CAN(’t) DO IT: Shalva Changes the Narrative

[COMMUNICATED] As a teenager, there are doubts, challenges and immense social pressures. Lots of pain and confusion. It’s easy to feel lost. To question. To feel that life is “impossible.” To want to give up and not try anymore. Read more ›

Can you identify this? [Graphic for some]

Police were called about this carcass in Lakewood, but were apparently not sure exactly what it was. Read more ›

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Lakewood Fire Commissioners working on streamlining next year’s Lag Ba’omer permit process

Although it’s just the beginning of the su​mmer, local fire officials are looking ahead to next Lag B’Omer and planning to improve the bonfire permit process. Read more ›

The Secret of Bensalem; The Thriving Destination Community Only a Drive Away

[COMMUNICATED] “The Bensalem Kollel is a place of energy, opportunity, and unity. It’s a kollel within a beautiful community, a place where yungeleit and their families are thriving, thrilled to be making a difference.” Read more ›

“I Don’t Have a Cent; I Desperately Need Your Help”: The Widow Who Was Left Alone Pleads

[COMMUNICATED] She struggled with the challenges of a sick husband, a Down’s syndrome child, and a mountain of debt: The widow cries for help Read more ›

Motorcyclist airlifted to the hospital after accident on Route 70 [PHOTOS – UPDATED]

A motorcyclist was airlifted to the hospital this afternoon after a serious accident on Route 70. Read more ›

Finally, An Affordable Option


Sara Schenirer unveils groundbreaking new degree programs for NJ residents! Read more ›

Let’s Paint The Town Green With Ahavas Tzedakah!

[COMMUNICATED] Your neighbor is struggling. Where’s that splash of color? Read more ›

New Jersey Ranked Best State to Live In

Believe it or not, New Jersey has been ranked the best state to live in, according to a new ranking.  Read more ›

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VIDEO: Ride 4 Regesh 2021; Will YOUR child be joining?!

Join at Read more ›

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Have You Heard the Words “He’s a Failing Student?” Einei Haloshon Will Change That.


Einei Haloshon: Learn Lashon Hakodesh Like You Never Thought Possible

Making the Language of Our People Your Own™

Parents spend tens of thousands of dollars for private tutoring for their children…and yet they seem to be struggling as much as before. Read more ›

Is leaving a negative google or other online review on a Yid’s business permitted? What If it’s le’toeles? | Halacha For Today

Reader’s Question. Is leaving a negative google or other online review on a Yid’s business permitted? What If it’s le’toeles? Read more ›

PHOTOS: Harav Shlomo Amar visits Toms River

Read more ›

Don’t Miss Out, Early Bird Deadline Coming Up This Friday!


The early bird gets the worm is how the saying go, but this year’s Tomchei Shabbos Summer Raffle is giving away a lot more than a worm! Read more ›

DEFYING ALL ODDS: Mother Of Six Beats Cancer Five Times

[COMMUNICATED]  When Amitai Chagira married his wife Chaya, he knew that she had bravely battled brainstem cancer for two years when she was only seven years old. Read more ›

Today: Lakewood BOE Food Box Distribution

The Lakewood Board of Education will be distributing Kosher Gelbstein’s food boxes, facilitated by Sodexo, beginning at 3:30 pm today and lasting until supplies are exhausted.

Children under the age of 18 who do not receive free lunch from their school or daycare are eligible to receive the 7-day food box, and all children under the age of 18 are eligible to receive the weekend box, even if they receive free lunch at school.

The distribution will take place at their usual locations – the Clifton Avenue Grade School and Lakewood Middle School.

Please bring along a filled-out questionnaire with you upon arriving to pick up boxes. The questionnaire can be downloaded by clicking here.

Lakewood, Brick Residents Arrested in Drug Investigation

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer has announced the culmination of a month-long cooperative investigation, Read more ›

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VIDEO: Successful Investing in Stocks, Bitcoin, and Crypto Currency – Education and Insights (Part 1 of 3) | Dr. Rich Roberts

In this this three part video, Dr. Richard Roberts gives lessons and insights regarding successful investing in the stock market, Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general. Read more ›

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The Historic Emergence of a Vast Torah Network


About twenty months ago a beautiful Kehillah has risen, with a single mission of emitting the light of Torah and Avodas Hashem under the leadership of the revered Rosh Yeshiva Harav Shaul Alter Shlit”a. Read more ›

County to reposition newly-installed obstructed traffic light

Today, a resident contact us regarding a newly-installed traffic light at the Intersection of Hope and County Line Road, which left the red light obstructed. Read more ›

WATCH: Fox runs loose in Lakewood

Spotted in the area of Caranetta Drive.  Read more ›

Win a Beautiful Irene or Sary Wig While Supporting Yeshiva Even Yisroel’s Building Completion Campaign!

Enter an exciting raffle and help Yeshiva Even Yisroel complete our beautiful new building.

Read more ›