    Found a Cannon camera and a pair of kids prescription glasses at Roberts Pesach carnival. Call 732-592-9185

  • Missing Teffilin says:

    Lost my Tefillin in Wawa corner of County Line and Squankum Rd. Monday sometime between 12:45 pm and 1:00pm.
    Please call 848-210-2681

  • Y. Einhorn says:

    I found a Camera with memory cards in a shopping cart in Walmart (Howell) shopping plaza. Call 732.806.1612.

  • Peretz Scheinerman says:

    I gave someone a ride here in Lakewood and they left a hat in my car. If it was you, I can be reached at 732-804-5792.

  • AML says:

    If anyone found a hat plus hat at the Mir yerushalayim dinner please call 9179743396

  • Sruly szydlo says:

    Found teffin name אהרן רוט on Squankum and county line pls call 7327031350

  • SHARI LANG says:


  • Found jacket says:

    Found little boys blue zara jacket size 2/3 on purim in Kahan home 7323630429

  • RECORDER says:

    Found recorder on Autumn Rd in front of Dr. Gittleman’s house on Purim.

  • Bodo Monika says:

    Lost Illinois license plate for motorcycle ET 1298 . Went for a ride from Central Ave Lakewood- New Central- Miller Rd- Hope Chapel- South Lake Dr. please call me if you find it!! 8482514738

  • Bodo Monika says:

    Lost Illinois license plate off a motorcycle ET 1298 . went for a ride from Lakewood Central Ave- New Central – Miller Rd-Hope Chapel- Lake Dr roadways. Please let me know if you find it!! 8482514738 thank you!

  • Dovid says:

    Found the week of Pesach a few years ago: Diamond engagement ring.

  • Malka says:

    Lost Tefilin. Last seen on the chartered bus from Peekskill Yeshiva to Lakewood on Taanis Esther- March 20th.
    In grey leather bag with name Ephraim Avigdor Menachem.
    Please call 732-688-1760.
    Thank You!

  • Racheli barasch says:

    Lost a grey small wallet near route 88 with name caroline cohen it fell from my car 3237089885

  • Nicole Harris says:

    Lost small white Bichon Chihuahua mix wearing red collar with grey bones on it

  • d f says:

    lost a milwaukee m18 large impact wrench.

  • Found wallet says:

    Wallet left in my car with a credit card initials B F please call 7325436827

  • Yosef Gestetner says:

    Found in Todd Plaza on Sunday afternoon 3/10/19:
    Belgian 20fr coin dated 1877, seemingly part of a necklace.

  • Bradley Hell says:

    Lost brown leather nike wallet with about 1000 it school id it was nike brand and somewhere I believe near sinclair and anw on south morrison. Please contact 7015414079 not worried about the money just from north dakota and need my id

  • Nr says:

    Correct number is 718-753-0628

  • Nr says:

    Found blue boys hood from a jacket or coat on second street off of Clifton.
    Call or text 718-753-0638

  • Nr says:

    Found girls zara grey top size 11/12 in grebow shopping center in parking strip across from royal family shoes. Call or text 718-753-0628

  • C Green says:

    Lost diamond engagement ring! Reward if found
    732 -7 73- 11 00

  • Children dress says:

    A wedding dress has been found in a local shoe store on February 25th. Please contact 732-930-9723.

  • Eliezer T. says:

    Found Mens watch on Erev Shabbos Feb. 22nd. call 917-587-5997

  • Moshe E says:

    Portfolio/notebook/notepad with notes. Looks like an adults. Seems important. Couldn’t locate a name anywhere. Please call 732-330-1001 to claim. Thank you.

  • sarah blech says:

    Found pair of dancing shoes for kallah at Blech’s petticoat gemach.Please call 364-9309 to identify.

  • LOST RING says:

    LOST WEDDING RING, yellow gold band has design on the front and a date on the inside of the band. If found please call 7322289157

  • moishe says:

    Found diamond ring call with simanim 732-966-7743

  • Anonymous says:

    Lost one diamond earring in lake terrace on Jan 14 by zaks/Bergman wedding. Pls call 718 431 5262 if found. Thanks

  • Lakewood says:

    FOUND, trifold wallet, Lakers logo, corner of Faust & Yearling, Lakewood Ca. Has picture ID, various credit cards, cash etc.

  • sarah blech says:

    Found a piece of jewelry in a bag of returned petticoats.Please call to identify 364-9309

  • steve says:

    lost a mens black winter jacket with a company name eisner amper on the outside,company sport authority.
    pls call 7329019269 if found thanx

  • SK says:

    Silver Earring looped .found together
    on 14th Street near Curtis

    Text 7326744000

  • gordon says:

    Found Toyota key at our Bar Mitzvah, Oct 11, Willow park/Bais Nosson Tzvi. 732-995-2473

  • Weinberger says:

    Went home from sky zone by mistake with size 14 Lands End winter expedition parka coat. It was navy and green lining.

  • Rina Gelernter says:

    I lost yesterday December 23 2018 a clear ziplock bag that said Rina with my grandmothers past earrings and necklace and 3 gold bangles from Moroco this was outside the hall of Manhattan Beach Jewish center PLEASE if it were mine I would be upset but this was my sisters who got Maried that night and I promised I would take care of it! If u see ANYTHING please contact Rina Gelernter 718-310-8136 thank you soo much תזקו למצות

  • a l says:

    car ahead of me at td bank drivethrough cnr rt 9 county line, pulled out before money came out of machine, 2:50pm approx. dec 13
    call 908 670 0332

  • L LaPrath says:

    LOST on pierce transit, brown leather trifold Columbia wallet. Rubber logo in bottom right corner, brown plaid accents inside. Contains ID, credit card, debit card, orca card, medical cards, and personal items

    If found please call 253-359-1523

  • K LaPrath says:

    LOST brown leather trifold columbia wallet, rubber detail in bottom right corner and brown plaid accents inside. contains purple debit card, red credit card, ID, medical cards, orca card, and small personal items, if found please call 253-359-1523 or Email

  • Hendy Tevel says:

    Lost a gold crossbody pocketbook in the Marshall’s parking lot on Rt 70. If found please call or text 845-661-9352

  • Tzodek katz says:

    Found diamond bracelet in gourmet glat. 7322781461.


    LOST Silver Wedding Band.
    Locations it can be: Private Way/4th St, CVS on River Ave or Four Corners on County line.
    Lost November 20, 2018. Please call/text 516-388-9292 (leave message).

  • Chany says:

    Lost bedat diamond watch

  • eli glove says:

    lost mens leather glove possibly on side of 9 between gila place and james street 3477625368

  • Weiss says:

    Found: Car keys on 12th Street off Princeton. Please call 732-363-5305.

  • Yehuda Drew says:

    Found a mongoose bike. Park and 2nd area.
    Please call 347-436-5895

  • P. Weinstein says:

    Lost silver and diamond bracelet. (between 10th & 11th off Madison)

  • Mordi says:

    Lost pair of tfillen. By bus stop in bus stop in westgate

  • JS says:

    Found a boys or mens hat in really nice cond during elul. call text 908-770-0434

  • NEUFELD says:


  • Aharon says:

    Lost gold cuff link with the letters s b

  • Myra Morris says:

    Did you realize that someone posted that they found money in an envelope?!

  • Chaya Gross says:

    Found expensive stroller yesterday, Isru Chag in local park. Please call 732-614-8099.

  • Rachel says:

    Set of keys found today at Cherry Crest Farm in Ronks PA

  • Joef says:

    Lost diamond earring in Funplex Mount Laurel NJ
    Wednesday September 26,
    Please call or text

  • Blima Pilchick says:

    Lost blue polkadted bag with clothing on Lakewood bus or on bus stop

  • goldy portowicz says:

    lost car keys between gourmet glatt and county line rd/ near hope chapel areas. please call 9173533186.

  • Aaron says:

    Left hat on bus from lakewood to New York on Thursday evening.sept 6,2018 ,before Rosh Hashana.
    Hat box has name and number. Please call Alon at 4167837242.

  • Nick says:

    216 973 5841 if this is it I will cry. I been searching for ever….

  • Mrs. T.H. says:

    Lost key ring: Toyota car key, regular key, library card, CVS and ShopRite card and a emoji key chain

  • Edgar says:

    Black backpack with keys inside at the Lakewood mall

  • Biber hit @ Berman books says:

    Found a biber hit at Berman books on river avenue. Please claim asap in store

  • anonymous says:

    lost sheital in shopping bag on sunday aug 26.

  • Anonymous says:

    Envelope with cash found. Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    Found! Thanks

  • moshe streicher says:

    FOUND, TEFILLIN , on county line Rd, between brook rd and east end at 1;45 pm. 8/9/18
    please call 917-541-5708

    name of tefillin is sheinfeld

  • Mosh Mayerfeld says:

    LOST: Surface Pro tablet computer in gray zippered case.

  • Bw says:

    Lost engagement bangle in new central/ westgate area if found please call 845-825-2869

  • Joseph Feldman says:

    J Crew glitter pool side slippers in Sheitel Box put it wrong car

  • Yosef Feldman says:

    Found Sheitel Box inside J Crew glitter pool side slippers
    Put into my car by mistake
    917 923-9260

  • Shaindy says:

    Lost a Chrysler key fob with some keys, possibly in the e. Kennedy Brooklyn bus area . Please call 7184834689 . Thank you so much

  • Anonymous says:

    I lost an envelope with large sum of $ between July 16-19 somewhere in Lakewood.

    Offering large reward.

  • Mindy says:

    Cash fell out of my son’s pocket in Lakewood on Tuesday. Under $50 please text 7326911666 if you find it.

  • Eli says:

    FOUND GLASSES! Nice looking eyeglasses found in Westgate, on July 12 or 13. Call 732 364-2905, or Text 718 972-1789.

  • Chaya Seidman says:

    Found: Snood by R. Tendler’s shul in Lakewood, gold and black, near parking lot entrance.

  • jg says:

    Lost a Glucometer in a hitch down oak or near the lake

  • S porgess says:

    Lost a white Canon camera at the cape may zoo, on Sunday July 8.
    A lot of sentimental pictures on it.
    Please call 848 525 0549

  • FoundCarKey says:

    Car key found in parking lot next to Pizzalah (clifton ave between first and main)
    call 732-363-9696

  • theforgetfulone says:

    Lost teeth retainers. in a plastic zippy bag , seen last around edwards or the middle school in lakewood . cash reward available . save a sis

  • Old lakewooder says:

    Lost video camera at neemas hachaim hall on October 30,2017.
    Has lots of sentimental videos on it.. if found please cal 4167833635
    Thank you!

  • M Rabinowitz says:

    FOUND in Brooklyn. Talis and tefilin in blue and white embroidered bag, 1st name Elchonon. Call 646-331-6373.

  • Avi says:

    Dell,gray and black laptop that was forgotten on top of a car that was driven from the West gate area to nyc.
    If you have seen it please contact Avi at 347 782 3541

  • Lost Camera says:

    Lost canon camera in blue case in Costco/ Christmas Tree Shop area in Brick on Tuesday June 5th. The memory card is very valuable to me. Offering reward. Call 732-232-2636 or 732-901-9248

  • Found voice recorder says:

    Found a voice recorder in Westgate plaza on the night of bedikas chametz near garbage drop off. Please call 917-533-1604

  • Found more cash says:

    Cash has been recovered.

  • Found more cash says:

    Found cash outside of JII Pizza South. Call 7325750941 and ask for Yitzchock if you are looking for the cash.

  • Rafi says:

    Lost diamond bracelet
    If found please call 9176961657

  • Rafi says:

    My wife lost a doom and bracelet
    Some time around Purim was hoping it was lost home but couldn’t find it still .
    If found please call or text 917.6961657
    Thanks !

  • fl says:

    left red camera at cape may county zoo if you go please contact@8485255989

  • yl says:

    the tefilin owner was found. thank you

  • Sora says:

    Lost: a rolling cart with a flower pattern and the name Mindy Newman on it, lost in the car of someone who was giving me a ride by pizza on wheels. Please text 718-887-4827.


  • Yehuda says:

    For the headband at giggleberry please text 732-789-5983

  • Yehuda says:

    Found headband at Giggleberry Fair on Wednesday the third day of Chol Hamoed Pesach 5778

  • Fraydie steele says:

    LOST: Black gown with silver applique s running down the front. Was in the coat room at Lake terrace. Before pesach.

  • Found and lost yarlmuka says:

    Found (and lost) a kids yarlmuka at Dr. Robert’s Chol Hamoed Carnival.

    Please call 201-983-2683

  • Shulamis says:

    Lost wallet in Amazing Savings Parking Lot on Erev Pesach- March 30th around 4 PM. If found please call 848-210-4314.

  • Found Cash says:

    Found Cash outside Dr Shaniks office/ Madison Pharmacy week after Purim.

  • Shloimy Klein says:

    Sunday March 25th while boarding the Lakewood Express bus @430pm from Squankum and Kennedy my Tallis/Teffilen disappeared it says Shlomo Klein in Hebrew like normal on the front.

    Thank you very very much

    Please call 732 905 2860

  • Yehuda says:

    Lost carriage base at Ateres Yeshaye about 5 weeks ago. Please call 732 364 6156

  • Yoni says:

    Found wedding band in gourmet Glatt parking lot on Mar 7 please call 917 892 7186 if it is yours

  • Sara says:

    Lost black purse with gold chain on front pocket – on Purim

  • Shlomo halberstam says:

    Any one find the tefilin that Shlomo lost? Yet

  • Shlomo halberstam says:

    Tefilin, coat in kosher west bag

  • m berger says:

    lost a black SAMSUNG KOSHER phone in ben gurion airport terminal 3 on feb 4th 2018 in the evening.

  • Miri says:

    Missing diamond braclet…

    • Amy says:

      I just found this site I lost a diamond bracelet it was in a repair clear bag. I’m not sure if you found a bracelet or lost one. I have a photo if you found. I lost it at I believe a car was on 7th st

  • A. K. says:

    lost diamond bracelet in glatt bite parking lot on jan 10th
    if found please call/text 646-544-5369

  • B Paluch says:

    Found garbage bags filled with merchandise in the back of my car. Somebody probably put it in, thinking it was their own car

  • Reizy Orlander says:

    Lost Agudah Calendar 2017-2018 on or around January 24th
    Please Call 347-683-4890

  • Feigenbaum says:

    Lost- Black carry on suitcase with green and red stripe on it from lakewood bus at squankum and Kenedy to Brooklyn on 1/18/18. TEFILLIN INSIDE!
    Please call 718-253-1466.

  • dovid says:

    black scarf with leopard trim found on clifton ave. 3475562106

  • tessie tesler says:

    lost a phone,black blackberry, somewhere in lakewood, please call 7327404011

  • S.lang says:

    We found the notebook ב״ה

  • s. Lang says:

    lakewood bubbe says. my number is 917-923-1295.

  • s. Lang says:

    on Dec.24, 2017 I lost a purple paisley mini notebook with a bank token
    attached and lots of information inside.


  • chaim aron says:

    found keys of a honda sienna in the sfardy shul (new central) with a key chain saying arkdys on it.. my number is 732-773-0754

  • chaya says:

    Lost ipod touch near Madison and 11th street, last week. 917 683 3776

  • Esther says:

    Lost diamond earring in Yeshiva area. 732-575-2249

  • Nr says:

    Found Atlanta lace up shoe, blueish color, size 21 near Amazing Savings. 7187530628

  • Peggy Smoke says:

    Domesticated rabbit found in the area of Sunset. Very sweet with floppy ears. I believe it is a female. This rabbit was found early this morning. 11/25/2017. Please email the above address.

    Thank You!

  • Maria Mato says:

    Lost dog on November 1st. Possibly picked up by resident who frequents liquor store on Ridge Ave. Black with white chest, red collar with tags. Answers to Shadow. Missing from Howell. Family devastated..PLEASE help us bring him home. Contact 908-610-6516

  • FOUND GPS says:


  • Araceli says:

    We lost a camoflouge army back pack . Had a Apple lap top and school books for Metro state university . Please it’s very important to me and I would love to get my belonging back .Very important school work in my computer.

  • Negel Vasser says:

    Found Artscroll women’s white siddur with the name in hebrew Rivka Sarah Hastings or something similar. Was seen in black knapsack in Jay’s buses lost and found on cross street. Was inscribed by Abba and Ima. I left is there, as there is no one with that last name in the Lakewood phone book.

    • Chaya Kahn says:

      Siddur was picked up by family! Dr. Hastings, podiatrist at Chemed moved to town recently so the family was not in the Cheder book. Networking led to a happy reunion of the Siddur and family.

  • liza says:

    found set of keys on gravel path on south lake drive near corner of Kimball rd. Has Jerusalem keychain and shoprite price plus card.

    call 732 370 4523

  • chana says:

    I lost a high-top burgundy baby shoe size 25 in the J2 south area or sterling forest. if found please call 3474243873

  • Lost Bracelet says:

    Lost Diamond Bracelet on Tuesday, September 26th. Reward if found!
    Please call 917-533-1545 or 732-496-4839

  • BS says:

    I found a gemara masechte Rosh hashana in the Marriott courtyard hotel in Wall township on chol hamoed.
    I could be reached at 908-692-8942.

  • estie says:

    lost pink canon sureshot camera in liberty science center on chol hamoed sukkos. please call 732 942 7517

  • fl says:

    Found a headband in south lake park on yom tov. call 732 966 7963.

  • Avi H says:

    Found a gold earrings on Friday, 10/8. Southlake and carasaljo. 732-600-1388 (leave message)

  • Hi says:

    Found iPod nano outside the cleaning station on Kennedy blvd. on October 2nd 2017
    if it’s yours please call or message 732-806-1176

  • Jet says:

    We found a young male long-haired Chihuahua on our block in the Mayfield/Lakewood neighborhood this morning. He’s mostly black but has a small white patch on his chest. He’s not neutered. No collar on him. He’s very friendly but obviously scared too. He’s now living with us until we can re-unite him with his family. Once he’s a bit more comfortable, I will take him to our vet to see if he’s microchipped.

    Please email me if this might be your dog.

  • Sara Moskovitz says:

    Found black small siddur with inscription from BY BP to Blimee Herman.

  • harrison says:

    iPhone found on the corner of Arlington and Lincoln.

    Please contact Harrison at 732-600-2444 for details.

  • YG says:

    Lost a bracelet at Ateres Reva Hall on September 4. If found, please call 248-796-2043.

  • Barooky says:

    Lost Teffilin in last week of August. Teffilin bag has name that start with Yosef S——
    Please call 732 961 9550

  • sg says:

    FOUND: pair of girls glasses during last week of August. You can call if you lost, & think this might be yours. 908 773 9159.

  • Camera says:

    King gear camera lost on a camp trip to keansburg. Was on a Seman tov bus. If u find pls text 9175866232

  • miriam steinberg says:

    took a jacket by mistake from your black mini van in tzefas after you kindly gave us a ride. if its yours please call 732-363-6330 or in yerushalaim 02-537 4041

  • Rebecca kesherim says:

    URGENT just now (thurs nite 8/17 ) some1 on bus from brooklyn to lakewood had taken my small black hand luggage , by mistake, if U have it please call 9175496907 , iam staying in lake wood for shabbos & every thing i have is in there 0r 3100 6661660

  • Lkwdgirl says:

    FOUND tallis and tefillin bag( grey suede) in Lakewood Commons (possibly after a bris) please call 848-222-9893

  • Lkwdgirl says:

    tallis and tefillin bag( grey suede) in a lakewood commons (possibly after a bris) please call 848-222-9893

  • D. Cohen says:

    found womens engagement ring. Rt. 9 area, please call (732) 508-0526

  • David says:

    Lost a black leather sheital box on Route 9 near Freehold.Sunday evening August 13. 9089105733

  • Dovid says:

    LOST stainless steel PARKER PEN in the lake park this Sunday. 917 488 6526

  • Chava says:

    Found: Before Pesach, Diamond earing on County Line Rd. Please call: 323 836 2603

  • shoshana says:

    Found snap on tool bag with heavy duty drill and attachments to remove lug nuts please text 7327738859

  • fl says:

    lost gold dangling earring with heart on top if found please call 732-370-5210 thank you.

  • fl says:

    lost white siddur possibly in pine park. if found please call 732 370 5210.thank you

  • Lisa says:

    A pair of children’s glasses were lost a few shabbosim ago… found in front of 905 14th street (turquoise frames)— they are left by the mailbox at that address if you’d like the claim them.

  • ZB says:

    jewelry was found at zb chateau. please come in to claim.

  • Rennie R says:

    Lost White female maltese 16yo around North Long Beach Bixby Knolls area on June 28th.

  • Malky says:

    Set of keys at safety fair on Sunday June 25
    Call 732-740-1984

  • moishe says:

    Lost shtreimel and bekishe on June 25 brookhill area please call 7323647448 thank you

  • S says:

    Lost a yellow gold/white gold link bracelet

  • S says:

    Lost a yellow gold/white gold link bracelet.

  • Sara says:

    Accidentally left bugaboo bee while loading car on 13th and 50th in BP on May 28.
    If found please call 347-404-0879

  • found necklace says:

    found a necklace at lakewood cheder dinner on Sunday May 29
    call 732-814-1540

  • Esther says:

    Found bugaboo chameleon in south lake park. Green khaki colored. Wet from being outside but in good condition. Check if yours is missing.

  • Miriam Goldenberg says:

    I lost a diamond ring and eternity band on Friday May 12 was at Costco and First Street area if found please call 7327300412

  • Aaron Weiner says:

    Found beautiful earring in Westgate a few months ago. it has a clip on and a post closure.

    If this belongs to you or someone you know, please call 845-300-6901 and provide simanim.

  • Diamond bracelet says:

    Lost diamond tennis bracelet at npgs James or stitch n sew. If found please call 7326644501

  • Diamond bracelet says:

    Lost diamond tennis bracelet at npgs James or stitch n sew on may 8 if found call 7326644501 ty

  • Lou says:

    Lost my quiet Lakewood township with no over-overcrowding, speeding, traffic jams, drivers cutting you off, my sanity, my quality of life, school busing. That’s it! I’m moving to Brooklyn!

  • Bayla P says:

    I found KEYS on a small keychain in Boro Park, on 48th Street between 18th and 19th Avenues.
    Week of sunday, April 30 – friday May 6, 2017

    Please email:

  • Mark Truong says:

    I lost my iphone 7 which have otter box case in Lakewood town center. If anyone have it, pls contact me by this email
    Thank you

  • Miriam Weiss says:

    To the Lakewood Couple who drove me around Monmouth Hospital parking lot on April 19th – thank you for the chesed you did in helping me locate my car in the lot. I accidentally took an NPGS plastic bag with a folder and some other items out of your car. Please call Miriam 917 518 0703 so I can return to you. Tizku l’mitzvos.

  • Yitzy Rabinowitz says:

    I got a hitch from bp to lkwd and I left my hat in the back seat, it has my initials yr and the number in the hat is obsolete (7182497982)
    Please contact me at 3476205942
    The couple I went with has a minivan and they had one baby in the car, they dropped me off on hope Chapel at about 3:50 pm on sunday 4/16/17 erev second days

  • Anonymous says:

    Found a Mesivta Gemara maseches baba Basra in the middle of the road by the turning lane on route 9 and Chestnut. Please call 7329427690

  • Found a parakeet says:

    Found a parakeet in our backyard w tag. If it’s yours, please text 347-236-1499

  • suzi elbaz says:

    Lost in Shloimies parking lot: a Hat Box suit bag with white shirts,suit, and banana republic winter coat.
    If found please call 2163465002

  • elazar kaufman says:

    Lost a suit bag with a suit and shirts in the shloimys plaza on march 30 if found please call 732 228-0964 or 732 833 3591

  • Felicity says:

    Lost a ring at the Lakewood mall 3/25/17 square cut and rose gold please contact me

  • Tyler Flynn says:

    Lost set of ford keys on Wyandotte/near Lakewood Village Tavern.


  • R Herz says:

    Lost camera at Greenbaum wedding, Feb. 28, 2017
    Ateres Chana / Bais Faiga
    Please call or text 848 525 1420

  • D W says:

    Found wristlet (wallet) with money on corner Penn and Harrison.
    was found Friday March 10th
    Please call 16466991487

  • Neuman says:

    Switched shabbos coat with someone at wedding at The cheder on Wednesday night February 15th.
    Black wool guess coat with gold buttons. The coat i have is size medium and has a pair of velvet gloves with diamond stitching in the pockets. Looking for the same coat in size small.
    Please contact 845-274-3121

  • Found Pacifier Clip says:

    FOUND: IN the Glatt Gourmet parking lot the day of the anniversary event.
    Pacifier attached to clip

  • Leah says:

    Framed needlepoint picture found on porch of 11 Chicanos Drive a month ago. Please call 732 370 2572

  • SEASONS says:

    Money was found in the parking lot of Seasons Supermarrket with a personal note from a sibling attached. please contact Matt at Seasons to identify.

  • Abi says:

    Found: borsalino black hat, found in Pembroke rest area on I-90 on the way to new York. If you left your hat in the rest area contact Abi at 929-243-6103 to give me your siman. The hat is currently in new York.

  • Kitty says:

    LOST CAT: Indoor-only cat escaped. Finn is big, orange w/white, longhaired, and probably very scared. LAST SEEN 12/10/16 near 88/Jack Martin in Brick, likely heading towards Ocean County Park in Lakewood. IF SEEN please call (646) 707-4382. Thank you.

  • Yosef says:

    Lost a Gold Bangel might be a drop rose on it 7323632070

  • Kevin M says:

    Work for local utility Co. Lost set of car keys in Lakewood Tue Nov 1st. One key for a Jeep the other for a Mercury. Harley Davison key chain. If found 908-433-4195

  • Kriger says:

    Nov 1 – 2 pairs tefillin and mens jacket and shirt lost in a bag from the hatbox on the Lakewood bus from J and Coney to Lakewood at 930 pm. Someone may have taken it by mistake without realizing.

  • Weiss says:

    Lost black mens raincoat in Chestnut Shul during shacharis on erev shabbos chol hamoed with car keys in pocket. 248 802 6336

  • CK says:

    Lost: Esrog fell out of car trunk on Park between Leonard and Rosebankd Tues. night.. If found please call or text 732.908.9768. Box was found but not the esrog.

  • RF says:

    Lost navy blue baby moccasin in or around Khal Chassidim on Cedar Row. If found, please call/txt 917-544-4515.

  • Seasons kosher says:

    Multiple car Keys found at Seasons
    Please call or come to customer service if you think it belongs to you

  • naftooli says:

    Found mens bike on 11th st near Monmouth 732-674-4101

  • Chaimel says:

    Linen in a black garbage bag on the NY 17. Call 732-364-7228,

  • Dahlia says:

    Please call 7329270252

  • Dahlia says:

    Lost a box of papers & documents fell out of hatch on route 9 between 6 & 12 streets on Fri 8/26/16

  • Dahlia says:

    Lost a box full of papers & documents on route 9 between 6 st and 12 st. on Aug 26 2016

  • Michael Ring says:

    Found a heavy-duty cargo/luggage strap on 5th Street near Private Way. Respond to 443-839-6577.

  • Adina says:

    Found signed baseball on eighth street mid August, 2016. Pls. call 908-770-3080.

  • Moshe says:

    Found a Car Remote in a Shul in Lakewood Oak Knoll Area. The remote has been sitting in Shul since either June or July 2016.

  • avrohom says:

    Lost diamond engagement ring in Monsey area. If found please call 7325344287 or 8485259413.

  • Mis says:

    Was in the Brick reservoir Friday afternoon (two days ago) around 5:00 PM and saw a key (keyless entry) for a Nissan. I tried to click for a car but your car must have been gone already. I left the key on top of the wood fence around the parking lot next to the ramp going to the reservoir.

  • Shimon. S says:

    Found a CD case full of Jewish CD’s. On vine street around Pesach time. Please call: 732-908-6807

  • HAT left in Z BERMAN BOOKS says:

    man’s black hat has been left in ZBERMAN BOOKS route 9 location.

  • Delayed says:

    Found an ipad with case around six months ago. The screen is cracked and the user name is a frum name.

  • Yechiel Levi says:

    Lost a hat outside 4corners on county line company B size 56 no name or number inside
    Yechiel Levi 7326923798

  • N. GOLFEIZ says:

    The kallah bracelet that was posted earlier was found on the corner of 9th and madison not 9th and clifton it was found on june 1 call 443-226-7582

  • N. Golfeiz says:

    Found kallah bracelet on the corner of 9th and Clifton ave. on June 1 call 443-226-7582

  • moshe zev leitman says:

    I lost my tfillin at the DoubleTree by hilton in tinton falls eatontown on sunday may 29th 2016 in the bushes. it was in a white shopping bag with some clothing the name was MOSHE ZEV LEITMAN in hebrew. If found please call 1845 558 5790 and leave a message. Thank you

  • benzion gelernter says:

    I lost tefillan in Brooklyn on may 13, it was a Friday. It was left either on the MTA bus or train. My name is benzion gelernter, its written on the bag. My legal name is benny gelernter which is on a DMV certificate in the bag.

    IF found please call 17188394792

  • Black hat found says:

    Another black hat has been left at Z Berman Books in Chateau Plaza. If it’s yours please come and claim it ASAP.

  • MCG says:

    I found a 2gb sd card 2 years ago. If you or someone you know lost one please contact me. It looks like it was fron a teenage girls camera. there were a lot of pictures –

  • TLS Editor says:

    (Submitted) Lost 26” Schwinn sidewind bicycle black/green/silver
    If found please call 732-901-3920

  • Lost it! Found it! Hotline says:

    Wanted to let everyone know about the new Lost /Found Hotline that was recently established l’iluy nishmas Dr. Leibel Fink a”h. The toll free number is 1-844-LOST-844
    Please call in you lost or found valuables (above $25) and you will be notified if a match has been found

  • R A S says:

    Lost a pair of Tefillin in the Berkeley Hotel in Asbury Park NJ on Motsai Shabbos Mishpatim. Last seen in lower level lobby on table near side glass doors, during checkout. Any info please call 347-517-3395. Thank you.

  • Tzippora G says:

    Found 2 links of a diamond bracelet (kallah bracelet style) on December 19th, on Caranetta Drive in Lakewood. Please email me if you or someone you know is the owner…

  • A bissel Seichel says:

    on 11/15 I Fount a camera case and a flash unit and SD cards on North Lake Drive by the trees across Cedar Row please call 8482999910

  • Laurie says:

    LOST Engagement ring on 11-28-15 at Maggies in lakewood.
    REWARD !!
    Please call 732-600-8217

  • lost laptop says:

    Lost a rugged laptop somewhere in the rt 9 south neighborhood on Friday 11/20/15. if found please call 732 788 3206

  • CP says:

    I lost a diamond necklace at the Kotler Kallus chasuna in lake terrace Sunday night November 22 please contact me 7326743028

  • A bissel Seichel says:


    Fount a camera case and a flash unit on North Lake Drive

  • Shari Berman says:

    Lost – purple women’s prescription glasses in August – please call me at 757-685-9878 Thank you!

  • Tara says:

    **LOST DOG**

    lost dog found at Ocean Park Village, Lakewood.
    small male dog, mix breed, black and white spots

    Please contact Ocean Park Village 732-364-2900

  • Krug Ortho says:

    Found diamond/gold bracelet at 500 River Avenue. Please call to describe. Found about 2 weeks ago. 732 364 1234

  • Shiffy Pollak says:

    lost red canon camera in pink and orange trip bag. Pictures of Camp meoros on card. please call 942-1328

  • Malka Lebovic says:

    lost a diamond bracelet on may 10 in 14th st or Clifton Lexington area. Call 7326006901

  • Malka Lebovic says:

    I lost a diamond bracelet in 14th st or Clifton Lexington on Oct 10. 326006901

  • hashavas bike says:

    18 speed bike was found in Hearthstone on a sunday the beginning of September. Please call 732-608-1618 to claim.

  • mrs t says:

    lost a black lady’s wallet has my drivers license inside . pls call me 7323306745

  • M Weinstock says:

    Found Bicycle, New England Village Area, Elul
    Call 732-604-6634

  • 40 years in Lakewood says:

    Found Sunday August 23rd in Staples parking lot, howell a bag with a black velvet yarmulke and white cotton fitness. Fell out of vehicle. Call 732 364 8046.

  • Sam says:

    Found Toyota Minivan Car keys in from of Sterling Forest entrance
    Aug 28.
    Call 7328061878

  • dassy says:

    I lost a strand of pearls on a shabbos around shavous time in coventry square if found please call or text 732 551 4716 thank you

  • malki says:

    son lost blue suit bag with his suit in it the night he came home from Yeshiva for summer bain hazmanim in bagel nosh parking lot.
    732-626-5693 -please leave a message. thank you.

  • Sweet Dream Farm says:

    On a Sunday this July/August 2015 someone dropped 4 idential gold colored keys on 1 thin circular key ring on our property while visitng the farm with their family. No identification on it, not house keys. call 732-908-7370 is you losit it. tysm

  • Vivian Gelberman says:

    Lost cell phone in Lakewood, NJ on August 9th at 7:30 p.m.
    LG type, from Metropcs
    between Capital Motel and Lake Terrace Wedding Hall (on Oak street)
    Says “if lost call (212) 865-4811”
    Please do so if found and text (347) 353-2046
    Thank you!!

  • Tzippy says:

    I lost a kallah watch almost 2 years ago, around Yomim Noraim of 2013. Desperately looking for it! thanx

  • Baruch says:

    Lost a pink Amazon Fire Kids Edition a few month ago. If found, please call me at 201-738-1442. Thank You!

  • Found says:

    Found cash card – with full name on it – initials are JK please contact 848-525-1538

  • itta Herzberg says:

    lost Canon Camera SD 1000 in grey case on East county line road area.
    Please call 732-364-7560

  • yehuda leib egert says:

    missing a pair of teffillin that i might have lost in the sloatsberg rest area on the way back from the catskills this past thursday, with the name yehuda leib egert written on them. if anyone has information regarding them please contact me. thanks!

  • Found Watch says:

    Found Movado men’s watch. Please call 732-998-3014 if no answer please leave msg



  • Sam says:

    lost in boro park erev shavous long brown wig in box

  • meyer says:

    found a brown and baby blue ecco kids sneaker in Glatt Bite Plaza
    732 370 3192

  • nr says:

    Found brand new snood on Chanukah by Bais Shaindel
    call 718-753-0628

  • chany says:

    lost diamond from engagement ring

  • ruth says:

    found two black hats in a hat box on New Hampshire Ave
    please call 732-370-7580 / 732-703-3834

  • -- says:

    Found a suitcase on Pine St tonight (מוצאי שבת ויקרא). 848.525.6035

  • Tova says:

    Lost a short black wig in Boropark on 51st street between 15th and 16th ave. If found please contact me 718-744-4555. It fell out of a bag.

  • Twersky says:

    I accidentally exchanged rubber boots with someone on Purim in Yeshiva. I put the wrong ones back the next day, but I am still missing mine. Large men’s black rubber boots, says Twersky with a phone number inside, may be a drop rubbed out. Please call 732-886-8187.

  • My Take says:

    I lost a strand of pearls Feb. 28 (motzei Shabbos) either at the gym or somewhere in Shoprite plaza , maybe at Dollar Tree or Shop Rite. please call 732 598 1241 if found, Thank you

  • grace smith says:

    i lost a emerald green ring with a silver band its my promise ring lots of syntemental value please bring it back if found!

  • angie says:

    LOST gold and amehtyst ring around king soopers and verizon off of alameda and allison accross from belmar, on Januray 2nd it was my grandmothers anniversary , high sentimental value more than anything offering reward 7199949040

  • Sruly says:

    Found Diamond Rings at Sprinkles of Lakewood.
    Please call @732 364-1500 and asked for Sruly

  • kurt says:

    I lost my cellphone in Lakewood January 1st. Has pictures of my sons Christmas. Black and blue slip hard cover case. Aquos phone will give small reward just for irreplaceable pictures on it. Think I lost inn Detroit ave.

  • tzivia says:

    lost a laptop in the regency estates area in a amazon basics case if found please call 732-503-2452



  • Malkie says:

    Found Suitcase in PA airport Monday after Sukkos. Please contact me for details 248-259-3678

  • Found says:

    Found toddler’s shoe at Robert’s Carnival (Sukkos 2014) in the parking lot. Girl’s, brown with pink flowers. Call or text 8485256035.

  • Shimmy says:

    Lost a tennis bracelet on August 31 in the lake terrace hall Please call 8482991751

  • Y. Leitner says:

    I may have left my Tallis and tefillin in your car yesterday when giving me a ride to Brooklyn. Name on bag is Yosef Leitner please call me at 7189986890 or cell 3474799601 thank you

  • FOUND WATCH says:

    found watch after birnbaum/svei wedding on 08/13
    if yours please call or text:
    C: 848-525-9790
    H: 732-363-52562

  • Trish Brophy says:

    Jeter a white Pitbull with on brown spot on his back at the base of his tail is Missing. There is a $2000 reward for Jeter’s safe return.
    ********* STILL MISSING IN TOMS RIVER *********Jeter missing from the 500 block of Holly Village Lane in Toms River on 7/28/2014 was seen by neighborhood kids, being picked up by a couple in a white SUV at the corner of South and Holly Village Lane in Toms River, Call I Lost My Dog 732-773-9121 or Danielle 732-642-3987 with any information,

  • The Kosher Taco says:

    Found a diamond ring @ The Kosher Taco, Contact The Kosher Taco 732 534 5511

  • K E says:

    Found diamond ring on Sunday morning 8/10.
    call 732-534-1997

  • Yosef Michoel says:

    Missing Tefillin and Tallis with name on bag Yosef Michoel.
    May have been left in Shul/Bais Medrash and borrowed by
    mistake.Please call 917-747-1110.

  • chaim says:

    Lost Diamond tennis bracelet in lakewood

  • Found Bike says:

    At entrance to local supermarket. Notify TLS with simanim and or serial number.

  • Ch. Lhachriz says:

    Found Watch in park on Erev Shabbos 7/11

    call 732-364-4109

  • Found Kallah Bracelet says:

    Please contact

  • Found Kallah Bracelet says:

    Found it between Kennedy and County by Doctor OB/GYN couple weeks ago,they told me someone called about a missing bracelet but they wont give me info number of person who called bout their missing bracelet

  • melissa says:

    Found a male grey and black tabby. He is very sweet and loves people. Found over by the hospital if he’s yours please e-mail me so he can come back home.

  • lost says:

    lost blue Beats in case with mp3 player plugged in to it

  • Mordechai says:

    Found pre paid card in walmart on 6/25/14


  • Daniel says:

    $$$$REWARD$$$$MISSING!!anyone you know has seen or now has a ORANGE CAT any info that gets him back home will be REWARDED ,he is a Male, very nice will come up to you if say his name Kipp, thou he is all orange he has a darker Orange that makes almost tiger stripe markings and the last time he was seen was 06-06-14 call 732-367-7490

  • ullmann says:

    Amount of money found in golden farmers market by cashier. Talk to manager.

  • Deena L says:

    LOST – A two tone emerald green brooch (pin) 14 Street area in or around Ner Dovid .
    Please call Deena at 718 974 9564

  • nieremberg says:

    Found bracelet in chemed parking lot pls contact

  • Shmuly Kaszirer says:

    Found green iPod touch in the Ridge area. Please call 908-692-8985

  • Aryeh says:

    Lost 300 dollars cash in four corners parking lot plz contact me by 7323373146 if found thank you

  • cufflink says:

    lost white gold cufflnk on purim if found please call 347-228-3289

  • aryeh says:

    lost watch on tuesday apr 8th. if found please call 416 783 9730

  • found cash says:

    Found cash on 5th Street Erev Pesach. Please call 732-901-1262

  • shoe switch says:

    lost geox sneakers size 30 at Roberts carnival. took home your size 32 sneakers you left us instead. pls call 908 327 4541

  • Bangle says:

    Found bangle in cart in Shoprite parking lot on Motzei Pesach 732 367 5120

  • Eyeglasses says:

    Found eyeglasses 7329050826

  • shira says:

    I lost a diamond bracelet about a month ago please call 7327251433. Ty

  • Danny says:

    Lost set of keys at 11:00 service on 3/30/14. Please call 281-808-1970

  • lost says:

    lost pearl bracelet on purim. Please call 917-805-6463

  • BZ says:

    FOUND: white gold and diamond bracelet. please call 732-901-7128

  • nechama says:

    lost small purse with gift cards and cash on Sunday Feb 2, 2014…possibly in bagel nosh or near there. call 732 267 8956 if found

  • Anonymous says:

    Found envelope with money near Michaels in Howell.
    Name written in Hebrew. Please call 732-905-8602

  • Vanessa says:

    Lost snowboard equipment (new snowboard, gloves, boots, etc) and a Hershal backpack with belonging inside. Please contact if found, willing to pay a reward (714) 600-2379

  • MZ says:

    Found a women shoe gap size 8 maroon color call 917-589-7011

  • zvi says:

    found tools that fell off pick up truck 3 months ago please call 732-552-9040

  • YITZY BRIER says:


  • Coat Taken says:

    Someone took by mistake my coat (woman’s coat) at a baby kiddush this past shabbos (12/7/13) at the Miller/Adams Street Shul. My coat is a size 12 black GUESS coat with a belt. They left behind their own coat, a size 10 Jones NY. Please, if you were at the kiddush there this past shabbos, check that you are wearing your own coat!
    If you have my coat, please email me at

  • jersey shore animal center says:

    lost dog:last seen 12/6/13 near West Gate Plaza between Hillside Blvd. and Gudz Rd. May still be dragging leash.Do not try to catch-he is very afraid of people! Please contact Jersey Shore Animal Center immediately at 732-920-1600 or Lakewood Animal Control.

  • Shloimy's Kosher World says:

    Leather Glove in Shloimy’s Kosher World
    November 28/ First day of Chanuka

  • ck says:

    Pearl bracelet found – thank you!

  • Lost yorkie :( says:

    Lost 2 year old yorkie near pine acres if found please contact me at 917 684 5757

  • ck says:

    Lost double strand pearl bracelet In Lakewood in Mid November. Silver (white gold) clasp that is square push button released.
    Pls return if found THANK YOU! 718-938-7232

  • Halon says:

    Lost. Diamond tennis bracelet bet 11/6 -11/7 2013. Pls call 732-904-7406

  • Lost bracelet says:

    Lost white gold bracelet with Diamonds in Forest Park/Martin Luther/Arlington Shul area on or around Rosh Hashana. Please all: 732-581-2541

  • Ferdinand says:

    Lost a brown leather wallet on10/11/2013 at 1 route 70, Lakewood, NJ

    If found, please call 732-363-6978.

  • Eliyahu Zukierman says:

    Bachur’s Hat left in a car going to Brooklyn-Mill Basin on Erev Shabbos Parshas Nitzavi-Vayeilech (Motzei Shabbos was the first night of Selichos). 2 bachurim were picked up by the hitching spot at Squankum and Kennedy (near Whispering Pines) and were given a ride to Kensington in Brooklyn on teh way to Mill Basin. One of the Bachurim unknowingly left his hat in the car. Please call 347-546-9910 if you know the whereabouts of the hat. Thank you.

  • lost bracelet says:

    lost a gold bracelet with colored stones.
    Please call 347-729-2347

  • Kids Yarmulke says:

    Found kids Yarmulke with a big Alef embroidered on it, about 4 or 5 months ago. On Woehr ave (second st after park ave).
    Please call 732 6840451.
    and leave a message.

  • found says:

    Found New mp4 player (bloggie touch from Walmart $80) in bag of clothing donated to DeJa New in April call 732-901-0347

  • shloime says:

    found earings by r malkials wedding. 9176531366

  • Brookhill walker says:

    Found CD case Brookhill about 1-2 months ago.
    Found another CD case in Brookhill in October aprox 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy

  • 13 year old says:

    a black tommy hilfiger wallet with $40 memory card game stop card and a asher yatzar card

  • Hat and sheitel says:

    Found: Hat and sheitel in a traveling hatbox in San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on Thursday Aug 1st. Please call 732.363.8506 or 347.419.2468.

  • Seforim off car trunk says:

    Found: 2 seforim fell off trunk of a blue car driving on Kennedy Blvd on Friday July 26, 2013. Call 732-363-7369

  • Bonnie Dooley says:

    Lost, a key ring with a house key which contains a leather Keystone nameplate. Lost on July 22, probably in the covered picnic area in the park bordered by Kipling and Alameda.

  • Jimmy says:

    FOUND: Loose stone from a ring or pendant. Found on 7/21/13 at Dr. N Gittleman’s parking lot. 908 783 2156 leave a msg.

  • martin felix says:

    please help us to find our husky puppy, she has blue eyes and she is brown whit white, is 7 months old, we don’t know if they toke her or if she got out from my yard and got lost, any information please call or text me to 7198498994 thank you, we appreciate and we love to have her back

  • tallis n tefilin says:

    a tallis bag was left in z. berman books on route 9 tonite. please claim asap

  • TLS Editor says:


    Tfillin and Gemara found in Z. Berman shop in Westgate. Call 732-367-6000, x 2.

  • YL Rubelow says:

    Found: a Sefas Emes on Sefer Bamidbar on the NJ Transit from Lakewood terminal going to Port Authority.
    Call 848-525-5784

  • Jessica says:

    Daughter lost coach wallet orange trim with her Id at colorado mills parking lot call 720-394-3480 reward. No questions asked.

  • FOUND CAMERA says:

    .. in a locally rented SUV in June 2013. If you believe this camera may belong to you, please contact 732.8061730

  • Two Eight says:

    URGENT MISSING a suit jacket has possibly fell out of a car yesterday on Joe Parker or Route 88 or County Line Rd, if you’ve seen it pls call 7328144881 Fri, May 31, 2013

  • dovid says:

    Lost a black computer bag at an accident scene on hope road and a country club road. It has very important documents inside. If found plz email

  • EK says:

    Lost a pair of Tefillin If found Please call:732-279-5938

  • leah-regarding camera says:

    found a camera at the bais kaila play motzai shabbos viewing. it looks like it belongs to a young girl so if anyone knows of a girl who is missing it please contact me at 732-228-3955

  • cell phone says:

    lost a cell phone on 3/19- probably at a gas station/ vacuum cleaner
    at&t samsung evergreen.
    if found please call 917-224-1214- leave message
    thank you

  • Monogramed Bags Found says:

    Black Minivan trunk popped open at the light at Central and Sunset. A large bag containing monogramed bags fell out. Please call 646-410-1842 for more information.

  • Yonoson says:

    found black case with Jewish music CD’s on Arosa hill – believe it was lost a few months ago – call 732-886-1645

  • tzippy says:

    i lost a diamond pendant necklace lin shape of lightining. lost yestreday wednesday somewhere in shoperite plaza

  • TLS Editor says:

    Submitted: Found megillas esther, please call 732-552-5054

  • TLS Editor says:

    Submitted: Found gold and diamond ring. Contact, or 718-954-2118.

  • tzvi says:

    lost galaxy 3s with hard black case please call 7322781461

  • Coat says:

    Lost in last 2 weeks Boys winter coat size 10. Khaki color with fur around the hood
    Please call 732-503-6464

  • Coat says:

    Lost last winter a black ladies winter coat. Jones New York label with a zipper running diagonally across the front. Size 10-12
    Please call 732-503-6464

  • RING says:

    When: Aprox. 3 weeks ago
    Where: Four Corners parking lot
    Found a woven GOLD RING aprox 1 inch in height.
    Please call 732 942 1149. Please leave a message.

  • mattel says:

    Found gold ring on feb 7th in four corners parking lot

  • WATCH says:

    Found mens watch on East 9th btwn Park and East End
    Please call 516-509-3612

  • Camera says:

    Lost black digital camera with a few memory cards in a black case at n’emas hachaim hall on thurs jan 31. please call 347-585-8018

  • yissochar wenger says:

    lost ipod touch 3rd gen 8gb reward please call 732 534 2778

  • Anonymous says:

    Lost woman’s black Zara”s jacket/ coat. Side zipper. (917 355 8360)

  • TLS Editor says:

    Submitted: Lost brand newsheitel black shevy wig in black wig box
    At minyan shelanu shabbaton. If found pls call 7327401956

  • Pegjamo says:

    Lost my HTC 1 cell phone on 12/23/12. I went to Harbor Freight, Lowes and Walmart on Colfax. I live in Green Mtn off Union. Stopped at Loaf & Jug on Union. I will give reward for return of at least the sim card. It has pictures and info I’ll never get back. Thank you!

  • lost my camera says:

    Lost canon sd1200 blue and silver camera in or near gissinger shul today friday morning 12/14.
    lots of baby pics and also pics from a recent trip.

    PLEASE call 646-229-9753 if you think you may have found it.

  • Earring says:

    Found earring in Lakewood auto sales parking lot Sunday 11/25. 732 666-2639

  • berman books route 9 says:

    1 mens black long raincoat
    2 pink baby blanket
    3 red/brown/grey baby ski cap

    found in store. please come in to claim

  • Lost Camera says:

    Camera was lost by Lakewood Lake today (Nov 11) if found please call 732-806-1442

  • downtown says:

    11/2 midday: found new pair of pants on clifton ave. tags still attached. please send email with size and brand name if known to:

  • B. Lee says:

    found beautiful sterling silver bracelet in greensboro, send message with description to e-mail address. if lost a bracelet

  • Yehudis Jacobs says:

    If anyone finds a leather bag with tefillin in it and has name of Moshe Jacobs please call 3478934687 thank you

  • friend says:

    keys left at TOV electronics in June. keys are for a honda.
    has a horizon cvs tag and a maven motors key tag.
    please call 732-886-1333.

  • TLS Editor says:

    Camera found in August around Forest Ave. Call 347-420-1228. (Click link to view photos from camera:

  • Bubbie says:

    Childrens CROC: a black one at the First Commerce Bank/ Orthostep parking lot. A purple on on Monmouth Avenue between 9th & 10th.

  • shmeel says:

    LOST: I lost a maroon canon camera in the park ave and east 8th area , if found please call me at 347 228 4232 thank you

  • L says:

    Lost a necklace in pine park still in gift box. If find, please call 732-905-9540

  • Rochel Shain says:

    I lost a NIKE bag with TEFFILLIN, towel, bathing suit, siddur, and more in the parking lot of Hurricane Harbor on Aug. 7. If found, please contact Shain 917-865-6067

  • Mp says:

    Found kids yarmulka. On case rd July 30 call 7326002295


    Lost a cell phone on Friday, July 13, Pantech Link II AT&T, in JII Pizza in Shoprite Plaza. Cell phone looks like a blackberry phone, it is black, wide, and has many little keys. If found please call 908-247-1368. Thank you

  • lost wallet says:

    lost a wallet full of cash and credit cards on friday july 7th at approx 6:30 pm at TD bank on madison ave. please call with any info 646-296-4588

  • trionfo 6 3/4 says:

    mens black hat was left at bermans book store on route 9. please come claim it

  • TLS Editor says:

    (Submitted) My daughter’s Targus backpack with her laptop and medical textbooks was stolen from her car at Lexington and Kennedy. If anyone finds her items or knows where people sell stolen goods, please call 323-633-9201 or 323-633-0872. Thanks!

  • Friend says:

    Car keys left in tov electronics on Friday June 15th. Call 732-886-1333.

  • pinch says:

    I found A ring of keys with a remote to A toyota in the simcha hull in rabbi gissengers shul, if its yours please call me 917-613-0475

  • TLS Editor says:

    An envelope (reg. # 10) was found at Shloimy’s Kosher World this past Friday, containing cash. The envelope had just a first name on it and appears to be a weekly wages. If you believe it belongs to you, please call/text 732-779-5136.

  • Rochel Muchnick says:

    A pink sippy cup and a lightweight green baby stroller were left at Sweet Dream Petting Farm. Please call us to pick it up or come on Sunday 2-5:30pm or Friday 2-5:30pm when we are open. 732- – 806 – 7370

  • H.W. says:

    Lost a white gold and diamond pin possibly in Rose Castle or Lakewood on May 24th.
    If found please call 848-525-4703

  • bracelet says:

    found pearl bracelet on Caranetta over Shavous if yours call 732-9055743

  • Betzalel says:

    black shoulder bag/ tallis/ tefillin

    black backpack full with sefarim, papers, marked “Sierra Club”
    left on a school bus at Citifield night of asifa 5/20/12.

  • moshe says:

    Found earing on north lake drive this past shabbos parshas bhar . Please call 908 705 7022

  • i think i found it says:

    to #63 i am trying to get in contact with you. please look at your email

  • Yossef says:

    Lost MAY 2012 external hard drive about 6″ by 3″ black w/ USB connector.

  • Mishpacha A says:

    Found yo-yo. Red metal Yomega Dash found at Sunset Park 5/11/12 by the basketball courts. 732 370 4523.

  • s says:

    Found stroller at Jackson Premium Outlets
    Please call 845 659 8366

  • Anonymous says:

    Lost earing-diamond and brown stones. 347 585 8981.

  • Anonymous says:

    Regarding post 58: forgot to add that it is a men’s hat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Found-fairly decent black hat in street on ave k & east 17 with the name Eli in it. If it could be yours (even if it doesn’t fit you anymore), please call 347-446-7925.

  • C.S says:

    I found a sheitel in a bag which was mistakenly placed in my car at the Gross wedding in Ateres Reva/Toras Aron on Sunday night, April 22. Please call 973-856-9627.

  • jose badilla says:

    my dog has been missing since yesterday around 2pm, if you have seen him if you may know somebody that might have found a dog, please let me know. =/

    he is small, about 7-8 pounds and his name is luigi..

    any information is much appreciated, my number is 732-604-5677

  • Marie says:

    Found – Amazon Kindle reader near Stop/Shop Tri-City Plaza, Lakewood Road. email:

  • Lala says:

    Found a blue tooth at bmg email me at

  • Rivky says:

    Lost a size 2 navy Landsend windbreaker in 18th Ave park (Boropark) on 2nd day pesach. If found, please call; 908-704-3840

  • Abe says:

    Found Bedat & Co. watch on 9th and Clifton. If lost please call 848-210-1113

  • nj rebbe says:

    found march 30 6:30 am talis and tefillin bag in middle of 14th street with rabbenu tam tefillin call 732 552 7081


    Found on Purim night, small light blue vinyl covered siddur on Ardenwood Ave. has name stamped in gold on cover in Hebrew – Giti

    call 732-276-0262

  • rachie says:

    Lost on Monday March 12 -Diamond Bracelet – diamonds in front and plain white gold links on side and back (somewhere between Ninth and Forest and Agway/ Kew Gardens ) Please call 685-1666. Thanks!

  • sara says:

    lost children’s place bag with baby girl pj’s.
    please call 908-692-0298

  • Colleen says:

    LOST family heirloom round diamond pendant necklace at either Clarkes Landing Yacht Club or Hilton Garden Inn over the summer. Hoping by now it has turned up! LARGE $$$reward$$$ for finding.

    Contact if found

  • Josh says:

    Lost wallet before/after shabbos, identification inside. If found please call 513.460.4067.

  • packs unlimited says:

    found girls gray coat with brand label ZARAS KIDS size 4-5years call 732 987 9777

  • R says:

    Lost a zippered pouch with jewelery inside If found please call 732.773.0899 Thank you

  • Sam says:

    Found GM minivan car keys near Clifton ave. Please email me at if you think it may be yours.

  • Malka says:

    Found money three weeks ago in Bais Faiga at the Traveling Boutique.
    Please call 732-300-8772

  • Shloimy's Kosher World says:

    Diamond (probably a kallah bracelet) bracelet, found a few weeks ago, still has not been claimed. If you have a daughter, daughter-in-law or friend missing a pretty bracelet, Please contact us at 363-3066.
    Shloimy’s Kosher World – We care.

  • TLS Editor says:

    (Submitted) Kamaya found in lakewood claim with simunim pls call . 732 616 1499 thx

  • Bluetooth Headset Found says:

    Found a Jawbone Headset in a gas station. To claim email

  • shoshana says:

    my son lost his iPod touch on the corner of sanz town and kings field in west gate if you found it call 732-364-5704

  • Brenda says:

    I lost my purse in a Jack in a box (5858 Del Amo Blvd, Lakewood CA 90713) i have really important documents…PLEASE if found please call (562) 441-0600

  • yocheved says:

    i lost my maroon Nikon camera in a black case. if found please call 364-9676

  • TLS Editor says:

    Submitted by Mrs. Flowers-Cody: Found! My Supervisor found a coat at the Women’s Lakewood Pavilion on Septemger 16, 2011. It had a Wimbledon’s Collection “Approved by The All England Tennis, Lawn and Croquet Club” label inside. Not sure for what gender the coat would be. Kind of short/petite in size. Tell me the color to claim your coat. (216) 658-4593.

  • Anonymous says:

    Found a commuter check on Thursday night outside a food establishment.
    Please call 718-877-5817

  • Toby says:

    Lost Diamond hoop earing. Reward if found!
    Please call 732-330-5101 or 732-803-6798

  • Sara Kranz says:

    Bochur staying with us from out of town lost ipod in Lakewood parshas Chaya Sorah- please call 732-610-6267

  • Esther says:

    Lost Diamond Ring and Wedding Band around Yeshiva Area. Please call 732-575-2249.

  • Ron Benvenisti says:

    Lost glasses. Copper flexon frame varifocal vicinity of 40 Caranetta. Contact TLS. Thx.

  • Leah says:

    Lost Tallis bag with talis at Cheesequake rest stop on Hoshana Raba Oct 19 if found please call 732-572-9684

  • Cassie says:

    my small jewery box has come up missin, with jewlert in it, plz help me.

  • found says:

    found a yarmulka in marshalls three weeks ago, its navy and has initials inside the kippa. call 7329423675

  • Kid's Yarmulka says:

    A Yarmulka with the name written in Hebrew Script colorful embroidery was found in the street on Clifton Avenue next to Bais Faiga. Call 370-6444

  • Anonymous says:

    Found summer ’10 in Negba Complex – flash drive w pictures of Niagra Falls trip call 732-364-2920-

  • Beane says:

    Lost Visa Payment at EMH Shoe Store, Clifton and 4th
    At about 3 PM, Sunday September 11 2011, a Visa payment for 4 pairs of girls shoes in the amount of $295 failed. Please come in to repeat the payment as soon as possible. Thank You Tizku L’Mitzvos, Call 732-901-7722 or 732-363-0537

  • lost key says:

    Somebody took a key to see a unit in Coventry and never returned it – if you took a key to look at 176 Williamsburg in Coventry please return it – Thank you so much – Call 732 367 7055

  • Finder says:

    I found a set of pumps right outside my house on a bench right in twin oaks in the villas about three months ago. Please call 732-691-6416

  • Anonymous says:

    found a yarmulkah with the name tzvi in H&M in freehold mall on wednesday august 31. Please call 732-253-7145

  • Chani says:


    Someone took my black duffle bag with pink and green electrical tape all over it from the luggage pile at Camp B’nos.

    The bag contains all my clothing, as well as other personal belongings. If you find it, or hear something, please contact me at (917) 439-6058.

    Thank you

  • Universal says:

    White dormitory refrigerator. Dropped off with Camp Toras Chesed at Shloimy’s Plaza. If not stolen, it is standing next to Aqua Show.

  • Crystal Van de Zilver says:

    Found Yarmulke on Pine Street, today. Contact (732) 905-3411

  • found diamond ring says:

    found diamond ring in my couch that was bought 5 yrs ago at local store. 7183069710

  • LOST EARING says:

    Lost a diamond earing at Lake Terrace on Aug 15 at the Nahem wedding please call 908-910-3322

  • CAR KEYS FOUND says:

    car keys found near lake, please email saytehillimlist at gmail dot com

  • TLS Editor says:

    Submitted: Diamond ring found at the Sloatsburg rest area on the Thruway. Please contact the finder at 347-782-3976

  • MT says:

    Found a white gold bangle in Pine Park (possibly childrens) 732-552-7976

  • Mordechai says:

    Ring was found in women’s bathroom at the Kollel’s Lag Baomer Concert (Lakewood Community Center). email

  • shaindy says:

    found an MP3 player in Pine Park 8/1/11. Call 732-901-9419 or 732-267-8956 for more info

  • ID says:

    small brown rectangular pocketbook with ruffles on back was put on our front steps last eruv Shabbos. Absolutely nothing was inside. Miller/Hope location. 732-942-1686

  • 40clifton says:

    found bluetooth on stairway of 40 clfton

  • TLS Editor says:

    Diamond Bracelet found on Forest Avenue on 7-24-11. Please contact to claim.

  • MS says:

    Lost a yellow gold charm bracelet with burberry charms. Last time I had it was in the Ocean County Mall. if found please call 732-588-5114

  • david says:

    Found pair of size 6 cherokee kakhi shorts with kids glasses in pocket and pair of boys underwear inside on Central avenue between Kimball and Sunset. Please call 917-968-2882.

  • Jimmy Says says:

    Found: Blackberry (color black) at Sunset Park on 7/11. Call 732 323 5245 to reclaim

  • Hashavas Aveida says:

    Found ring at Kollel’s Lag Baomer concert. Call 347.853.1049 to claim

  • mrs. n. says:

    found boys black stripe size 10 suit jacket Viero Richi in BMG -917-805-6463

  • TLS Editor says:


    FOUND summer ’10 USB flash drive on Negba St. Has pictures of girls on Niagra Falls trip call 732-364-2920

  • found pendant says:

    Found, 10th and Monmouth, sterling silver pendant for necklace. found may 8, 2011 call with simanim
    call 484-860-5600

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