Opinion: Block It All | Avi Gutfreund

It was with great interest that I recently read about conservative lawmakers in Utah passing a bill that would require the automatic filtering of phones and tablets sold in the state to block unsavory content found all over the Internet. Read more ›

CHEMED cancels all scheduled J&J vaccine events

In response to the federal and state governments’ request to pause administration of the J & J vaccine, CHEMED has cancelled all already-scheduled J & J vaccine events. Read more ›

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VIDEO: Vehicle flips on Route 70 in Lakewood

No serious injuries reported. (Shmitty/59) Read more ›

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Kerestir in Lakewood: Grab Reb Shayale’s zechusim right here at home!

[COMMUNICATED] Sponsor a Shabbos for a Tomchei Shabbos Family

It’s that time of year again. The yartzeit of Reb Shayale of Kerestir zt”l – the legendary tzaddik and baal chessed – is around the corner, on Thursday, Gimmel Iyar.  Read more ›

Be First To Know: Join Over 10,000 Following TLS Status!

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Lakewood Seeks To Maximize $27.3 Million in Federal Government Aid

Lakewood Township will be receiving $27.3 million in aid from the federal government as part of the latest coronavirus relief package, and local officials are eager to maximize those funds to help struggling Lakewood residents and businesses.  Read more ›

Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim: We’re Feeding Their Hearts, Just Like R’ Shaya Ben Rav Moshe ZT”L

Rav Shayale fed those who were hungry, and promised Yeshuos for those in need – what greater Zchus can there be L’ zecher Nishmaso than providing food to Cholim and their families on Rav Shaya ben Rav Moshe’s Yahrtzeit? Read more ›

Governor Murphy Signs Legislation Providing $10 Million in Relief to Child Care Providers

Governor Phil Murphy today signed into law A-5445, which provides $10 million in federal COVID-19 relief aid for child care providers throughout New Jersey. Read more ›

Person trapped in accident on Massachusetts Ave in Lakewood [PHOTOS]

 An accident on Massachusetts Avenue in Lakewood has left one injured driver trapped in the vehicle. Read more ›

Free – תפילה אצל ר׳ ישעיה׳לע מקערעסטיר זצ״ל על ידי יד לאחים


Look, I guarantee that if this doesn’t apply to you, it applies to someone you know – 100% Read more ›

TRAFFIC ALERT: Truck accident takes out pole on Squankum Road

The accident occurred near the entrance to the 195.

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BREAKING: J&J Vaccines Being Halted Over Blood Clotting Concerns; Statement from New Jersey Health Commissioner [UPDATED]

All federal health channels that have been administering the single-dose Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, Read more ›

The Hallmark of the New Seminary Social Work Program Is All About THIS


B”H for well over a decade The New Seminary has had men’s and women’s cohorts graduating from LIU’s school of Social Work, providing the community with frum, educated and professionally trained MSWs.

What has been and continues to be the hallmark of the program? Read more ›

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Lakewood MVC to reopen Friday; Most services available online

The Lakewood MVC will reopen this Friday after being closed for two weeks due to an employee testing positive for COVID. Read more ›

New Kollel to open in Memory of R’ Mordechai Neustadt ZT”L

The second Yahrtzeit of R’ Mordechai Neustadt Z’l, legendary leader of the Va’ad Le’hatzolas Nidchei Yisrael, will be marked with the opening of Kollel Zichron Mordechai in his memory. The Neustadt family, led by Mrs. Alice Neustadt, will perpetuate the life of their father and grandfather by founding the Kollel which will be dedicated to learning Gemara in depth with an emphasis on understanding the sugyos alibah dehilchasah.
Read more ›

VIDEO: Young Lakewood mother donates a kidney

Chaya, a busy mother of a young family in Lakewood, NJ is no stranger to kidney donation. Read more ›

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R’ Shaya ben R’ Moshe.. give in your names for free through Yad L’Achim


Look, I guarantee that if this doesn’t apply to you, it applies to someone you know – 100% Read more ›

Today: Daf Yomi completes Shekalim, Begins Yoma; List of Daf Yomi Shiurim in the Lakewood area

See the list below. Read more ›

VIDEO: Introduction to Meseches Yoma | Rabbi Chaim Shmuel Friedman, Daf Hachaim

Read more ›

56 Hatzalah Branches Have Joined Hatzalah Week


56 branches of Hatzalah around the world have already confirmed their participation in Hatzalah-Week, a week of celebration and support of the Hatzalah organization and its devoted volunteers around the world.

The week-long event will serve to raise millions of dollars for Hatzalah branches around the world, and will include a night of Music and Celebration as the second Unity Torah is completed in a grand worldwide event. Read more ›

Starting Tonight: Parenting with Clarity by Esti Hirshfeld

[COMMUNICATED] Topics: Discipline, connecting with your child, your child’s emotional needs, maintaining a positive home. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Michael Netzer, President, Concordia Properties presenting at the PCS Real Estate Course

Read more ›