WATCH LIVE: Governor Murphy Delivers Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Address

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VIDEO: Yehoshua Goldberg’s Journey to Judaism: From Australia, to Lakewood, to Eretz Yisroel

See Yehoshua Goldberg’s journey in the video below. Read more ›

Why Pay Retail Prices? Save big on all Your Purim & Pesach disposable products – Free Pickup in Lakewood

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What Gedolei Yisrael Are Saying About Talmud Torah Chochmas Shlomo

[COMMUNICATED] Talmud Torah Chochmas Shlomo in Yerushalayim is well-known for the quality chinuch it provides for its over 1,500 students. All classes are in Yiddish, and there is a great stress on imbuing the children with a great love for Torah together with yiras Shamayim. Despite the huge student body, each child is given individual attention, to ensure that he has all he needs, both in ruchniyus and gashmiyus. All decisions of the cheder, whether large or small, are made with the guidance of Gedolei Yisrael. Read more ›

When Children Do Not Fit the Mold – Part 2 | Rabbi Dovid Abenson

The Challenge of External Criteria

School consulting is a big business now. Schools need to balance their budgets and attract the “right” kind of students. Read more ›

Jackson Officials Ordered To Turn Over Facebook Accounts In Oros Bais Yaakov Lawsuit | G. Sonnenfeld

A judge has ordered three current and former Jackson Township officials turn over their Facebook accounts to the Court. Read more ›

Murphy To Propose Raising NJ Cigarette Taxes To Highest In Nation

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is expected to propose raising the state’s cigarette tax as part of his state budget plan.  Read more ›

TONIGHT: First-ever LPD vs LBA basketball game; First 800 people will receive seats

If you plan on attending, be sure to read the checklist and general info.

VIDEO: Lakewood School District students write ‘Get Well’ cards to Governor Murphy

Approximately 4,700 students between preschool-5th grade of the Lakewood School District will be sending ‘get well’ cards to Governor Phil Murphy. Read more ›

VIDEO: Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer invites entire community to first-ever LPD vs LBA basketball game

The event will be taking place Tuesday evening.

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Stock Market Suffers Worst Day In 2 Years

The US stocks indexes took sharp falls today as investors began really worrying over the impact the spreading coronavirus would have on the global economy. Read more ›

PHOTOS: Lakewood resident spots masked kids with bats, wakes up to shattered vehicle windows

A Lakewood resident says she wants more police patrols in her neighborhood, after her vehicle’s windows were shattered – allegedly by two kids with bats. Read more ›

VIDEO: Yerushalayim Yarchei Kallah 2020 Highlights

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Bill Allowing Reciprocity for EMTs Certified in Certain States to Work in NJ Passes Full Assembly

In an effort to help address the increasing shortage of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in New Jersey, Read more ›

Notice from the Lakewood Board of Education

[Public Notice] Lakewood Board of Education will be holding a Nonpublic Consultation Meeting for Non-Public School Administrators, Parents/Guardians & Staff on Read more ›

VIDEO: Important Message for Mosdos from Agudah NJ Director Rabbi Avi Schnall

Hello All, As you may be aware, applications for the Read more ›

PHOTOS: At the Bayonne Yeshiva Dinner in Lakewood

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Murphy Approval Remains Steady At His Term’s Halfway Mark

Phil Murphy’s approval ratings among New Jersey voters has remained steady as he crosses the halfway point of his term as New Jersey governor, Read more ›

PHOTOS: President Trump visits India

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Lakewood man sentenced for narcotics and weapons charges

Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer announced that Sherod Coleman, 35, of Lakewood, was sentenced Read more ›