Governor Murphy Tells New Jersey Residents To Avoid Unnecessary Interstate Travel

Governor Murphy today urged New Jersey residents to avoid any unnecessary interstate travel. Read more ›

Ocean County Partners With New Jersey Redevelopment Authority To Help Small Businesses

Ocean County is once again directing a portion of its share of Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) funding to small businesses that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Read more ›

Few Slots Remaining in Funtastic Gymnastics Winter Program!

[COMMUNICATED] Registration for the one and only Funtastic is closing soon, and there are just a few slots remaining!

Email or call (732) 363-0411 to reserve your slots. Read more ›

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This Week! Free Drive-Thru Flu Event for Ages 19+!


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Join Thousands Receiving Instant Updates From Lakewood’s #1 Status!

Join thousands receiving TLS Whatsapp Status updates.

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President Trump: “Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS” [FULL VIDEO]

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What Rabbi And Rebbetzin Kramer Want You To Know About Their Daughter Gitty

Gitty Kramer is a Kallah however she is more nervous than excited. She has to deal with questions like: will her father be alive when the wedding date comes around, or will he succumb to his brain tumor? If he is alive, Read more ›

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Reb Yosef Weiss Z”L Shiva Information

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Lakewood Covid Testing Initiative: Mass Testing Coming to Lakewood as the Best Way to Keep Our Mosdos Open

The stories out of New York these past few days have been alarming. The fact that a governor can shut down at will yeshivas and businesses, Read more ›

Parenting with Clarity by Esti Hirshfeld; Starting This Monday

[COMMUNICATED] Topics: Positive practical discipline, connecting with your child, understanding your child’s physical and emotional needs, maintaining a positive home. Read more ›

NJ Senate To Consider Bill To Criminalize Not Wearing A Mask In Stores

The New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee is set to consider a bill (S-2814) on Thursday that would make failure to wear a mask in stores with posted signage during the health emergency in New Jersey criminal in nature and subject to fines.  Read more ›

Food Box Distribution Today; Nearly 2.5 Million Free Meals Already Served

The Lakewood Board of Education will be distributing free boxes of food for students ages 0-18. Read more ›

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Motorcyclist seriously injured in Lakewood accident [VIDEO]

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in an accident in Lakewood this evening, police say. Read more ›

Watch Live 7:30 PM: Lakewood Board of Education meeting

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Letter from the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah

The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah released the following letter regarding the uptick in COVID-19 cases and the pursuant shutdown of shuls, botei medrash, and mosdos hachinuch: Read more ›

A Gizinte Vinter

A Gizinte Vinter –  words that can no longer be taken for granted. As שהחינו was recited on Rosh Hashana night and we were literally thanking Hashem that we made it through the year, it’s with that same Kavana that we daven to Hashem that we stay healthy and safe this year to come. Read more ›

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Lakewood resident phone scammed out of $4,500

A Lakewood resident was phone scammed out of $4,500, and there’s likely no way to retrieve it. Read more ›


BREAKING VIDEO: Governor Murphy Leaves Event Due To Coronavirus Exposure

Governor Murphy abruptly left an event after being informed he had come in close contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19. Read more ›

BREAKING: Governor Murphy Quarantining After Coming In Contact With Covid-Positive Individual

Governor Murphy has entered a self-quarantine after coming into contact with an individual last Saturday who has since tested positive for coronavirus.  Read more ›

Over 2 Million Votes Already Cast In New Jersey

More than 2 million New Jersey voters – 51% of the total voters in 2016 – have already cast their ballots in the upcoming election.  Read more ›

NJ Bill to Lift Ban on Selling Home-Baked Goods Clears Assembly Consumer Affairs Panel

New Jersey is the only state in the country that does not allow for the sale of any food cooked outside of commercial kitchens. Read more ›