Reminder: Lakewood Food Box Distribution Resumes TODAY 3:30-6PM [DETAILS]

The Lakewood Board of Education is resuming the distribution of weekday and weekend food boxes for Lakewood children today, after the USDA announced it would be extending the program. Read more ›

Failure to wear a mask in NJ stores could soon cost you between $50-$500 in fines

With ongoing debates over wearing masks leading to many Americans refusing to wear one in public during the COVID-19 pandemic, Read more ›

Opinion: Please Get A Flu Shot This Year | Meir Bergman

Not everyone gets a flu shot each year. According to health experts in New Jersey, only about 50% of the population gets vaccinated for the flu. In a regular year, that wouldn’t be a problem because the flu isn’t a serious health concern for most people, but this year it should be.  Read more ›

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Two Days Left: Who will have food for Yom Tov?

[COMMUNICATED] The pre-Rosh Hashana shopping and cooking frenzies are in full swing. But over 1,300 families across Lakewood, Jackson and Toms River have not stocked their kitchens or begun cooking. Read more ›

A Heartfelt Plea from the Front Lines in Eretz Yisroel!


Erev Rosh Hashana 5781

Dear Friend,

First the good news. Boruch Hashem, 120,634 precious Jewish children from all across Eretz Yisroel just began the new school year in 273 Torah schools administered by Chinuch Atzmai. Read more ›

Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles responds to your ‘Ask The Mayor’ questions: Tree Cutting During Morning Rush Hour

The following is an ‘Ask The Mayor’ question submitted to TLS, and the Mayor’s response. Email your questions for the Mayor to Read more ›

Inspiring! There’s MAGIC Happening in Bensalem: Hear Their Story

[COMMUNICATED] In Bucks County Pa., home to approx. 50,000 Jews, a revolution is taking place.

In this midbar, a shul with a daily minyan, a mikvah, an eruv, a preschool, a Kollel, a Hebrew school, and an active Outreach Program have all been built from scratch.
Read more ›

Authorities Investigating Shooting in Lakewood

Authorities are investigating a shooting that occurred in Lakewood overnight, police confirm to TLS. Read more ›

Earn Zechusim before Rosh Hoshana!


TIFERES DEVORAH L’KALLAH’s SHARE & CARE PROGRAM: A unique opportunity for single girls 

As we approach the Yomim Noraim we seek to accrue zechusim for a shana tova u’mesukah and hope that Hashem will answer our prayers. For single girls who are yearning to found their own home, it is an especially meaningful and poignant time. Read more ›

Trump Campaign Sues Murphy, Seeking To Prevent Early Counting Of Ballots

The Trump re-election campaign asked a federal judge on Wednesday to prevent the state from counting this year’s mail-in ballots beginning 10 days before the election. Read more ›

WATCH LIVE NOW: Governor Murphy Announces Deal To Raise Income Tax On Millionaires

Read more ›

My Experience Davening With Rav Chaim Kanievsky On Rosh HaShana

Last year, I had an experience that I never thought that I, a regular guy from Baltimore, would be able to have: I prayed in shul next to Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Rosh Hashana. It totally transformed my davening, and set me on the right track for the year to come. But how did I, a normal father-of-3, pull this off? Let me explain:

Read more ›

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Halachos and Minhagim for Rosh Hashana

See below. Read more ›

This Rosh Hashana, Renew Your Daf Yomi with Shaul Greenwald’s 20+ Minute Daf

[COMMUNICATED] Being committed to Daf Yomi is tough, but so worth it. Every day, no matter what, you have to sit down and focus on the day’s daf – while forgetting about everything else.

Having the right partner with you makes all the difference. Read more ›

The highest level of Tzedakah doesn’t cost any money

[COMMUNICATED] This Rosh Hashana, when we daven for parnassah, Read more ›

PHOTOS: Congregants of Rabbi Rotberg’s Shul get tested ahead of Yom Yov season

Only those who test negative will be allowed to Daven in Shul. Read more ›

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PHOTO: Spotted in Lakewood

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Friendly Urgent Care is Now Offering Rapid Antibody Tests!

Worried About Mail-In Voting? You Should Be | Shlomo Rudman

The national debate over mail-in voting continues to rage, and will likely continue to simmer well beyond Election Day. Read more ›

Why did we waste all of that time? To write this whole article in rhyme?


Though the sun did shine 

And we wished we could play

We sat in the house

That entire long long day Read more ›

Lakewood Board of Education Announces Immediate Provision of “Shadows” (Paraprofessionals)

The Lakewood School District announced today that the only company to respond in a timely fashion to the District’s bid in August to provide shadows for special needs students failed to provide the necessary services and that the District’s Business Administrator was recommending that the services be put out for a competitive contract.

Read more ›

VIDEO: Powerful Chizuk for Rosh Hashana for those who cannot go to Shul | Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Project Mesorah: In a few days, we will be celebrating a Rosh Hashana like none we have ever experienced. Read more ›