VIDEO: Lakewood Police & Chaveirim giving a presentation at Camp Simcha without Borders

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PHOTO: Dalgar Caterers brings home refrigerated truck to share with neighbors who still have no power

PHOTOS: Camp Yoreh Deah, where Bachurim bring Halacha to life

Pictured, are campers learning about making Tefillin, fixing Retzuois, digging a Mikva, making a Chalitza shoe, sharpening Shchita knives, making Mei Chalav and more.  Read more ›

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OU Kosher Presents a FREE Virtual Kashrus Seminar – REGISTER HERE


In response to community demand, OU Kosher is proud to launch our new Community Relations department with the goal of providing resources to benefit you. This includes shiurim, publications, workshops and insights into OU Kosher’s operations. Read more ›

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VIDEO: Hagaon Rav Asher Weiss on dangers during Bein Hazmanim

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Bein Hazmanim-related questions posed to Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky

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Notices from the Lakewood Board of Education

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The Most Terrifying Minute Of Her Life

[COMMUNICATED] The Cohen family of Petach Tikva were having an otherwise typical night when they noticed that their 1 year old son Refael’s lips were turning blue. Most parents are familiar with the scene: The symptoms were subtle, they assumed he was probably fine, but decided it was better to take him to the ER just in case. That evening would send their lives on a whole new trajectory. Read more ›

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Lakewood Township brings in private company to assist with tree removal

The company was brought in to help expedite the power restoration.  Read more ›

BREAKING ‪UPDATE: JCP&L says they expect to restore power to the majority of their customers by August 11

If you are still out of power from Tropical Storm Isaias, you might remain out of power for a while more.

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Episode 3: Bringing Masechtes Eruvin to LIFE with All Daf!

Why Is Maseches Eruvin different? Why are so many people hesitant about learning the Masechta and ultimately drop off the daily Daf?

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Watch this short video about a life changing program for working Bnei Torah!

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Letter: Are We In A Third-World Country?

I’m not originally from Lakewood. But since moving to New Jersey several years ago, I have become shocked at the apparent incompetence and inefficiencies of the utility companies here.  Read more ›

VIDEO: The Song of Shabbos – By Yossi G.

Daf Yomi will be celebrating the Siyum of Shabbos next week. The SONG OF SHABBOS is a great chazara as it includes over 400 of the main highlights, klallim and phrases Mesechta – all in rhyme! Read more ›

Is it safe to eat food from the freezer after a power outage?

With power outages widespread across Ocean County caused by Tropical Storm Isaias, residents may be questioning whether food in their refrigerators and freezers is still okay to eat. Read more ›

VIDEO: President Trump’s team arrives in Long Branch ahead of fundraiser

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VIDEO: Inside ArtScroll: “Just Love Them” – An Interview with Rabbi Yisroel Besser and Rabbi Gedaliah Zlotowitz

Ever wonder about those who bring you your reading favorites? Ever want to know more about how the newest bestsellers came about? Want to go behind the scenes at the world’s leading Jewish publishing house? Read more ›

“Hate Sells On Facebook” – AG Grewal Leads Letter Calling on Facebook to Take Stronger Steps to Prevent Use of Its Platforms to Spread Hate and Disinformation

Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal today led a group of 20 Attorneys General from across the nation in calling on Facebook to take additional steps to prevent the social media website Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Our Electricity

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

“Tu B’Av Together” Today @10am. Submit names for free Download FREE Tehillim! Visit


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